Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Last Election, Really

The last meaningful one, in any event. After this there will only be darkness and chaos, disputed results and illegitimate tallies by corrupt private parties. These are the sorts of ambiguous circumstances that surround the deaths of all empires. Faint rumors of a coup, breakway republics, fractioned factions and mutual hostility everywhere you look. The ending is always very diverse. One man will rise there and claim he is the new executive or emperor, he will war against someone who claims he is the rightful successor here. Historians will do the best they can to document all this riot but it eludes description in many cases.

This is why the final days of Rome we only know in fragments.


ChadZ from Wisconsin said...

Are you familiar with the Chronology books by Fomenko.

Russian mathmatician who puts out evidence that our history has been seriously tampered with.

Evidene that certain empires in official histry were simply duplicated with the players renamed.

I would love to see your opinion on these books.

Thanks for teaching what you do.

Anonymous said...

Here's a thought...people in the future, that is if there are any, won't even know about the 'Kwa at all.

This country has existed for only less then 300 years. Hell, the Romans wiped out tribes and Civilizations that existed a lot longer then that and only wrote about them in disparaging terms (like the Carthaginians), if at all. History is written by the survivors.

In the future, maybe people will have myths about what the 'Kwa once was, not unlike the Atlantis myths of the Ancient Egyptian Kingdoms and the Greek Era.

But I doubt it. The 'Kwa will just end up being another shit stain on the underwear of history....easily forgotten and deservingly so.

No lessons, no glory, no exoneration for past deeds, no honor, no nothing.

It will end up, short term, as just a pack of diseased proto-humans digging through the rubble of was once a great land looking for metal to fashion into spear-points.

Long term......forgotten.

Anonymous said...

The Coming Soft Dark Ages

Sounds about right. We'll all be Amish .. or rather Mennonites ... in the Future Landscape

Mennonites ? ....
Amish + weapons training


Texas Arcane said...

I'm going to have a look at these books by Fomenko - is there an english translation?

Willdogz said...

With regard to the illegitimate tallies, i think it was Stalin that said (in so many words)... Don't worry about the voters, it's the vote counters that matter.
The elections are so corrupt... they stink like yesterday's diapers.
The candidates are bought and paid for. I hope it's not too late to take back America. Maybe time to feed the tree of liberty.

ChadZ from Wisconsin said...

the first 2 volumes are availible in English.

The remaining 5 volumesa re in Russian only so far.

Basically his charts showing the length of the reign of rulers in various kigdoms being the same were mind blowing.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Byzantine Empires... the time in office for the leaders are almost identical between all three empires.

I got my copies off Ebay.

Anonymous said...

"I hope it's not too late to take back America. Maybe time to feed the tree of liberty."

White America is finished. It was betrayed way back in 1965.

The only way is to tear the ZOG monster down and re-build from scratch.

Anyone who clings to the idea of saving "America", even if they think they are doing it for the right reasons, are part of the problem.

So stop trying to prop this dead horse back up. We need a new and better horse.

"to Ourselves and our Posterity"
means exactly what it says (for White people), but should have been more explicit.

How about this for the next constitution?

"Anti-Whites, gotta go!"

Willdogz said...

And rebuild it in whose image and direction ?
Will you be the sole decision maker ?

Anonymous said...

Formenko's work is available from,they have 4 volumes in English.
I read the first volume
It is an interesting and thought provoking read.
He has some interesting views about the geographical location where the events of the bible occured.
Chris from Sydney

Anonymous said...

check amazon at least the first four are in english [fomenko]

Anonymous said...

December 29, 2011 11:26 PM

"And rebuild it in whose image and direction ?
Will you be the sole decision maker ?"

For Pro Whites, by Pro-Whites, just like the Constitution always said.

So if you hate the idea of a White country so much (you White GeNOcider), go join the White anti-Whites, in their coffee colored, third world hellholes.

White anti-Whites will not be tolerated, after the hell that is coming arrives, because everyone knows it is all YOUR fault.

In the New Republic, all Anti-Whites will be frog marched out, be they Presidents, Judges, Mommy Professors, or plain old Natural Born Citizens, with Lilly White skin.

Anti-Whites??? YOU GOTTA GO!

Willdogz said...

So, essentially, we will move from one dictatorship, to your dictatorship ? No thanks. I live by the Constitution and will continue to do so.
Part of the problem ? You are deranged .

Anonymous said...

December 30, 2011 2:29 PM
"So, essentially, we will move from one dictatorship, to your dictatorship "

"We?" Who the hell invited you, anti-White?

Anti-Whites are not invited to the Pro White Republics.

It will be Pro Whites only, or are you hard of hearing?

Traitors will not be welcome, or tolerated, in the future that is coming.

Everyone will have free speech in the New Republics, except for racial treason. All who betray their kin, no matter how high or low, will be frogmarched to the border.

You world will be brown and third world, as you have Demanded for the last 50 years. So go and enjoy it and do not be envious of our marvelous, all White, First World Future! :)