Monday, December 5, 2011

Thieves Be Thievin' Sho'Nuff

Homo Sapiens would steal the smell off stink and sell it back to you as perfume. Sapiens would steal a wheelchair from a cripple and sell the wheels back to him one at a time as replacement parts. In baseball if you're caught stealing you're out. If Sapiens is caught stealing he gets a promotion and a raise. What do you call two Homo Sapiens and a plasma television on a loading dock? Robbery in progress. What can you leave around Homo Sapiens that won't get stolen? The employment section of the newspaper.

Rich, poor, middle-class, left, right, the universal constant that describes Homo Sapiens is that these creatures steal sh*t whenever they think they can get away with it. They steal from babies, they steal from the elderly, they steal from the government, the government steals from them, they steal and steal and steal some more. They got thief in their blood, they'll steal anything that is not tied down. The more there are of them, the more likely they are just to start taking stuff from other groups of men by force and calling it even.

Steal $20, go to jail. Steal 16 Trillion, get called a "free market success story."


Anonymous said...

Are you sure that Trump is a homo sap? That's a big damned melon on his shoulders.

Anonymous said...

Get a load of this stupid anti-White Robert Lindsay.

He is back pushing White GeNOcide again. These manboons will not stop until we start prosecuting them.

He really said, GeNOcide is okay if your intentions are "pure":

“No and no. But it would depend on why it (GeNOcide) was done”

What a stupid anti-White.

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys, that article from White anti-White Robert Lindsay, is from May of this year.

The Pilgrim said...

so, hypocritically--er, i mean hypothetically--if it turned out that trump has a high percentage of neanderthal dna, say 10%+, what would that do to your theory?

i guess you can always fall back on the whole self-diagnosed asperger's thing. of course then it'll be a lot harder to differentiate you from all the other anti-social, weird i.t. guy/bloggers on the net, but it's a nice stop-gap until you can think of something else.

Anonymous said...

December 6, 2011 4:38 AM

"i mean hypothetically--if it turned out that trump has a high percentage of neanderthal dna, say 10%+, what would that do to your theory?"

Do you bother reading this blog, before you comment, Moshe???

Melon head != Neanderthal.

Do your homework, before you comment. You only embarrass yourself.

Texas Arcane said...

Do you know somebody who seems to have an extremely high mechanical/technical/scientific aptitude and a "I want to be left alone" attitude - only caring really about his immediate family, friends and acquaintances? Retiring and meek, apparently not interested in larger social participating and yet better equipped than anybody else to contribute something truly useful? Those are neanderthal genetics you are seeing. Neanderthals don't put on fake hair pieces to cover their baldness and perform like peacocks on camera pretending to be big shots and businessness. You know Client Eastwood's character in ANY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE, drives a pickup truck, best friend is an orangutang, observes society from a distance, heavily self-reliant? Donald Trump isn't like that at all.

I don't understand why it is so hard to identify these different types of people when it is so BLEEDING OBVIOUS who and what they are at a single glance.

Trump is Sapiens/Melonhead Mix, half-and-half, 100% asshole. So different from the Amud/Mousterian there is no comparison.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, umm, get up to speed on the weird melon head fantasies on this blog before you look silly!

Anonymous said...

Not that weird at all if you know a little archaeology. Whats weird is that melonheads are never mentioned and its like they dont exist.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any evidence that melonheads actually existed? I'm not talking about Tutankhamun, you can see people who look like him today:

Texas Arcane said...

1:29 AM

That reconstruction is a famous fraud, created before the x-ray of the skull was ever released.

Ask yourself, if that is what Tut looked like, then why have the Egyptians trembled in horror and gone to paranoid extremes to avoid anybody anywhere from examining him for so long? It was only recently DNA revealed he was European Caucasian. That reconstruction is designed to look like a modern day Egyptian.

Compare the skull sideways. Think that faked up Nubian really matches? I foresee a completely different look for Tut, like an Englishman from the front, but on the side clearly not human. Imagine that neck as thing as it appears in the X-Ray instead of that phony reconstruction. IT would have had an almost insect-like appearance from the side and clearly a brain too big to fit anywhere into the Homo Sapiens branch. Tut was probably the last of the melonheads to sit on the throne before they went underground.

Texas Arcane said...

As for the "evidence" they're everywhere. On every continent. As mentioned, people just pretend they don't exist. This is the scienmajistical method.

It can't be helped if the entire mainstream refuses to comment/speak/display/discuss them.

If you backed one of the academics into a corner they'd probably do anything to wriggle out without talking about it or just throw out some tired old crap about "cultural modification" or some such gibberish.

