Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mystery Tremors In Northeast U.S.

I felt something the other night.

The average human being can't feel anything below a 4.0 most of the time. Some people like me can detect movements as low as 1.0 very easily.

Shake, quake, rattle and roll.

I've frequently stopped during the workday, feeling a tremor with all of my colleagues sensing nothing, then gone to the seismic real-time tables on the net and found my knees are better than high quality geosensors.

Once about two years ago I could feel a distinct rocking like we were on the deck of a ship it was so pronounced and others in the office with me felt nothing. Checked shortly thereafter and of course was spot-on, it was a 3.2 at that time in northern Australia.

I get these feelings more and more often nowadays. Often at night when I am sitting quietly.

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