Monday, December 26, 2011

TV Guide 1954

Bask in the warm glow of a sane America in 1954. What a nice place to live. If only these people knew about the offensive that was being planned against them at this time. It hit like the blitz after they shot John F. Kennedy. These people were so shell-shocked it was ten years before they could even mount a counter-offensive.

Wouldn't you like a lovely 1956 Christmas? Remember the spending capital your parents had on a single salary? The tree was so packed with gifts underneath it when I was little that we were still opening packages in the afternoon. Everything was so cheap it didn't take credit cards to make your kids happy on Christmas morning. We lived like kings but we didn't know it at the time. It was simply America. The table at evening was crammed with a month's worth of food and it all cost less than an IPhone cover does nowadays. This was before we went off the gold standard.


Anonymous said...

I watched a video of ross perot the other day talking about NAFTA back in 1992. He mentioned that the average non skilled laborer made 16 bucks an hour in 1992 dollars(24.55 today). Just a regular blue color dude. Perot predicted that NAFTA would be the end of that and god damn if it wasn't right. I've got a friend with a college degree working a blue color job for 8.25 an hour.

This country has been hiding the decline through inflation since the 70s.

Anonymous said...

Meh, the rot had set in even then. Americans were roaming the globe, coercing and coopting nations, changing regimes where it suited them in the race for the dollar.
The American people had little inkling of the behaviour of their leaders as they bathed in that ignorance, and what is worse; and what damns them man woman and child, is that they didn't and still don't care.
It'z coming....and has been for the longest time.......and it may well come under the umbrella of Karma.

Anonymous said...

Tex, I remember it well. It seems like a fairy tale now, or a dream.

Remember the movie "It's A Wonderful Life"? The characters lived in the beautiful and tranquil Bedford Falls.

The opposite of it was the ugly and dangerous Potterville, the town re-named after the evil banker who turned a wonderful place into a hellhole of debauchery because of his greed and wickedness.

What a fitting metaphor to what happened to America.

We all now live in Potterville for real. It's only the old folks like myself who now remember how it used to be.

Anonymous said...

What the Illuminati/Shadow Government wanted to achieve with the JFK assassination was to kickstart, or at least accelerate and bring to the surface what existed in latent from, a cultural revolution, affecting not only America but all the Western world, that would see all traditional and fundamental values that existed up to this point seem as backward or even "medieval". Using certain musical styles, the so-called sexual revolution (including homosexuality, feminism), drug use and the promotion of eastern religions, they aimed to strike against the institution of the family, Christianity, make children disobedient and rebellious towards their parents, teach contempt for work and prosperity, and slowly replace patriotism with globalism by making young people "think globally". The JFK assassination was the Manchurian Candidate-type stimulus that would trigger an entire nation, possibly an entire world, to accept new values while abolishing the old ones and behave in a certain way. On military level it removed any obstacle towards taking covert action to remove undesired leaders (Cuba) or preemptive wars/Invasions (Vietnam). What we witness today in Iraq, Libya etc could never have become the standard or acceptable without the JFK assassination. In short, consequences of this crime still affect us today, which is why I consider it the single most important event of the 20th century.

Read more on the cultural/psychological impact the assassination of JFK had on the American population here:

Anonymous said...

All hail Pottersville!

Anonymous said...

US lower 48 Peak Oil and Nixon Shock within a couple years. Just a coincidence.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the 50's. Back when blacks and women knew their place...

Texas Arcane said...

That's it, you could have built a much better civilization. Well why don't you? Or is this pile of stinking crap smoldering in the ruins of where our society used to be your stab at it?

Tex predicts - wherever voices like yours are heard, women and children will die, there will be chaos and anarchy and blood and pain. The more you pretend to altruistic motives, the worse things get.

The 1950's were not a bad time for women or blacks, sorry. Just gibberish. Bolshevist historical revisionism. Research shows women had more orgasms and blacks had better employment rates and parenting records in 1955. The usual pack of lies.

Anonymous said...

"blacks had better employment rates and parenting records in 1955."

Blacks had their own businesses in their own areas, they even had their own stock market. When segregation ended, superior competitors moved in and took it from them and replaced it with food stamps.

"The usual pack of lies."

This "Friend of Humanity" fake card, these anti-Whites keep playing, while they destroy my people, doesn't fool me at all.

They mean my race harm and always have. I have no doubt of that now.