Friday, December 30, 2011

MSNBC Tries To Spin Worldwide Volcanism and Island Creation As A Ho-Hum Event

Nothing to see here folks. You've all seen these before - in science textbooks as events that occur once in a while every few million years or so. Four new islands created during a single one month period on distant parts of the planet is nothing to get yourself in a tizzy over. Go back to earning tax revenues. We need the money to finish off the comfort camp barracks in our own underground shelters.

Let's pray the worst we have to worry about is an economic collapse. That's the rose-colored glasses optimistic upbeat feelgood bubblegum family sleeper hit of the summer.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand? The article clearly states that there are five new islands. It also states that the island in question is small and may not last.

So what you're saying is that these islands are evidence of a worldwide calamity that is about to happen? That they are not natural occurrences but instead are harbingers of a super volcano ready to blow? And the mass media knows this but is refusing to report it?

Anonymous said...

The useful idiots in MSM are too stupid to understand anything of importance.

Anonymous said...

Scienmajistics trying to tell us that civilization is NOT about to fall, via the televitz??? Sacre bleur!

Anonymous said...

Anon @7:35 AM

Marked for mass burial.

Anonymous said...

"Marked for mass burial."

Lol! Well my comrades will save me! Or maybe my friends in Mossad. If they let me down there are my buddies in the clerical division of the Secret Files Department of the Illumaniti. Or maybe it will be my Free Mason pals? I think I wrote a letter to George Soros once. He'll come through for me. The NWO will save me!

You guys are such pessimists!