Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sendoff For Hitchens

I can't tell you how lucky I am God sent me grace. It was something I didn't deserve or earn. Frankly, I would never let people like me into heaven. God is so long suffering, so merciful and so charitable they even let some shabby old genetic leftover like me, a miserable son of Esau, every reason to be accursed forever, into Heaven.

I thought myself wise for 16 years as an atheist. God cared enough about me to lift the scales off my eyes and see myself as I really was. I can never repay that, it's too much.

Scripture says all you have to do is hold out that fond hope. Can you imagine? It's that easy. If you know what you have, keep the commandments to prove it. God is going to let you in on such lousy criteria you would not believe it. All the things people have told you are lies. There isn't anything you could do to deserve it. All men are filthy rags before God.

All you need is that fond hope of Christ fulfilling his promise to you when your repentance is genuine. Just a wisp of hope to carry you through your days. When the darkness comes it will be frightening but you will never know the terror that these wretched creatures endured. Let'em find you smiling, it will keep'em all guessing when you're gone. What did he know?

They'll say of you that he had some fond hope, it was given to him from the outside. He was still a man but somewhere in his heart he retained something of the child. That's all you need. Some foolish faith you clung to, against all hope.


Anonymous said...

I recall when watching the Passion of the Christ in a cinema, that it was a packed house.
Regardless of what anyone has said about that film, it is not an easy film to watch.
So the film proceeded to that fateful moment when Yeshua achieved his divine destiny and it was at this moment that Mel Gibson decided to depict satan in a state of anger; knowing that he had failed in his rebellion.

And I laughed.

The rest of the audience was in absolute silence, but I laughed. I laughed at the idea of a petty and juvenile creature throwing another temper tantrum and failing all the while.
Is it not really all that surprising that those who work for satan (willingly or unwillingly), produce works that are just as flawed as their 'master'?

How amusing then that a creature of such intelligence, who has witnessed the entirety of human existence, could be such a retard and an abject failure.

- deadman.

Anonymous said...

Best post ever.

Texas Arcane said...

Ask them what they are offering in return to replace Christianity. Silence. They're offering nothing. They're just taking away.

Like all people without the Holy Spirit, they can only destroy. They can't create anything.

They say we should get rid of Christianity and we should replace it with (terrifying gay sounding vain delusions that would never succeed in domesticating mankind) and then we should all live in happiness and perfection forever walking around in togas.

I just look out the window and see people puking and staggering around half naked and acting like beasts. These people are not going to be wearing any togas and reclining on sofas discussing Socrates. Atheists don't understand the human race and they never will. They don't even understand themselves or have insight into their own character yet they claim they know how to fix what is wrong with everybody else.

Anonymous said...

If something isn't true, does one have to offer alternative fable for the aggrieved true believer?

Anonymous said...

Best post ever, on this blog and a great many others (if not all).

anon 9:00pm:
We all make our own choices. We all must accept the consequences of our choices. It's not terribly hard to see some of the consequences, though many choose not to see. Some of the consequences cannot be known in this life, and we must accept that, too.

ray said...

God is so long suffering, so merciful and so charitable they even let some shabby old genetic leftover like me, a miserable son of Esau, every reason to be accursed forever, into Heaven.

indeed, whose God is like ours?

it's rare to find sincere humility nowdays

in general, i find autistic people are closest to God

you remind me of Lance from "Apocalypse Now" in the final scene, with his hair and beard lit up Esau-red, being led from the pagan wilderness jungle away to New Jerusalem by Capt. Willard