Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strike By Russia Coming?

Vault-Co said on the original TEXAS ARCANE SURVIVAL REPORT over 11 years ago that the missile defense shield would lead to a pre-emptive strike by either Russia or China if it was ever demonstrated to be effective.


Anonymous said...

Mutually assured destruction still means if you start a nuclear war between superpowers everyone is destroyed.

Texas Arcane said...

You sound like Spock, except more ridiculous.

Solsys said...

Actually nuclear wars are even more winneable as conventional wars.

In conventional wars, you have all kinds of trouble managing humans, who sometimes are geniuses but more often are stupid and stubborn (see WW1 for instance). There are a lot of pesky problems, like not knowing where the enemy is, or motivating your troops, or organising logistics, etc. etc.

In a nuclear war :
- your target areas are precisely known (x number of people (of them x-n are of cooperative nature, the rest being parasitic bipeds), Y amount of rain or freshwater available naturally etc.)

- if you fear that your hardware may have a glitch or two, you can build other units to compensate. you don't have to recruit twelve year old boys in a hurry to man your Panzerfausts.

- your critical infrastructure is only critical for a post-atomic world, and has been hidden everywhere since the 50's. All the rest (US highways, bridges etc) is rotting away at the same time, because it's destined to become molten goo.

- Stuff like "Internet" has risen of such infrastructure, and billions of customers have paid for post-atomic infrastructure of the elite. Robotic factories already exist in the "white" world, BTW, and most certainly exist in the "black" world , because that's how you win a nuclear war.

When your opponent and yourself both had 100% prior to the war, if after the war he has 2% and you have 5% left, then you win over him - and over the rest of the world.

Actually, no world domination is even possible without a nuclear war. You have to wipe the slate clean before you can implement your technological/mind control world.

Anonymous said...

Webster G Tarpley's "After the Neocons" is a must watch. It clarifies many things about US, Russia, China, Middle-East and the reasons behind the recent developments on the world stage.

Rowan said...

@Anon 8.24

That would make sense if you or I were in charge. We'd be thinking about the country as a whole or all the people involved. What if you were a psychopath with a vast herd of cattle in a fight to the death with another psychopath and his herd of cattle.

Some cattle are valuable, some are not, but in a life or death situation, they are all expendable.

Anonymous said...

Tex, you claim credit for a lot of things that haven't come true. A prediction has to come true to be a successful prediction..

Anonymous said...

Makes a lot of sense what Engdahl is saying, especially the emphasis on who here is the aggressor. Anglo man has been the biggest warmonger on the planet bar none for the last couple centuries running. Whether the English, American or colonies overseas, his empire spans continents. The forced de-industrializations of both the Chinese and Indian economies by the British in the 19th century resulted in both becoming resource extracting gulags for mother England. The number of Indians starved to death so the English could feed their teaming masses back home makes Stalin, Hitler et al. look like pikers. One need only look at the number of wars fought last couple centuries and defense budgets past and present to see that the greatest threat to humanity is the anglosphere. For some reason 'we' just can't leave the rest of humanity alone.

Anonymous said...

December 3, 2011 4:01 PM

"A prediction has to come true to be a successful prediction.."

Commenting on a trend is not the same as making a prediction.

Everyone with half a brain knows the trend is towards WW3.

Give us evidence we are moving away from WW3 instead of towards it and we will take you seriously.

Anonymous said...

December 3, 2011 4:49 PM

That is some silly shit.

The only real point you have there is White people are better at expansion and technological advancement, than any other race on the planet.

Otherwise, you are saying White people are uniquely "evil" and non-Whites never did anything bad, nor would they if they had the power.

That is not an intellectual position, it is a declaration of war on White people.

Genghis Khan, Cannibals, Aztecs, ring any bells? North African Negroes committed genocide against the Bushmen of Southern Africa and sold their own people into slavery as well. Arabs were great conquerors and slavers, until White people put a stop to slavery on a global scale.

