Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Scienmajistics Falling To Pieces Everywhere

The story goes on and on about the skeletons and what a significant find this is.

It barely mentions the discovery of horses over 1,100 years old along with dogs, which completely blows apart the longstanding fallacy that horses came over with Europeans.

When was in high school I remember asking my teacher in history class how come the North American indians had cave paintings of people on horseback, if horses came over from Europe. My history teacher was a gefilte fisher teaching at a high school called Midlothian High School in Virginia and not teaching very well, of course - he just sneered as if my question did not even merit an answer. The other teens quickly picked up on his subverbal example and they all took to guffawing and snorting in response whenever I said anything. A couple more questions in this vein and the history teacher was foremost in teasing and bullying me in class, cooporating with the other kids to play a wide variety of practical jokes on me. Nowadays your parents would sue the school but back in those days, a child like me with a single mother parent was a chandala, untouchable and without any rights at all. Aging at half the rate of human beings, I was biologically around 9 years old at this time, while all around me young adult Homo Sapiens were completing their adolescence turning 18. They were as big and as strong as they were ever going to get at that point. I was like a young kindergardner sitting in an adult college. Except of course, a young kindergardner completing the Western classics and with a working vocabulary nearly ten times that of an ordinary human.

I remember asking him once after class about something he had just taught us and he was giggling uncontrollably and just waved me off. I learned a couple minutes later it was because somebody had put a strip of yellow tape on the back of my shirt while I sat taking notes listening to him. Teacherwitzim are a class act all the way.


Anonymous said...

Cleve I also have Aspergers Syndrome and I know about the bitterness. Honestly it sounds like you have come through pretty good compared to most. Your sense of humor most likely saved your life.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, your life-long bitterness at the rest of humanity is justified because you had a school teacher you didn't like.

Get over it. It's life, dude. We all have hardships, get picked on, deal with bullies. Most of us don't carry a chip on our shoulders for the rest of our life and hope that that the world is scourged by nuclear fire.

It's not hard to find the joy in life if you open your heart. Today in the midwest it was near 60 degrees and the air was sweet and I walked the streets and greeted my fellow human beings with a smile and got same in return.

Anonymous said...

Er. The hard facts say people with Aspergers may have had a tad harder time than anything you could imagine. I doubt if Cleves bitterness comes from one teacher. It probably comes from a whole lifetime. You should not give advice if you do not know the subject. The research says that aspies are not "bullied" like retarded people, gay people, minorities or anybody you can think of. The research says they are tortured and tormented to degrees that are inhuman and some studies have revealed their mentors and teachers are often sanctioning it and even initiating it. Keep wondering why you dont hear more on this subject because it is a real shock to see the results of these studies. Very bad for these kids for most of their life. If they flare up and put a kid in the hospital then they are labeled emotionally unstable. Aspies cant win no matter what they do.

Anonymous said...

Its the difference between animals who pretend to follow certain social conventions when really they dont follow any of them, and people who follow the rules and adhere to the principles others only pay lip service to. The aspy is hated because they are the most human of human beings. They cant win no matter what they do.

I agree that if people could see these things about themselves they would not be neurotypicals, they would be Aspys.

Koanic said...

I think I'm somewhat Aspie, not as strong as Tex. And also not as intelligent.

Childhood was easier for me because of my family. I knew it was war from the get go in the school system, the difference was that I was the aggressor. And I scored plenty of points without giving much of a shit about the social dynamics.

See, I'd been raised to be a culture warrior - conservative Christian - from a pup by my very intellectual father.

I was actually much better off in non-Christian schools where I had clear opposition. In the early years at Christian schools I would inevitably internalize authority figure disapproval. Once I was in the public system I was out for blood even more than they were for mine. With my pride, they couldn't touch me. Good times.

My siblings though... not aspies, not like me. Difference is clear.

Koanic said...

Oh yeah, and those who don't understand the whole tortured aspie thing, simply weren't aspies. Or else got very lucky with their socialization.

Anonymous said...

My auto teacher didn't know how or why engines have ignition advance. I called him out and bet him I could find 3 books to back me up. He didn't take me up on it. I caught him out again with a performance issue on a motorbike. I found out later that he actually made the mod to the bike but he didn't have the guts to tell me himself.__
Anon 7:41 has no idea. We share the pleasant weather with these fucquits yet they still draw their pay from the tax-theft that is our toil.
Since someone is paying for this education I reckon they have a right to good value for money.


Anonymous said...

Cleve, does this ring a bell? It's about paranoid feelings from someone with Aspergers Syndrome...