These skulls are found going back over 700,000 years including the Bosconians. Just pretending a dude with twice the brain mass of modern people is not necessarily smarter is childish and a ridiculous position to cling to. It's like some Japanese people who tell themselves it doesn't matter that their penises are only an inch long.

Texas Arcane said...

Notice here that as soon as any site appears where incontrovertible evidence is discovered challenging the orthodoxy, the problem is always solved by closing the site and terminating all funding for further examination. To insist on investigating these sites is career suicide.

Anonymous said...

Your overwhelming evidence of melonheads is one broken link to a Spanish conspiracy theories site?

Anonymous said...

December 6, 2011 8:57 PM
"Yeah, umm, get up to speed on the weird melon head fantasies on this blog before you look silly!"

Hi Pilgrim,

First you accuse Tex of hypocrisy and say he is contradicting himself...

Then when it is proven, you don't even know what is discussed on this blog, you resort to random insults, in a transparent attempt to conceal your incompetence.

Am I right in assuming this incompetence and ass covering behavior, extends to your life in general? lol

I think you must be one of those worthless homo saps, Tex keeps talking about. lol

As Ramzpaul says, Don't feed the Bears!

I Got 15 Kids & 3 Babydaddys

Texas Arcane said...

1:43 PM

You are more interested in who is saying it.

Carl Jung said this is what concerns the majority of the population, who cannot think and tend to deal mostly in superficial impressions based on the consensus.

I don't care that those photos are hosted on a given site. They are available worldwide. Notice that conehead skulls are not in museums, rather in mostly private collections. That's because museums are not interested in them and will not display them, no matter how many are found or where or by who. They won't display them despite them turning up again and again. The conehead skull is worthless to museums and any academic who even proffers such a skull has just committed career suicide. Even saying, "Hey, so what's the deal with these melonhead skulls?" means you just lost tenure.

Modern academia is no different from the early Catholic church. Same people, same genes, same minds, same behaviour. There is the orthodoxy to be protected and anything outside it should be destroyed/tortured/killed.

Here's another link to this article, sorry if the link didn't paste correctly previously.

If you want to know what pharoahs really looked like as opposed to that baloney reconstruction, see the first picture on this page:

This is what they looked like. Their ancestors, who had never been commoners but had ruled over men for hundreds of thousands of years. The Pharoahs, wherever they came from, were descended from other ruling classes of earlier civilizations and these people were rulers for a reason : their brain mass was bigger than their simian slaves. They could think faster, more broadly and more insightfully than any living Homo Sapiens and most Neanderthals. Somebody like me could probably barely hold a conversation with one of them as a peer but neither of us can speak to Homo Sapiens with much success. Sapiens doesn't think. Period. I've lived a half a century and trust me, ordinary men can't think - at all. These guys could and this is why they ruled and your race served.

Texas Arcane said...

P.S. That guy in the second article I linked to attributes coneheads to deformation practices, the easiest possible answer that unfortunately doesn't satisfy the facts.

All the Pharoahs depicted on the walls of Egypt look like that first picture - yet there is no evidence of any kind that Pharoahs practiced skull deformation. The pictures of their slaves always look the same - their heads are shaped like those of Homo Sapiens. the Pharoah is always depicted with this huge cranium standing over his servants - there is a reason they wore helmets like those and it is because their heads were like King Tut's.

Keep in mind that Tut was probably one of the very last who didn't resort to crossbreeding. It is clear the entire Pharaonic line suffered from incest and they no doubt were seeking to bring in some fresh blood from anywhere to avoid all these birth defects associated with their genetic line.

Egypt fell apart to the extent after Tut's death that they had the equivalent of Barack Obama ascend the throne, even as he has done in the U.S., basically filling a human vaccuum in job nobody else wanted at that point. Egypt was starving and being torn apart by internal factions descended from their slave classes, enrichers enriching as always.

Anonymous said...

In one fell swoop you have solved thousands of years of mysteries in history with a simple, plausible explanation, Tex, that does not require aliens or forces from space. Unless Moshe can put up a better theory then I have adopted yours as my new paradigm until I hear something superior to this. You have made saucerfags and alientards alike look like compleat idiots because this explanation has never occurred to them or any of their cult leaders like Von Daniken and others. Jonathan Swift said you know when a true genius has appeared in your midst because all fools will be allied against him. Sorry anti-whites and other pseudointellectual faggots but Tex has trumped you all and made it look easy. He has made you look like vegetables in comparison. His ideas make sense and explain things that people like you have never even realized were mysteries. Sucks to be you link to your own blog to show us all a better theory.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! All you abductees present your theory on the melonheads and the pangea dilemma and we will compare with texs theory to see which makes the most sense.


... yawn no takers.