Saturday, December 3, 2011

There Is No Al-Qaeda

Vault-Co oldie but goodie.

If it existed, it would be nothing but trouble for the governments that use it as alibi to do nearly anything they want, anytime they want, anyway they want. What is great about it for their purposes is that there is no such thing.


Anonymous said...

NATO was at war with Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.

Now NATO supports Al-Qaeda elements in Libya and shortly in Syria.

We were at war with Eastasia, now we are at war with Eurasia.

& it is all doubleplus good.

- deadman

Anonymous said...

British medical records to be offered up for medical/pharma companies on the altar of the "economic recovery". Medical experimentation on humans (starting with the most vulnerable) approved.

A child should be able to see that this service industry won't solve any economic problems unless they simply plan to take kickbacks in return for selling records and their population for experimentation, in which case it's only their own personal bank accounts that will benefit.

It is times like this that ITZ doesn't seem so bad. I think that by the time it really does happen it will be like opening a window for a breath of fresh air.