Friday, December 9, 2011

Pity The 'Stain

I feel the most pathetic wretches are the people who think there is still "time to turn it all around." These are people who literally waited until the wolves were baying at the door before they would even concede there was a problem. Now they think if we just get organized and form a political action committee we can "do something about all this." My own family in the U.S. is like this. They have only recently become aware there was anything to worry about.

You're twenty years too late to do anything at all. The time to notice there was a problem and implement radical reform was decades ago. You are dealing with people who are much, much smarter than you are. You have waited until you are down to a pawn, a King and a rook to realize you are about to be checkmated. There is no movement you can join at this time that will not be co-opted and completely compromised within 24 hours by the Koch Brothers. Any straw man opposition group you append yourself to is owned and operated by your enemy, who controls it for the explicit purpose of assuring there is no opposition other than purely theatrical. Ma and Pa holding up placards and complaining about "the guffamint" is a spectacle for them to chortle about and tip glasses of champagne to from their plush office chairs.

Imagine me, except with no conscience and multiplied by a million. Trust me, you would not have a prayer. You would have zero chance of doing anything that would be meaningful. They would think circles around you and make you think their every command was your idea. They do it now and when we tell you about it on Vault-Co you're still sitting on the fence. "Tex may have a point ... but I'm sure it is not quite as bad a picture as he paints." You're right. It's much, much worse. I sugarcoat it and add humor because I don't want you getting depressed.

Luckily for you, there are forces at work at the same time they can't control. With a little help from the natural world and the geopolitical situation, their plans may not proceed quite as elegantly as they had hoped. In particular, when the money spigots get turned off and people are forced to fall back on their own natural resources to survive, it's a whole different ballgame and advantage could shift to ordinary humans again. Many a tyrant in history has been destroyed by natural forces where the population utterly failed to provide any meaningful opposition.

The worship of the State ends when the money train ends. That is now. Once people see what a really useless bunch of no-hopers the State is when the emperor's clothes come off, that is a guidestone to recovering some human freedoms back from them.

Don't be fooled into relocating to the skidmark in God's underwear called New Zealand. You wouldn't think this little peninsula could support a jackbooted gestapo that would shock Trotsky but there it is.


Anonymous said...

Excellent analysis by William Engdahl on the geopolitics behind the Eurozone crisis, US economy, China and Globalism. It's like taking the red pill.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cleve, here is something informative and interesting you should probably/hopefully post about on your blog. Sorry I am posting this here, but I have no other way of contacting you.

What is most interesting about this article is that is presents a truth that western media oft overlooks, either deliberately or due to ignorance, and that is the fact that the dispute over Kashmir is not about land, or religion, or anything else primarily, but over WATER. Whoever controls Kashmir controls the water supply in the entire subcontinent, and since the subcontinent is around 85% based on a agricultural economy, whoever controls the water can totally economically destroy the other nation, leading to total and utter collapse.

This article also states the real reason Pakistan is so interested in controlling Afghanistan: some percentage of the Water supply/rivers flow from there. So Pakistan is threatened on two sides by India; in Kashmir they are building dams to control the water supply which they can use to destroy or threaten Pakistan, and in Afghanistan they are getting cozy with Karzai and encouraging them to build dams of their own so the can potentially cut off that water supply to Pakistan.

I pray to Allah it does not come to nuclear war, because if it does me and my family are goners, as we live in one of the 3 most major cities of Pakistan thus guaranteed to be the target of multiple nuclear strikes.

Unfortunately, with the way things are going it is getting harder and harder to figure out how to avoid war. India has started building the dams, and the west will not do anything to stop them.

Furthermore, conventionally, the Indians hold a major military edge over us. Our only saving grace is that we have the friendship of China, that once during the Sino-Indian war actually invited us to take over Kashmir, but thanks to a retarded cowardly dictator ruling over us then (who trused America to give us Kashmir via diplomatic pressure on India), we declined the offer.

Anonymous said...

"the Koch Brothers"!! Give me a break. This disaster is a result of liberal politicians, the welfare state, and the Keynesian belief that higher taxes and bigger government solves everything. This is NOT, as the loons claim, the fault of "rich people" or even banks and wall street. Wall Street is being scapegoated to provide cover for the politicians who caused it. If you are part of the coverup then you are supposed to toe the line and blame the Koch Brothers.

Anonymous said...

The collectivization of agriculture in the western countries enters its final stage, all done in a nice soft "democratic" way.

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your writing style and humor. You have to realize though, that alex jones is one of those compromised individuals that masquerades as opposition.

I personally don't care if the latecomers come here or not. Frankly, anyone so thick that it takes this long to figure out is of no value anyway.

Police here are different to those in oz or the stain. Sociopaths may write laws and NZ is quick to adopt any un bs like a lab takes treats. However, it may not ever get enforced.

A week or so ago when there was a unified push by western governments to eliminate the ows protestors, the police were given orders to remove them here as well... and they refused.

There is a fundamental difference between wishing something and actually making it happen. As lefty oriented as this country is, there is still a huge amount of common sense involved in law enforcement circles here.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul: Bush administration staged 9/11

Anonymous said...

Just before God is about to smack down humans into cosmic dust forever, he gives them a glimpse into the secrets and wisdom of His glorious Creation:

Anonymous said...

Americans leaving US in record numbers

More Americans Go Abroad for Economic Opportunities

Texas Arcane said...

Yeah, flee into the arms of Good Cops Koch Brothers. They'll protect us from those darn "liberals." The darn "liberals" are also dual citizens who hold passports in another country, just like the Koch Brothers. Protect me Good Cop.

Anonymous said...

You got it, Tex. Current humanity tries to think with the part of the mind that can't think - that can only see things in terms of the polarity of good/bad. Once you got people that dumbed down, you got them. No capacity for subtlety and no ability to detect it in others. Can't see the plans within plans. Doesn't understand intentional reaction to random happenings. Everything is either planned or unplaned - duality again.

Anonymous said...

America worshipped dumb as their god and they got what dumb people get. Then they cry and say why did god do this to us. Well maybe you should expect if you are anti intellectual and try to act like you are a ghetto nigger you will end up living in a ghetto nation like a nigger. It is very simple but Kwa thinks it is very hard.

Anonymous said...

@December 9, 2011 11:28 PM

Define "intellectual".

The biggest idiots I have ever seen, always call themselves "intellectual".

Anonymous said...

December 9, 2011 12:58 PM

If you making Jews your Prime Minister, you can forget about freedom buddy. Ask the Russians about that.

Texas Arcane said...

Deleted. All personal and ad hominem attacks with no other content than personal insults will be deleted.

I was honorably discharged with a good conduct medal from the U.S. Army in 1985 after winning three successive All-Army Ironman events and being awarded a distinguished certificate for maxing every single Army P.T. test at triple or quadruple the required standards for a mere human for four years, something like 22 tests in all. I was scored 6th out of the top 10 fittest soldiers in the U.S. Army by the Stars and Stripes newspaper shortly before I finished my tour of duty, 4th in aerobic endurance. At that time there were maybe a million soldiers or thereabouts in the U.S. Army.

Anonymous said...

From a couple posts here there seem to be some misconceptions about the terms "intellectual" and "liberal". The misappropriation, corruption, and perversion of both these "labels" (and those who occupy these niches today) shows their origin, motivation and intent as very different to how they are interpeted and used today.

For those with an inquiring mind, I recommend:

Jacques Buzan "The House of Intellect", originally published in 1959:

F.A. Hayek " The Road to Serfdom", originally published in 1944: