Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Go Green - Burn To Death In Your Sleep

What will the government regulate next in the name of the environment? A requirement to smoke in bed? Only purchase appliances without UL stickers? Keep damp dynamite stored alongside gasoline in the garage? Put rat poison into bottles with baby food labels? You couldn't make this stuff up. They're "protecting the environment" by eliminating humans. Your tax dollars pay for this crap. Is government supposed to be our security against anarchy? I think anarchy is starting to look safer for pets and children, to be honest. How is it we ended up funding our own extermination?

If you want to prosper, do the opposite of what experts tell you in this world. You'll live longer. Always assume that "experts" are deliberately lying, you'll find you are rarely proved wrong.


Anonymous said...

So taking vitamin D allows you to live forever? Where is the proof? Other then the usual whacko quacks jumping on this bandwagon where is the proof? The history of these quack superstionion based medical advice is ZERO accuracy. Look back at every new hyped supplement/vitamin/magical food and they all failed the test of time and intelligience. This one will too but by then the gullible will be lead by the nose down a different primrose path to another "magic" supplement/fod/vitamin. I expect to hear it first on Oprah's show.

Anonymous said...

I like CFLs to be honest--they practically last forever.

Of course I use them by choice, and as an early adopter, I may have to switch my bulbs for newer ones because the article states:

"In 2009, standards were revised for materials used in the plastic housing of the base of CFLs sold in North America. But millions are still in use that were produced before the change."

Anonymous said...

@December 28, 2011 11:12 AM:

Well to be fair, the proven cure for scurvy is Vitamin C. I've been told by my physician (not a new age therapist) to take folic acid for an autoimmune disorder.

I once cleared much of my psoriasis problems by an accidental sunburn. Where the skin was burned, the psoriatic lesions practically peeled away with the sunburned skin.

Do vitamins cure everything? Or are many ills caused by vitamin deficiency or bad nutrition?

Many prescribed drugs are actually chemicals that simulate and mimic vitamins--at an increased level of potency.

There's not much money into pouring R&D money to find out which vitamins/herbal supplements that help with what ailment.

True, some people are destined to die early from cancer no matter what they do. They were unlucky with the genes they were born with.

Anonymous said...


Your views please on the Michael Rupert interview by Joe Rogan. 3 hours; interview 2 days ago, Dec 27th.

Anonymous said...

Priests in south america making sense. Whow. Maybe there is still hope for the catholic church? If more holy men crusade against the evil and heresies of the modern establishment, even the old church might be set on the right path.!

Alexander Supertramp said...

"How is it we ended up funding our own extermination?"

Almost every human being I know is fundamentally self loathing. They seem unable to value themselves to any degree and only manifest some vestige of the slef esteem they ought to have been born with when a 'friend' suffers or when they are able to buy something else they don't need. Given that observation it's hard to believe we haven't exterminated ourselves yet. We know that we deserve it, right?

Anonymous said...

I've been taking vitamin D since my first big cold this winter season. I found that I kept getting infected, but my immune system was strong enough to keep the infection symptoms sub-clinical.

Incidentally, I ran about a week ago. I promptly got a cold. Since the symptoms returned, I began to take vitamin D once more daily. And what should have been a long, two week fight with the cold is now only timidly restricted nasal passage.

Take that as advice from an anonymous source and try it out yourself. Then pass it on.