Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Planet Will Do A Faceplant In 2012

Once you know the facts, grasp the size of the debts involved and know what happens to fiat currencies under pressure you will understand there is absolutely nothing that can save the Kwanstain at this stage.

Nothing. Last person out of that bongo party massacre turn out the lights.

What Europe is going to look like with it's current mix of strangers and houseguests probably defies the wildest predictions that Vault-Co has come up with in the past. The only way that Europeans will survive in europe is by forming up gated communities similar to the encamped fortresses of the Dark Ages. This time, the moats should be filled with burning pitch and the gates welded shut from the inside to resist the zombie-like hordes who will want to get at the people within. Kiss any semblance of law and order outside these islands goodbye.

The rest of the planet will see individuals and small groups survive but lots of governments and many of the trappings of civilization may just fade away for lack of interest.


Anonymous said...

2012 is it? That is your prediction? Remember you said that. :)

Anonymous said...

...or we could carry on pretty much as we are with tighter austerity measures, and higher cost of funds for banks throughout 2012.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 1:35 PM

Of course, you've been so accurate in the past, why not in the year ahead as well.

Remember, it's not the truth that matters, rather how we feel emotionally about the idea. This is how we figure out what is going to happen.

In a year from now, people will read the comment you just made and it will be as ludicrous as the men declaring a rebound to be inevitable in the fall of 1929. Those sorts of people don't even know what they don't know.

How about reading the links before you respond and then commenting on the information, instead of just the headline?

Anonymous said...

Joe Rogan has just conducted a three hour interview with Michael Ruppert :

Then on Rogan's message board the level of criticism for M.Ruppert was rather telling :

Asshat this, conspiracy BS that, crazy cook, nutjob etc. etc.

None of these critics were able to provide any in-depth counter arguments or valid points of their own in opposition to Ruppert, merely childish ranting.

Now that is not to say that M.Ruppert is even all that valid or correct in his commentary, however, it was clearly evident that the -mere- suggestion on his part of 'doom and gloom', was enough to cause these juvenile people to react out of fear and denial.

- deadman.

Texas Arcane said...

If you don't believe in a kosher fantasy of a world without precious metals backing currency, where paper has an intrinsic value and you can have an "economy" without manufacturing, production or industry, the Kwanstain is the perfect fiction farm to settle down in because this is what all the idiots there believe to be true as well. I heard it on the televitzer.

Anonymous said...

You don't need to do the manufacturing to be the economic leader. Look up Barbienomics.

Anonymous said...

"Barbienomics." I can't wait to see you running screaming from a huge cannibal mob with that book tucked under your arm. Hilarious Monty-Pythonesque stuff.

Anonymous said...

ITZ will NOT come in 2012. Or 2013. Or 2014.


Anonymous said...

Michael Ruppert is a has been, washed up loser. He employed every trick in the book to sell his brand of bullshit and was successful, for a while. And he was a good con-artist, don't take that wrong. He made a lot of money.

Then came the sexual harassment case and the phony break-in to his office to "sabotage" him, followed by his amscray to South America.

Today he is burping out the obvious and trying to make it sound original.

So sad, too bad.

Anonymous said...

"Michael Ruppert... burping out the obvious and trying to make it sound original."

However, despite his personal flaws real or otherwise, does that make his overall synopis of the world's situation incorrect?

After-all, the premise of the impossibility of infinite growth on a finite planet is not difficult to understand.

- deadman.