Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas From Vault-Co

Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings.

Christianity is the greatest civilizing force the world has ever known. It is the greatest domesticator of men and governments that the planet has ever seen. There is no other religious idea that even comes close to the powerful effect it has had on every single race of people it has touched. We celebrate the birth of Christ today for a weird array of reasons that have nothing to do with Christ and yet somehow this holiday ends up being one week of the year when men in the West at least make the effort to appear humane and kind towards one another. When one realizes how little Christianity has altered basic human conduct we dread to think what would happen if we ever abandoned this sweet delusion.

You've frequently heard Christ described as a crutch. That's an error by people who don't understand human character. Jesus Christ is a stretcher. It's a litter pulled by trained pekinese that you are strapped to. You can't even limp into heaven on your own power. In order to gain entry into heaven you would need some spectacular miracle equivalent to splitting the Red Sea. That's what the sacrifice of Christ accomplished for every single one of the children of God. Through no merit of your own, in spite of yourself, you can receive grace.

God bless you and watch over you in the coming year and help you in everything that you do. Remember that the evil that is on the earth does not persist forever but passes away but the good that is on it comes from God. Keep good cheer and do not give into despair. We only tarry a while here and then our redeemer will come and wipe away every tear. Until that day we struggle with whatever tools we have to be salt and light.

On this blog we tell you about the bad all year round the way one speaks to soldiers because we sense you are one of those strong people that the Lord made in his wisdom to hear the worst. One day of the year you should remember all the good things in the world we never mentioned because it is those things that demonstrate the existence of God. If there is anything good, anything true and anything beautiful in the world you should think on these things often to remind yourself of just how much there is worth living for.


JAC said...

God bless you, Texas Arcane.

Anonymous said...

Peace to you on this day of HIS birth.

Keep up the watch, not everyone see's what we do. When an inking of the truth does pop up in their lives, it is immediately pushed away so as not to disturb the happy, happy, joy, joy thoughts.

On your knees sinners! Jesus Christ is the way!!

Mike in Ca.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Tex. Thanks for the kind words. :)

AJ said...

A Blessed Christmas to you too Texas Arcane, thanks for all your effort in reporting the truth during the year.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Tex.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blessing Tex,it's appreciated !
I think this is your single best post.
It's certainly the most uplifting ;)

Merry Christmas,and I'll see you on the other side,with God's Grace.

Chris from Sydney

Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas number one blogger.

Anonymous said...

Not to be picky, but it's not HIS birthday today, it was just a historical Winter Solstice...

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Tex, thank you.

Anonymous said...

God bless you and your loved ones and a very Merry Christmas to everyone!

Anonymous said...

@December 25, 2011 1:13 AM

Give the white-anting of Western Civilization a rest, for just one day in your life, you loser.


Merry Christmas, to all the White and Normal folks out there.

I know you are the majority and you are having a good day, on this day, unlike white-anters, like the fellow above.

I know this day is really depressing for them, but I don't think about them, because I know they want that same horrible feeling for everyone on the planet.

Every time you say *Merry Christmas*, the white-anter's War on Christmas and all things good, takes a step backwards.

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!


Rowan said...

Merry Christmas all, I hope you rest well and renew yourselves ready for the year ahead.

Djanar said...

Merry Christmas Black Moor, God bless you and yours. I am thankful for the day I've discovered you from some crappy gaming forum you liked to troll. This world sure would have seemed to me as a much more duller place without knowledge of the existence of an awesome character such as yourself. :)

Jesus himself was a good guy and an awesome character as well who made the world a better place, even if someone wouldn't actually believe in his divinity. One of the things I've most admired about him was the way he stood up to the disgusting evil and corruption in that very interesting time and place he existed in.

A cult of Ex-Babylonian merchant-priests and their puppet monarch cruelly dominating over a proud tribalistic society with the power granted from their relationship with a corrupt Imperium occupying the land... Political, cultural and spiritual corruption of such magnitude have never been tackled in the way Christ did. They did kill his mortal shell in the end, but his immortal legacy has changed everything.

I unfortunately am not a hundred percent believer of the metaphysical, divinity related part of the whole thing even though I admire Christ and Christianity and a lot of its legacy. It's not like I'm too "proud" for the Pascal's Wager line of thought and refuse to embrace Christ and his teachings just because I think the metaphysical part might not be true, it's just that I have "doubt" in me and I'm afraid I always will. Since I am incapable of forcing myself to completely erase the doubt, would I go to Hell in the end or not, Tex? You yourself seem to have your share of doubt about the same parts I'm stuck on, even though you admire the more tangible parts of Christianity like its role as a civilizing force.

Texas Arcane said...

Djanar, you already sound like you have ten times the faith I do.

Did you know that you only have to conduct yourself as if you believed and in time you will come to have stronger faith than anybody you know? If the things we believed were likely, everybody would pretend to be a Christian. I don't know about church but there is great celebration in heaven over the skeptical, the cynic and the hard hearted. The Lord loves the cold as much as he loves the hot, it is only the lukewarm he despises. People troubled by constant doubts and lapses are very interesting in heaven and much more to gain to the glory of God than the bulk of people who just don't care.

The promise to all the sons of Adam applies equally. If you repent and believe in your heart (that means you wish it were true sincerely, whether you have doubts or not) then you will be saved. Remember it is not you who saved yourself - it is a promise by somebody who never breaks their promises like you and I do.

You can get this kind of grace without ever going to church if it bothers you (it does me, nothing hurts my faith like going to church) and without the approval of any religious group or institution.

On the other hand, I am still putting you on my mailing list for prayer requests and my videotape course. You can pay in installments of just $39.95 a month for the next 20 years.

Merry Christmas, Djanar.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Tex and to all fellow posters.

I pray the light of God shines through the darkness this coming new year.


Koanic said...

Djanar, I appreciate your thoughts on the Neanderthal hypothesis. They helped me figure the area out last night.

Why are you having trouble with the divinity of Jesus? What resources have you read? For me, Josh McDowell's A Ready Defense and Evidence That Demands a Verdict were enough. I'm curious where you're at with it.

I realized that the world is far more complex than we'll ever understand, but the above sources give me sufficient confidence to base my life on faith.