Sunday, December 25, 2011

Naked Psyops By CNN Against Ron Paul

CNN is a nest of pro-Israeli "internationalist" vipers like Wolf Blitzer doing their wide-eyed innocent doe act. Ron Paul stormed off the interview. Sure he did. See what really happened and then watch how these bastards lie. It's hardly a wonder a nation like this is in the state it is in with this kind of deathgrip on the mass media. It is a license to libel and slander without repercussions. Where is the right of rebuttal? What media watchdog will impose penalties on CNN for this kind of fraud?

Watch for the white flash to conceal the gap at the end to make it look like Paul is reacting to the question by leaving.

If you're always doing bad, terrible things, you want to control what people talk about so they can't discuss the horrible, incomprehensible things that you are doing because if they found out they might cut your line of credit off at the least.

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Anonymous said...

It's simply amazing how much the conservative media buys into these phoney stories. I've been saying for a long time that GOP and the DEMs are just the outer and inner party of our 1 party state but things like this make it very clear.