Sunday, December 18, 2011

Newt Gingrich Is A Futurist Hoser

These guys are part of the secular humanist movement that is always claiming they are the spiritual successors of Jefferson, preparing to replace his system with a "superior" one of their own design that is part of a world government.

In fact, they are mental midgets incapable of running a lemonade stand without burning down half the neighborhood.

If the heroic Renaissance man they claim to be the heirs of were alive today, he'd be stalking them in camo paint strapped with fragmentation grenades and a sniper rifle. I've read almost everything Thomas Jefferson ever wrote including all the Federalist Papers ... Tom Jefferson was always warning people that these clowns would arrive some day and it would be the end of the Republic.

There is little improving on the U.S. Constitution if it is still a government intended for human beings. If it were targeting bees or termites or long snout shrews that would be a different matter. If we are talking about people, there is very little improvement possible on the Constitution and we should suspect that people who are trying to lay their hands on it are the usual mediocrities and power hungry sociopathic failures. Of course they'd want to change it and claim it has problems - it permits them to avoid confronting the ugly possibility they simply do not deserve to live under it.

These people are scum. They know they are scum. They try to deny it but methinks the lady protest too much. They know they are scum. Scum. Bottom of the barrel. Damaged goods. Botched and bungled. Inherently rotten. The reason their hunger for control and power never ends is that they want to prevent any other human being from saying the obvious out loud. They're scum.


Anonymous said...

Birch Society exposed Gingrich a long time ago:

Anonymous said...

I will say it again - if Gingrich is selected Prez by these idiot sheep - I am going immmediately to defcon 1 - we will have - AT BEST - one or two years before he starts WWIII or civWar II (or both).

This guy has explicitly stated that he will nuke people if they piss him off.

It is not a metaphor - he is a classic psychopath and he absolutely means every word.