Anonymous said...

Horse skeletons unearthed in California dated at least 50 years prior to the Spanish conquest. It is of interest that they were buried in a "ritualistic way".

Solsys said...

Anon 7:41

Oh, how wonderful, you can judge the whole personality of Tex just by reading a couple of sentences he decided to write about himself.

How come I get the impression that it sounds like badly digested pseudofreudian mishmash to me ? The kind one can read in Cosmo for instance.

You can't begin to understand what happens in minds like Tex's because it is exactly something that is with you from the early days on. You don't become like that, you were born like that.

As for smiling apes (who mimick your gesture in return), just wait until the magic money stops to flow. It's like that moment in "Dawn of the dead 2004" when there is splendid weather, and Stereophonics sing "Have A Nice Day", but since you're in a zombie movie you know it's going to be horrible sooner or later.

So have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

The story is probably in error, but your reaction to the stupidity of the writer and editor is totally justified. I suspect the report of horse remains being found is mistaken, because no native horses were reported by the Spaniards, and if the Peruvian Amerinds had had horses, they wouldn't have been so vulnerable to the cavalry of the conquistadores. Unless of course the ancient Peruvians did have horses, but pulled some stupid sap move, and sacrificed the equine population to extinction.

"It barely mentions the discovery of horses over 1,100 years old along with dogs, which completely blows apart the longstanding fallacy that horses came over with Europeans."

The same thing happened in Jan, 2002 when they found the ruins of a huge 9000 year-old city in the Bay of Cambay, off the west coast of India. Right there, the entire historical paradigm we were raised with was invalidated. 9000 years ago was the New Stone Age, at least according to mainstream history and archeology. Hunter-gatherers and/or Neolithic gardeners could not have built or fed a city of that size, therefore a complex civilization had to have existed thousands of years earlier than allowed for.

It happened again in Oct, 2004 when oceanographer Paulina Zelitsky found extensive ruins 2,200 ft. below sea level off the coast of Cuba. The area had not above sea level for app 12,000 yrs which once again invalidates the conventional historical paradigm.

Either of the two discoveries (and several more since) was an intellectual revolution-in-a-box, or would have been, if we weren't living in the Land of the Walking Braindead.


Anonymous said...

The most interesting thing about Aspergers is that humans hate aspies. I say hate and the word is hate. They hate with passion. Seems to back Tex's theory that sapiens was designed to exterminate neanderthals. Read the research. Look on the net at the PDF files of the broad surveys. The word is hate with a passion. Part of that hate is denying that aspies are different. Thats pretty strong hatred.

Texas Arcane said...

A good psychologist will tell you that when you see any wild, unreasoning and automatic hatred between any two people, it is being driven by genetics, not culture or upbringing. This is another big lie the education system teaches us all, that any conflicts people have are simply a result of not having the right kind of culture or coercion when they were growing up.

The hatred that Homo Sapiens has for Neanderthal genes is deep and runs right into the core of his very being. How can a creature with a mind fragmented into three layers who lies about everything ever be in close proximity to someone whose mind is a single piece and whose basic impulse is to tell the truth? These two creatures will never dwell together long without conflict, it is baked into their contrasting natures. When Sapiens has the majority, that's all the mandate he needs.

I've read the studies as well and I know they are atrocious. Minorities, gays and women bitching about discrimination have no idea what real discrimination is like. There is no comparison. The aspie is not only hated wherever he goes, that hatred is sanctioned by the deepest unconscious impulses of Sapiens which are uncontrollable.

The melonheads said not one is to remain alive. Homo Sapiens failed at the one task he was genetically designed for. He bred the females into his own ranks and became part Enkidu himself, negating the whole purpose of his existence which was to destroy the Neanderthals.

Anonymous said...

The facts when known support the premise. If you have a better theory then lets hear it. You have no theory because you dont know the facts. Neurotypicals cant provide answers because they dont know the questions. Aspies can think neurotypicals can only perform. The difference is hidden in plain sight.

Anonymous said...

I scored 28 on this Asperger's test:

32 or higher means your an Aspie.

Anonymous said...

i scored 22. i dont think the test is a measure of anything else other than the likelihood of having aspergers.

i have an IQ of 117. sometimes i feel its more like 70, other times 200.

i can remember unfamiliar faces and images from 20 years ago but cant retain information ive read in a book from the previous chapter?

Texas Arcane said...

I scored 38.

Koanic said...

I had a 37 in junior high / high school, and 17 now. Working towards 10.