Of course you would never talk about the uniquely good things White people have done, would you? lol

But go on, keep whipping yourself, you silly little anti-White.

I hear that the self-flagellation anti-Whites like to do, is "powerful magic" that wards off the Evil Eye of jealous non-Whites.

Ooga! Booga!

Eeek! They are coming to get me!!! lol

Anonymous said...

December 3, 2011 4:49 PM
"Makes a lot of sense what Engdahl is saying, especially the emphasis on who here is the aggressor. Anglo man has been the biggest warmonger on the planet bar none for the last couple centuries running. "

Ha, ha, ha! Oh wow! Just wow...

Since when did Obongo and his Jewish handlers, turn into Anglos??? lol

Sorry Moshe Mossad, you will have to try harder, to pull the wool over our eyes.

Anonymous said...

Fact is, nobody knows how a global nuclear war would pan out (unless it's a mutually planned war between the warring factions).

Maybe it will be a EMP war only, or a combo of EMP weapons and regular nukes. or a combo of biologicals, EMP and nukes.

Who knows. In any event, however it goes, it won't be pretty.

Anonymous said...

Silly huh?

Facts are that the Anglo Establishment has been the preimminent hyper-aggressive expansionist military power on the planet for three centuries running. It has nothing to do with 'white', seems the Germanosphere was content to sit most of that time period out drinking their beers and reading their poets. The Prussians consistently fought on their own turf. And it is not like they did not have earlier experience with global commercialism (Hansa Liga). The same goes for the Scandinavians, they pretty much sat the last three centuries out. After Westphalia, the Swedes for the most part gave up on aggressive expansionism.

Anglosphere facts:

Biggest defense (ha ha) budget by multiples two centuries running.

Most wars fought, by multiples, and almost always on the offensive.

Largest genocide, 35-60 million Indians on three continents. Sold drugs to Chinese in trade for tea, silver and coolies, built half of British North America with slave labour AFTER America's Civil War.

Invertebrate liars and self deceivers. Anglo press has been bought and paid for and to a greater degree than Pravda ever was. One only need to tune into Faux News as evidence.

Moshe has owned you lock, stock and two smoking barrels since 1814, and bigger, dumber brother since 1913. Ever since Putin rose to power and exhiled Abramovitch and his other (tribal) robber barons to London its been Great Game on. On days that end in 'y' I believe nothing negative said in Anglo press about Putin's Russia.

Anonymous said...

Iran shoots down US drone

Texas Arcane said...

I was reading recently an account of the British conscription of the Indians in their wars on the Americas.

The British told the indians they would pay for any scalp of their European colonists, dead or alive. They paid in cash each morning at their outposts. Sometimes the Indians brought and cashed in hundreds of scalps each morning of women, children and men, usually people they had surprised in bed or caught unarmed somewhere.

They probably had to edit this part out of DANCING WITH WOLVES for brevity sake.

Many documented eyewitness accounts exist of people who watched women and children gang-raped before they were scalped and their throats cut. The cruelty of the Indians was legendary - they were said to be completely devoid of empathy not just for whites but also for other tribes and one another. They were said to frequently subject their elders to trial by gauntlet when they got older so they'd stop using up calories.

Before you place the blame for this entirely on the Indians, ask yourself what kind of white man would pay for the scalps of children and women each morning out of his own pocket and urge the Indians to deliver even more in the future using whatever means were available to them. I was reading an account of where a British Officer warned them that if they burned people to death it was harder to identify the scalp as having come from a European "revolutionary" and so in some instances they would not pay if the hair was badly burned.

The French were the first to introduce the practive but under the British it became a major art form, killing white colonists every single day like an assembly line and scalping them for cash in hand. It was one of the most profitable enterprises you could engage in, apparently.

Texas Arcane said...

