Saturday, December 10, 2011

I Love Putin

Imagine how great this guy must be that all leftist scum on Earth is united against him.

It's funny how all the subversives who used to be inside Russia working against it from the inside are now outside working against it from the outside. You couldn't make this stuff up.

The usual suspects and the NWO hate this guy. He must be doing something right.

Question : Do you really believe Putin could be doubleteaming with the Illuminati when they mount this kind of campaign against him? I think not. Go, Vlad! KGB for the win, the last proponents of freedom on Earth. The irony is mindboggling.


Anonymous said...

Each night a holy monk would walk back to his monastary past a harlot who stood outside her house. Each night she would reverence his holiness in her mind. Each night he would despise her in his. She became more holy because of him and he bacame less because of her.

They exchanged identities - even as the United States and the Soviet Union have. In standing up to them, we became them.

Red said...

Quoting a Cato article:

"The freedom of individual pursuit — as long as one stays away from politics — is one undoubted achievement of Russia’s post-communist development. Putin’s government reinstated the Soviet-style political monopoly and uncontested governance but did not encroach on individual rights. The constraints that existed in the USSR on entrepreneurship, artistic or academic self-fulfillment and lifestyle were not brought back. If one views the events of August 1991 as people rising in defense of freedom against a communist comeback, today’s individual freedoms should be seen as a goal fulfilled."

Yet another example that nations that don't care about popular will generally leave their populace alone to be free. Our elites couldn't have that. It might lead back to well run Monarchies or decentralized direct democracies run by only those willing to fight(The Swiss before the female vote).

Anonymous said...

that is all.

Anonymous said...

The only people who say they like Communism

- rule by Mommy Professor -
- rule by leftist "intellectuals" -

are those that haven't experienced it yet.

Russia says, 70 years was quite enough thanks.

Anonymous said...

Imagine how butthurt they are about Putin that a "liberal" NWO mouthpiece like the NYT is presenting an extremist who describes himself as a "National Bolshevist" and publicly promises to "cut throats" as a hero and a freedom fighter. It worked with the drug lords and organ traffickers in Kosovo, so why not with their hipster version? They promote such scum in the same way they promoted and funded the Bolshevists a century ago. The NYT in particular has a long tradition of supporting Stalinist communist genocide, with Walter Duranty being Stalin's apologist to the West during the Ukrainian famine that killed millions.

Putin is being vilified because he doesn't play along with the genocidal NWO world governmnent agenda and is actively trying to prevent WW III. They would rather have a NWO Obongo-type puppet in his place, as they have in most western countries. His crime is that he wants Russia to be left alone. Such an attitude is not tolerated by the NWO.

The fact that Putin is hated by Illuminati/commie scumbags such as the gepolitical "guru" Zrbzbvquw Grbnutzki or whatever the hell his name is, David Rockefailure and George Soarse says it all.

Anonymous said...

I love Putin because he is the Russian equivalent of the John Wayne/Clint Eastwood type of American I've learned to love. Such people have honor, virtues and you can trust their word. Shame that the exact opposite type is now ruling America. Heck, I even think that senator Joe McCarthy would have a better understanding with Putin than with the Marxist 5th columnists currently in power.

Anonymous said...

Divide and conquer; across all fronts and from top to bottom.

- deadman.

Anonymous said...

Putin is an autocratic, oppressive kleptocrat who allows his friends and allies to profit royal at the expense of ordinary Russian. The level of corruption allowed by Putin is ruinous. That said, he is probably the best national leader in the world right now. Sad.

Mex Arcane said...

In Soviet Russia, Putin love you.

Anonymous said...

In communism, man oppresses man. In capitalism, it's the other way around.

Anonymous said...

"They exchanged identities - even as the United States and the Soviet Union have. In standing up to them, we became them.

December 10, 2011 11:26 PM"

Nah, you didn't become them. The bolshevists who ran the Soviet Union left to either Israel or the US after pillaging the country.

It should be painfully obvious that the same thing is happening in the US as the chosen ones are stealing everything in sight in an attempt to loot the country before the collapse just like they did in USSR.

Anonymous said...

December 11, 2011 2:31 AM
"a liberal NWO mouthpiece like the NYT"

"The New York Times is owned by The New York Times Company, which also publishes 18 other newspapers including the International Herald Tribune and The Boston Globe. The company's chairman is Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr., whose family has controlled the paper since 1896.[8]"

Sulzberger = Jewish family

Try and advocate White identity or interests on their forums and you will be permabanned within an hour.

Advocate non-White identity or interests on their forums and you will be celebrated.

Cough, cough... Anti-White mouthpiece. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast #164, featuring independent documentary film maker Shane Smith; detailing cannabalism and chaos in Liberia. Chaos in The Congo. Fukushima in Japan. Mormons fighting drug cartels in Mexico.
Not to mention, North Korean labour camps in Siberia, built to look like N.Korean towns to the point where the N.Korean 'slaves' don't know they're in Russia & the FSB doesn't want anyone to know of course :

- deadman

Anonymous said...

Putin is saying the US is behind the unrests to a certain extent. If this is true, Russia should immediately start funding and maybe even arming the occupy movement.