Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Media Is Privately Owned

Privately owned. It costs a lot of money to control what people think and to tell them who they can and cannot vote for.


Anonymous said...

Yep, it's been owned for a long time. At first it was just corporate easy profit type bullshit, but then, after the "Great War", it became as one with the PTB as a social driver.

I doubt that anyone in real power had an inkling of how powerful TeeVee would be on the unwashed masses of chumps.

When they realized it, they must have been amazed and delighted at how easy this was going to be.

And here we all are today. Blind, deaf and dumb......And LOVIN' IT!

Gimme those baby back-baby back-baby back ribs! Yeah baby!

Hold the pickles and the lettuce, special orders don't upset us, just as long as you let us serve it your way!

America! Fuck yeah!

Land of the Free! And home of the Brave! Fuck Yeah!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tex, this is off-topic but your posts on this blog combined with scripture and literature have lead to some solid conlusions.

The Bible tells us that the serpent seed of Cain wasn't wiped out in the flood, but its remnants tried to establish earthly kingdoms after the flood either directly or through intermarriage with the rulers of established kingdoms, such as that of Egypt, as part of the struggle mentioned in Genesis 3:15 between the seed of the woman and the seed of serpent.

Recently I watched "The Egyptian", a great 1954 movie based on the novel by Mika Waltari. It tells the story of Sinuhe who as a baby was left in the Nile inside a reed boat only to be found and raised by a commoner couple, but who later discover that he is of royal blood. A reversion of the Moses story and, in my opinion, probably the accurate one. It makes more sense in the light of what the Bible clearly says about the Cainites trying to mix with the pure line of Adam through the descendants of Noah and particularly with Ham and his son Canaan who was cursed.

The movie shows that Akhenaten (Tut's father) and Sinuhe-Moses were half-brothers of the same father, pharaoh Amenhotep III. Now, Akhenaten's mother is clearly shown to be "different" from the rest of Amenhotep's consorts. A short acquaintance with her in the movie shows her to be absolutely evil, manipulative, full of hate and contempt for everything and everyone around her. She is explicitly shown to be of a different stock ie a Cainite/Neanderthal hybrid. She says that the pharaoh loved her more than the rest because she was strong and musty, vulgar and unlearned, and that his other wives, the "delicate" ones with their "narrow heads", hated her. Need I say more? Ah yes, that both she and her equally evil daughter (Akhenaten's sister) are wearing crowns carved with snakes. You couldn't make this stuff up. So Akhenaten's mother decides to dump - the born out of a normal woman - Sinuhe-Moses to the Nile so that her son won't have any rivals for the throne.

I believe this to be the best explanation for Akhenaten's and his son's Tut skull shape and size and the best insight as to the methods the melonheads use to remain in power up to our day - for reasons that as I have said have to do with Genesis 3:15.

P.S. Note that the movie has a very strong depiction of the Whore of Babylon in one of the main characters of the film, though I couldn't exactly find out what her significance in all this was.