Monday, December 19, 2011

Krisschannidy Ditched By Former Believers Along With Pet Rocks, Piano Ties and The Noid

Fact is, the second the Bible was modified by Cyrus Scofield to make it into the ultimate cheerleader's manual for the secular state of Israel, everybody began to assume that Jesus Christ was the only jew they didn't need to be afraid of. It emasculated Christianity to turn it into the goy outreach support branch of Swindler Central. That's not the way religion works and any religion that works that way will soon find its pews empty.

People celebrate their own existence through a religion and it is part of their identity to see themselves through this lens. If your religion makes you into an extra standing in the back row with no dialogue who is simply tasked to swoon when called upon to do so, you will find your collection basket is empty and people stop showing up for the Sunday social. Any faith that has only this to offer has nothing to offer to its congregation and it is spiritually dead.

To be called upon to live a righteous life and practice the Christian virtues while Yoshi builds the world's largest sex slave emporium a block away from the Wailing Wall on your dime is insane and people know it even if they are afraid to say it out loud. It. Doesn't. Make. Any. Sense.

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Anonymous said...

White anti-Whites, Demand unending millions of these people, be brought into all White countries and only White countries.

Islamic Takeover Of France?

I don't blame non-White Muslims, for acting like non-White Muslims, any more than I blame a tiger in the jungle, for acting like a tiger.

All of my anger is reserved for those who Demanded they be brought into all of our countries and are still Demanding that more come.

White anti-Whites???