Bad as this crap soundsm, it pales in comparison to the secret war conducted by the British against their own colonists, the Boers, in Africa. That is one of the worst holocausts of the 20th century and it is largely unknown. The British starved civilians to death in their work camps in a way the Germans would never dare in WW2 where the Red Cross was doing inspections every six months. The British had no inspections and the world never found out about their extermination campaign against the Boers.

The British empire were bad, bad, bad, bad dudes. Nothing has changed. They are as bad as ever.

Watching them overrun today by Somalians, you just want to laugh out loud. It is truly Monty Pythonesque and a perfect example of villains being hoisted by their own petard. All the dumbass anglophiles who sucked up to Zionists were too stupid to ever imagine it would get this bad. No imagination and greedy is a terrible combination.

Britain will be destroyed, it's cities will be reduced to third world jungles with child soldiers in the street and it's people will be boiled in pots and eaten. Still, it's not as bad as what happened to the Boers.

Anonymous said...


I'm not saying the Indians were a peace loving bunch, far from it, it was their turf though. Its not like they sailed far and wide ten thousand miles from home to fuck over other people. As it is there is only one treaty signed in US north america that was not broken by white guy. The comanche's pretty much left those guys alone.

The gauntlet sounds interesting, that and the 20 year shelf life of pemmican is stuff you devise when you live up close and personal to an Ice sheet. I recall you once said population density was the root of all evil, these people never really bought into the interglacial. They lived right up till the Reservation like the Ice sheet was coming back any day now. It is a Chinese saying that goes like this, "It looks good now, but we will give you an opinion in a couple centuries."

UK unified in 1707, right after the Bank of England was created in 1694. Its been non stop military expansionism ever since. Debt always requires one to grow in order to pay back the interest component. The British Empire was not an accident, it was a direct result of the UK hitting its carrying capacity first (Europe). The parasitic class likes it this way, that is why of the three Abrahamic religions, the one does not strictly limit usury like the other two. Usury is an interesting subject in its own right, Dante put usurers in the seventh circle of hell, as he explains they are in direct violation of God's will and design for this world.

40% of the world's gold was mined from the Witwatersrand in South Africa. When miners hit massive pay dirt in 1886 it became quite evident there after the importance of South Africa. It was the primary reason for the Boer war.

Thanks for your posts, they are always valued.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting article. Yes, I saw the translated Youtube piece with Medvedev a day or so after he made the announcement.

Unlike many here, I personally truly believed that Obama intended to scale back on such provocations with Russia and China. Maybe early on he did intend to do so, but after pressure from the zionists and the neo cons he may have been convinced otherwise. Keep in mind, should Obama go against their wishes, they will deal with him the same way they dealt with JFK, after he attempted to presure Israel to halt it's nuclear programme at Dimona, AKA assassinated him in public.

Anyhow, they are messing with nuclear fire here. Russia is not some third world shithole they can push around and terrorize at will. Russia is the second most powerful military force in the world. They have a real airforce, a real army, and a real fucking navy (which includes around 64 submarines at last count, all capable of carrying nuclear warheads)

Ofcourse, apart from that you also have the fact that Russia has the largest and most potent stock pile of nuclear missiles in the world. They have made modifications to ensure that their missiles can penetrate any known defense shield currently in operation. I have also heard rumors, and I cannot confirm if they are true, that Russia has also been working on a stealth variant of it's missiles. Now I don't know about you, but the only reason for a stealth nuclear missile to me would be for a first strike. The Russians were always the most advanced at rocket research and development, so if anyone could do it it would be them.

And lastly, Putin will be reclaiming his presidency next year. This is a man with a will of steel. He will not blink, he will not back down. He is patriotic to the core. If he feels that a first strike is what is needed to ensure Russia's survival, he will fucking do it I guarantee it. At the worst, he might decide to launch a nuclear attack at European countries implementing the missile defence shield, who foolishly never tried to go nuclear themselves. They might live to regret that. Since there is no threat of a counter attack from them, Putin might decide to nuke them to make an example of them, as he made an example of Georgia in 2008. He knows, like anyone with half a brain, that no one will dare nuke Russia in response as they don't want to be wiped out in the counterstrike.

