Wednesday, December 21, 2011

(H)Ellison Bleeding Money At His Parasite Farm

Larry bought Oracle off some real programmers about 20 years ago and has progressively marketed it to suckers in government and industry as a big end database. Whereas it is true it can handle pretty big datasets, it is nearly impossible to use after Larry's shammers have piled crap onto the API in such volume no man in his lifetime could ever hope to learn how to make an SQL call without years of study. Compare with ADO in Windows, takes five seconds. You can see why they have nowhere to go but down.

All across the Western world you have these people who are billionaires "just because." They never did anything for anybody, added anything innovative to the world or contributed to total human progress. They just knit a web and sit there waiting for rubes to wander in and get tangled. Then they suck them dry and toss their wrinkled husks onto a heap nearby.

The poor saps who got on the Oracle bandwagon ten years ago now face astronomical costs for migration if they want to get off this shortbus. Some of them are apparently deciding that rather than wait any longer they need to dump this 90's circa technology before Larry's team of idiots add any more to the API.


Anonymous said...

I worked on a Oracle system for a community college about 10 years ago. I was deeply impressed by the power and the speed of the system. I was doing 3 million record queries in seconds. The only thing I didn't like was how massively complex it was. Since then I've been working on Unidata systems but I've always wondered why Oracle didn't simplify their interface and take over major database application in the nation.

I eventually came to the conclusion that they made more money on the consulting than they did from the software. That's a bad long term model it really doesn't incentivise towards making a better database.

Anonymous said...

I realize you hate a lot of people Tex... but Oracle?!?!? Yeah, they are corporate bloodsuckers (like all big corporations), but do you really need to HATE them because you find their API too confusing?

Texas Arcane said...

People constantly using the word "hate" to describe the opinions of others are creepy and weird. Are you so effeminate you regard any strong opinions on anything to be a kind of "hate?"

It is unnerving to see how quickly the common man can be trained to spout new slogans and bizarre new vocabulary just by exposing him to it on the televitz.