Sunday, December 25, 2011

Michael Mann's Hot Tub Buddy Bails On Him

Notice these guys feel free to talk privately about points they ridicule publicly.

Another impression one gets from reading these papers is that these guys are really, really slow. I'm only a layman and I feel like I could run intellectual circles around these idiots. They are only beginning to dabble in the study of the medieval warming period, it appears from this letter. That's appalling incompetence on their part. They're way behind the power curve on subjects like these.


Anonymous said...

Greetings and Merry Christmas, Tex.

This is an interesting study:

Another scienmajifism debunked. Aryan Invasion Theory proved to be bogus. Of particular interest in the article is the mention of the "abducted women" that were "carried around".

Anonymous said...

Reading the code alone for their projects leads me to believe they hired really, really bad programmers.

Anonymous said...

"I'm only a layman and I feel like I could run intellectual circles around these idiots."

Tex, you hit on a key part of the Cry Wolfers bullshit strategy: hide behind an *supposed* complexity.

If, as is usually the case, if they can't refute your argument, they resort to the "it's very complex, and only 'experts' can tell us what's true. These 'experts' are little more than propagandists devoted to advancing their ideological agenda.

True, predicting the climate is complex, and THEY don't have a handle on it. But reading the thermometer, or trend lines, is simple. So are the 2 key arguments against it: 1. Current temps are not unusual (no hstik!), 2. trace gas does NOT cause warming; see Al Gore shown to be full of it in this 3 minute video that supports point #2: -uc