Anyhow, interesting days ahead to be sure.

Anonymous said...

"ask yourself what kind of white man would pay for the scalps of children and women each morning out of his own pocket and urge the Indians to deliver even more in the future using whatever means were available to them. "

Never forget that English royalty traces its ancestry all the way back to King David.

And genocide against Whites is exactly the same thing as genocide against Jews, Tibetans, Native Americans or Tahitians.

So yes, the British are true "anti-racists" - Hitler is still Hitler, even with his name spelled backwards.

Anti-racist = RELTIH

But I will not turn on all of the British people. I do not forget they are White, just like me, I am a world minority and could be made a minority in my own country soon, due to deliberate policy of White GeNOcide on a global scale.

What I will do and encourage others to do so, is remember the names of the ones that were rabidly anti-White. Our time is coming and so is theirs.

Anonymous said...

December 4, 2011 7:21 AM

Funny, you talk about the numbers killed and how Moshe has always owned the British, but failed to mention the mega genocides under the Communists, your hero Stalin/Jewish Bolsheviks and how many White Christians they eliminated in their 70 year rule.

Isn't it funny how White people like to turn on each other?

I guess comments like that are the last gasp of White Supremacism. Whites are a world minority, we still rule the top half of the planet, but are losing ground every day and still think we are in a position to tear down our own kind.

I will tell you now, (because clearly you only talk to other White people on isolated blogs), the non-Whites are always watching and are repeating every bad thing we say about ourselves, to each other.

Can people with white skin, think more than five minutes into the future?

Perhaps we will have to lose really big like the Jews did in Germany, before we realize our skin is a uniform, that cannot be removed when it is convenient.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth the Indians in the new world were successful in killing as many of the European immigrants as the immigrants were in killing Indians. There certainly weren't "millions" killed on either side probably under 50,000 total. Most deaths were the result of a handful of Indians or European immigrants fighting each other. The big battles were the exception.

Texas Arcane said...

1:22 PM Anon

What I was really saying is that it appears we have been lumping people into our team of us vs. them for a long time for no other reason than the color of their skin. This would seem to be a major gaffe on our part because many of these people have only been able to conduct their campaigns of genocide on us from inside our nations due to us mistaking them for other white people. They weren't and their actions clearly betray them as human mimics.

Whoever was at the top of the British power structure sanctioning scalping of children for cash and the complete elimination of the Boers, is not our ally. They are our enemy and for that matter, anyone who would sanction this kind of cruelty against any race for any reason is probably not even human. Being fooled by simple camouflage into thinking this is your fellow traveler is the reason many wars have been lost.

I believe that not only are most of these creatures not human, I think they are the children of Esau and not the good ones, rather some kind of mutated breed using much earlier genes than the Amud and Mousterians. These hearken farther back to the dawn of man before the advent of altruism altogether.

Research the history of the British Royals and you will find out how they inserted themselves into the population as their "leaders." Bad, bad seeds.

Many of them funded the communists you have mentioned and were the original source of support that started those movements in other countries. Tom Chittum once wrote about how all the anti-American propaganda used by the Chi-Cong was clearly printed in New York city.

Anonymous said...

"Being fooled by simple camouflage into thinking this is your fellow traveler is the reason many wars have been lost."

We have a description for these people, or whatever they are:

"They look like me, but are not loyal to me."

Anonymous said...

great thread folks, tex especially re boers. this is why we we love you man, but not in a late night sbs type of way.

Anonymous said...

Bad news - Syria's 'mutilation mystery' increases...

JeffreyJerpp said...

Tex,I know you get visits from COL, but are you saying they are the "N" word? If so, are they aware of exactly what they are? Do they possess some tremendous reserve of amazing secret knowledge that will never see the light of day?