Friday, December 9, 2011

Pakistan Has Gone As Far As It Can Pretending To Be Kwanstainia's Friend

Now it is time for it to become another enemy. Notice how the longer the neocons stay in charge, the fewer friends we have and the more enemies? Hell, these people can make more enemies out of strangers in a fortnight than I could do given a lifetime.

Of course, they'll tell you that "we're" all in this together, which means the enemies they create are now your enemies, which means you and him will have to fight in the name of freedom. No, unfortunately, you won't be getting any bailout money although "we" are all in this together. It's just you that will be doing the fighting and dying along with your offspring and loved ones. We brave few of the First Israeli Typing Corps will stay in the rearguard action and keep the women warm while we sell war bonds. It is a dirty job but somebody has to do it.

Here's your candy bar and defective body armor, hook up to the drop line we're coming over Baghdad. Your mission is to parachute in and get killed. It's a team effort.

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