Sunday, December 11, 2011

Here's the Nation That Didn't Exist Before 1948

Remarkably beautiful city and people. Notice how harmonious and prosperous this country was before it got enriched and improvamented.

Today of course, all the places in these pictures are rubble-strewn plains of post-apocalyptic wasteland watched over by the tireless eyes of automated rail mounted robot guns perched atop colossal concrete walls.

Large portions of this once verdant land are now poisoned by industrial toxins and wastes dumped there by Swindler central, meaning even if they left tomorrow it might take a thousand years to restore the agricultural system to its former glory.

Of course, the ever present stench of badly managed sewage infrastructure is always found in these valleys if the wind blows in the traditional direction. Zionists regard basic sanitation as a concern to be shorted whenever the opportunity presents itself.

These stories were first ripped off the Hyksos, a race of freed slaves to whom this story had happened, who in turn had brought their religion from Aryan India where it may have been part of a continuous faith going back over a hundred thousand years before any Homo Sapiens can reliably be identified in the historical record. These stories are part of a successful plagiarism that was altered to chronicle the thief, not the victim. The poor Hyksos were forgotten and their epic story was now someone else's narrative, the thieves being unable to create any literature of equal quality on their own. This is why the Bible is a strange mix of so much brilliance with so much mere ritualism. Imagine then this thrice-told story being seized upon by the Khazars to fuel their never-ending ambitions for war and conquest and being formally adapted by Cyrus Scofield, convicted forger, wife deserter and adulterer.

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The Anonymous Monstertruck Driver said...

I've met Palestinians here in Sydney, during Christian-Muslim interfaith events we run. They're very nice people - even though they apparently don't really exist.

I know you said you wouldn't donate to Ron Paul this time because you see it as signing his life away, but you know, that's his own choice. He'd know the risks he's taking. He's 76 years old and has nothing left to lose. Given that he is the only chance that America (and perhaps the world) has, I think you should contribute to his campaign. I would if I had a yank citizenship. Would you put a donation through for me if I sent it to you somehow?