Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ron Paul Castigated For Telling The Truth And Being Sane, Both Unacceptable

The Wall Street Journal has run a vicious, bizarre hit piece claiming Ron Paul seems to be able to see the obvious.

What next? "Ron Paul seen walking about with an umbrella, claims overcast sky may indicate rain coming? Congressional leaders discuss censure."

You couldn't make this stuff up.

Do you really have freedom of speech when all media is controlled by conglomerates administered by people whose political opinions are virtually identical and who have no integrity in what they publish other than it supports those political ideologies? I don't think you do.


Anonymous said...


So what characaterization should we give to to the BlackChimpMobs that rolled thru America this summer and fall ?

What should we think of the new Monopoly PlayMoney ? I've SEEN the new $100s and they are cartoons

Turner Diaries ? I can't wait to see what the simian enclaves turn into this summer; when it thaws out it'll be Open Season for any whitedrone foolish enough to wander into a troops' territory. Both al-Hussein Pasha and King Creole Holder done gibben dey blessings to da shi. Nahmean. Word

Merry Christmas, ye Remnant

Anonymous said...

News just in. All Mainstream Media Outlets, are Political Activists, with a hell of a lot of money.

Try getting comments through in the general comments, under their stories and if your opinion doesn't fit the agenda they are pushing, it is deleted.

Newspapers as Censors, should be an oxymoron. It isn't.

Anonymous said...

A quick look at the author's names:

Mark Hosenball and Samuel P. Jacobs

Hmmm.... ^^^^

Funny how they preach diversity for everyone else, but team up to work against anyone, their little collective, doesn't like.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is a goldbug. What a surprise.

The guy has no chance of winning the election. It would be 1964 Goldwater all over again.

Anonymous said...

Romney leads Paul by a slim margin.