Monday, December 12, 2011

Obama Bin Laden Prepares To Throw Open The Gates Of The City To Total Invasion

Honor system for mexican border crossing. You couldn't make this stuff up. A simple way to remove all controls on crossing altogether. Millions will pour in here and at many other planned points of surrender. The Obama bolshevists will be spending money in mexico to tell the inhabitants where and how to cross.

The only thing worse than throwing open the border to a massive invasion of criminals would be arming them. You know, by actually stocking your invader army with military grade weapons so they would ... oh, wait. They caught them doing that, too.


Anonymous said...

Makes sense to me. Legalize and control rather than criminalize and waste money trying to police an unpoliceable border.

Anonymous said...

Sucks to live in the South-West I guess.

I visited Texas for about 5 months a few years ago. The only people the Texans despise more then beaners are Yankees. I'm from New England.

I was treated like sh*t and I'll never forget it. I will be right there in front of the cheerleading section laughing my ass off as the millions of beaners wipe out the ignorant, unorganized, grab-asstic Texans. The Mex's will just swarm over these idiots.

I'm not a race-traitor for saying that (I'm White), it's just that Texans are the lowest form of White Man on the Planet.

Ah!.....The Great Culling! Coming to a neighborhood near you!

Hey Texans...don't take that the wrong way. Don't think I'm kidding or anything.

I mean it.