Saturday, December 31, 2011

Got the Photo Links Working Again Under "R&D"

Nothing new posted yet, I thought I better get the photo site links working again so I can show off some of the new developments here at Vault-Co:

1. Completion of Quonset
2. War on the Black Mold and complete overhaul and refitting of the main shelter
3. New Underground Hydroponics Lab project
4. New version of Vault-OS installation and operation

... next photos of Bravo will look like sets out of science fiction flick, guaranteed. I have totally replaced all infrastructure and am currently preparing for a limewash alkaline coating of the interior that will deliver the death blow to the black mold forever.


Anonymous said...

Black mould!

Too warm and too humid!

dry it and chill it!

Flood with cold dry air!

sit high pressure tank in Ice (1/2 44gal drum run outlet hose into bunker and bleed air into said bunker!

Cold dry air will chill and dehumidify bunker! and stop mould in its tracks!

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling 2012 is going to be the year that vaultco busts a move. Release it soon tex.

Anonymous said...

Try spraying with Colloidal Silver, I've hear that it will kill and prevent mold.

Anonymous said...

oh lord I thought this was some kind of parody site. I saw the photos and realized you people are serious. I give you credit for being authentic in your insanity.