Monday, December 5, 2011

ITZ COMING - Signs All Around Us

We have always held at Vault-Co that somehow the cultural and political seasons are tied into the seasons of climate and planetary change. We know it sounds crazy if you don't have enough information.

Somehow, these things are connected by biology. Changes in the magnetic field produce peculiar changes in all organic life and to think men are somehow isolated from all this is ridiculous and borders on magical thinking.

Somehow, all this stuff is connected at the atomic level, especially the atomic arrangements we call the stuff of life. The innermost workings of biological critters at the cellular level undergo profound shifts with the magnetic plasma that envelopes us. Sorry I can't be more specific. Someday somebody will know more about how all of this works and interacts as a whole.

If you sometimes feel people are losing their minds and acting progressively crazier/more impulsive/more confused ... maybe they are. Weird things are happening inside the Sun.

D.S. Allan & J.B. Delair wrote as early as 1995: “Significantly, a drop in Earth’s entire magnetic field appears to have occurred sometime between 13,750 and 12,350 years ago. This was attended by various important changes, including earthquakes, volcanism, water table fluctuations and large-scale climatic variations.”


Anonymous said...

It surely is Tex.

I am feeling the strong currents out there in my Internet activism. Even the online newspapers are noticing the strong opposition in their comment sections and are shutting them off.

The West will have its own version of the Arab Spring, of that I am certain.

Anonymous said...

Tex, you should research midi-chlorians...

Anonymous said...

Tex, you're not trying to give Gillard and co. a genuine excuse for their retardation are you?

Joking of course.

- deadman.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, maybe those things were connected - the earths magnetic field is linked to magma flow, so you'd expect a very major event bellow the surface to create earthquakes, magnetic field changes, volcanos...

I think that nature and politics are connected - heat makes people more easily angry, more likely to riot.
The great powers still decide when to fight based on the season, don't go invading Russia in winter etc.

Iraq2 started in March 2003, and the climate is pretty similar to Iran.
I think this March is a bit early for Iran - the political climate isn't hot enough for the west to carry it's public.
However, after operating in Iraq for a decade, perhaps America can fight at full strength in the Arabian summer...