Thursday, December 8, 2011

"Senator" Barbara Boxer Issues Desperate Cry For A Safe Environment (For Herself, Preferably With Padded Walls)

It says volumes about California that they continue to restore what amounts to a glorified bag lady to public office again and again. Is there any honest vote counting left in that state that is not handled by Diebold?

Check out this woman on YouTube. We're talking hardcore nut, fall-of-the-Roman-Empire stuff. What this woman knows about anything at all I could write on the back of a table napkin.

Very similar to bag ladies in that you can't shut her up. She only pauses for breath before starting again. These committees she sits on supposedly intended to "investigate" issues end up six hours of her talking non-stop and cutting off anybody that has been invited. She's a really offensive moron and it tell you what kind of nation that the Kwanstain is that somebody like her sits in a leadership position. Like a female Nero.


Anonymous said...

Tex you forgot to put an s at the end tell..


Anonymous said...

erm...yep, why not? um...

Anonymous said...

With cultural enrichment increasing year after year, it's mathematically impossible to defeat the bag lady at the ballot box.

But she seems rather upset by a few words spoken on global warming denial websites. If the science was "overwhelming" and self-evident, then the denialists could be debunked and dismissed as a bunch of cranks.

ray said...

but dont you understand?

Barbie Box Empowers Women!

you're not against Empowering Women, are you? you're not afraid of etc etc

they have the votes, money, legislatures and courts, docile hubbies, churches, media, education

o babylon how Great you have grown, how resounding your fall

ray said...

but dont you understand, Barbie Box supports Empowered Women -- you know, the gender with the votes, money, courts, legislatures, schools, media, docile hubbies, and refillable zoloft scrips

youre not against Empowered Women are you? youre not afraid of etc etc

look how great Woman Empowerment's been for the culture! we're all Equal now! yippee

like Judge Judy last year, "Senator" Barbie is another elite eel of Babble-on