Sunday, December 18, 2011

Reinventing The Same Old Baloney

It never ends.

I have recently felt that there has been a shift in strategy behind the scenes but I couldn't quite articulate what it was. Somebody posted an interesting link on the ding-dong-dead Hitchens thread.

This is the new wave strategy coming to start the merry-go-round up again. Of course, it will require some new provocation to put some wind under it's sails because it is essentially the same old wine in new bottles.

We've been watching JERICHO again from the beginning and I realized why they took this show off the air. They could not very well permit a fictional series on television to depict the false flag that was being planned to justify a new militarism and restructuring of the United States.

Being a Neocon apparently means never having to say you're sorry, long after your crimes have eclipsed Hitler, Stalin and Mao. It's all for a good cause, you see. American needs to spread the love, preferably with daisycutters on downtown metropolitan areas all over the world.


Anonymous said...

Now that one is not allowed to be loyal to anything, Potemkin Patriotism concentrates all attention on The Flag and khaki uniforms.

Veterans are sort of the new Semites, as in anti-Semitic. It was a bad mistake when the 60s protests concentrated on calling American soldiers paid killers. This tactic ended up with hardhats marching in a pro-War rally on Wall Street, American Solidarity.

With the Potemkin definition of Patriotism today, anyone who fails to worship uniforms and veterans is anti-American instead of anti-Semitic.

Like busing, the draft in the 1960s was strictly for children of working stiffs who couldn’t afford to send their children to private schools and draft-exempt colleges. Marxists used the term “working class” then.

Loyalty is something almost everyone wants. That is a basic need that Marxism tries to ignore. Lenin, who declared that any loyalty to anything but the Working Class to be treason, would have had a fit if he found out that Soviets had to call World War II The Great Patriotic War.

But the simple fact was that, even after a generation of Soviet rule, soldiers would not fight for Wordism, the Truth According to Marx.

It had to be Mother Russia.

McGovern got stomped in the 1972 election because of this backlash against people who carried the Viet Cong flag in parades and falsely informed parents that their son had been killed in Vietnam.

All that made their “working class” pretensions so absurd that they stopped using “working class” in America because it had become a joke.

In the present series of wars against Arabs, they wised up a bit when Bush, Sr. attacked Iraq and got a 90 plus approval rating for it. They have changed their tactics on loyalty.

After their 60s experience, they have finally faced the fact that their hero Comrade Stalin learned thirty years before. Marxism cannot get rid of loyalty. But it can redirect it.

This is a major blow to Marxism in the West, just as it was to the Soviets, but the simple fact is that no form of Wordism can actually replace loyalty.

That is because Wordism is silly. Students can actually believe that people can actually replace their gut feelings with a book and the Words of Mommy Professor. Like Stalin’s naming of World War II, they have given up on their belief that words can replace loyalties.

But they can divert it.

Hence the new Potemkin Patriotism. One can be a Good American by worshipping Our Men and Women in Uniform. One can even wave an American flag.

Potemkin Patriotism diverts natural loyalty to our Mother Russia, to khaki uniforms that represent loyalty to nothing, a flag dedicated to what National Review calls “post-racial America.”

Right after 911, Call for Patriotism hosted by Sidney Poitier included a shot of a white girl and a Black man wrapped together in an American flag. That ad was pulled and put into the libservative Memory Hole. It showed too plainly what loyalty means to liberals and respectable conservatives.

But it is their strategy now. Potemkin Patriotism, like The Great Patriotic War, is Wordists coming up against reality.

Anonymous said...

The individual people in aggregate were what made this country in earlier iterations exceptional. Their intelligence, their skills, their character informed the US

We can deduce that there will be no extraordinary, or even ordinary, version forthcoming.

No nation has devolved as this one has, and seen a greater incarnation.

We will not be the exception


Texas Arcane said...

In retrospect we always realize that what seemed like a monolithic structure was in fact as fragile as a tower built out of candy glass.

America was a rare convergence of geniuses from a wide variety of backgrounds who happened miraculously to be in the same place at the same time. Any one of these men utterly eclipses anybody living in the West today in terms of their grasp, intelligence, scope, perception. Modern men just can't compare. They are not even on the same scale as these men.

People took all of it for granted and they listened to all breeds of fools talking about how much better they could have designed the nation. It quickly turned out that the Founding Fathers had shot far too high an arrow for their descendants to maintain it for long. Within forty years it had collapsed like Orwell's ANIMAL FARM into the usual manboon train wreck of idiots each pulling for their own selfish short-term gain.

A hundred years later, it's fate was irrevocably sealed, a country mostly inhabited by slack jawed halfwits and crotch grabbers who couldn't properly hang a picture frame on a wall without losing a finger.

A nation is only as good as it's people, because they are the ones who decide whether or not to enforce it's laws. It doesn't matter what is written on paper if there is nobody left with these ethos written on their souls.

I often hear Kwans say they have really woken up now and that they are going to do something about it but I pity them because they don't know just how far gone it is. If they understood and still fought I'd call them heroes but a man who doesn't understand how bad it is and fights is just a fool.

Anonymous said...

When I talk to so called intellectuals, that like to say, they don't give a damn what happens after they are dead, I ask them to name just one civilization, that was forged and maintained by people, that didn't care what happened to their descendents, after they were gone.

Chirping crickets...

Don't be fooled by these punks. These so called "intellectuals", are the same selfish, decadent, parasites, that proliferated in the last days of Rome.

Anonymous said...

Francis Parker Yockey correctly noted in the 1950s that the greatest enemy to Western Civilization was not the Soviet Union, but the United States.