Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gingrich Planning A "Long War" Strategy

Good ole Neocon masquerading as an Everyman, usual double agent pretending to be the good cop. Newt Gingrich intends to singlehandedly wage war against Islam worldwide and "fix" what is "wrong" with them. What's wrong with them? According to Newt, moving while Muslim.

Muslims have nations of their own. If they live there and we live here, we could go a thousand years and never experience anything but a trade dispute with them and even that would be friendly and civil. Islam is a religion of peace, if you don't carpet bomb their women and children. Try it sometime, it's a solution so simple even Homo Sapiens could understand it.

The Neanderthal solution is for every man to live on his own plot of land and not invade to kill and steal from others. He made it work for about a half a million years, more than five times the duration that even the earliest Homo Sapiens can even be identified. By now we can say it is a tried and true mechanism for all men to live peaceably alongside each other, each to his own and each according to his nature.


Anonymous said...

"What's wrong with them?"

What's wrong with them is that you can never have World Government and Planetary Jewtopia with mullahs. Hence all the western-backed upheaval and war to impose on them "western liberal democrassy". In Turkey they overthrew the secularist Kemalist establishment and imposed crypto-jew Erdogan to serve as an example of moderate islamist regime that can be copied throughout the middle-east.

The NWO relies on crushing every national or religious characteristic that hinders the integration of regions and peoples into the "brotherhood of man". In today’s world, Islam, with its adherence to traditional creeds and beliefs, unchanged for centuries, is the world religion most actively resisting globalism, and is the reason why it is being targeted with such menace. Other hindering factors like Christianity, Capitalism, the nation-state are in the process of either self-destruction, being weakened systematically by 5th columnists, or their message being twisted and given meaning that serves the interests of globalism.

The hostile attitude towards Islam is being preserved by the delusion that a unified Islam "poses a threat", despite the fact that Islam has never been unified or homogenous and is nowhere near of being so.

Anonymous said...

They really are fascists.

Everyone must live the "Judeo-Christian" way: Deep in debt to Jewish bankers, Hollywood death porn on their televitz, cheap junk food from Monsanto and a Jewish-Marxist leadership.

No country can be different, all must be the same, or they will be attacked.

Anonymous said...

Major fail, Tex. The Enemy of my Enemy is not my friend - even if stategy dictates the necessity of occasional illusion deployed in that direction. Muslims understand that very well while we have forgotten every subtlety we ever knew.

No threat? No threat? No threat? In the 1600's they had taken all of the Balkans and beseiged Vienna for months until Jan Sobieski broke the siege. Spain, North Africa, Palestine, Asia Minor - all once Christian. Religon of Peace? Oh come on....!

They intend to try again - by their own words. But they wont use violence until they have to. Why should they since Europe has invited them in to work and breed the babies Europeans don't want to have or can't afford to have.

You have fallen into reaction - rare for you. It is possible to hate two opposing groups - I do it all the time.

Anonymous said...

Well Wesley Clark did state in 2007 the Neocon plan was to go after all major middle eastern nations.

All to the point where it suspiciously smacks of Albert Pike's letter :

"The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the "agentur" of the "Illuminati" between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World..."

- deadman.

Red said...

"he Neanderthal solution is for every man to live on his own plot of land and not invade to kill and steal from others."

The swiss model. I wish the US had followed such a wonderful example.

Texas Arcane said...

11:36 AM

Tell me more, Mr. Good Cop. Are you saying he and I should fight? What will you be doing? Selling war bonds over on the side?

What specifically is your role in this goy war you want to foment? I think we need legislation to put you on the front line. After all, it was your idea.

No, no more war on people in distant lands. You will never get my consent for such a thing.

If the threat is here, tell me again how they became a population threat on our soil? Who let them in and encouraged everybody else to pile in like a surplus barn selling off remaining stock? When did I vote for my country to become a commons? I don't remember. That's because I would never have voted for such a thing. Funny how the same people behind changes to immigration laws also appear cheerleading the Neocons to go to these strange lands and bomb the locals. Insane, really.

Perhaps I do not have any enemies. Rather, you are the one who seems to make enemies wherever you go.

Anonymous said...

"No threat? No threat? No threat? In the 1600's they..."

These were Turks not Arabs, moshe boy. If there is one thing I hate more than leftists and liberals is "right wingers" of the Geert Wilders/Breivik type. You just love the Jew, better admit it openly and stop pretending that you defend European values and "cultural" Christianity. You sound like Richard Dawkins who doesn't believe in God but believes in "cultural Christianity" People like you make me want to puke. As if our ancestors built this civilization because they believed in "Christianity" not in Christ.

Anonymous said...

Texas Arcane said...
11:36 AM
"Perhaps I do not have any enemies. Rather, you are the one who seems to make enemies wherever you go."

"Just remember the end of the Lord of the Rings. Gollum dances into the fire after that Ring of Power. He is oblivious to the danger." (interesting Quote from Bob Whitaker in regards to "the joos")

Anonymous said...

Not Arabs, but Turks? But both Muslims, right? Right? And the invasion of Spain wasn't completely Arab either but Berber, but still Muslim. Right?

Hillaire Belloc and Lorthrop Stoddard among others predicted that the Jihad would start again. But no one predicted the incredible betrayal by Western Elites. I'm with Tex 100% on that. The Judeo Masons trumphet Americanism abroad as they destroy actual America at home by massive immigration.

I do agree: every man under his own fig tree. But historically, the Muslims were not willing to abide by that. Nor were we later on.

Anonymous said...

The Zionists in the west are now provoking a war with Pakistan. They are actively funding splinter groups within Pakistan in order to break it up along ethnic lines: The so called "Pakistani Taliban" who suicide bomb Pakistani/Muslim civilians are funded by the CIA via the pro west elements of Afghanistan. At the same time, India funds the ethnic Baluchis in Baluchistan, inciting them to rise up against the government and decalre independance from Paksitan, telling them that they will have full military support from India if they get popular enough.

The Pakistani military and ISI have been working around the clock, at great loss of life both military and civlian, to crush both these threats. The zionists have completely underestimated the fact that it doesn't matter that Pakistan is made up of varying ethnicities. What holds us together is Islam, and the fact that we are all Pakistani and fully support our military, no matter which corrupt puppet government the west has imposed on us.

The zionists have now taken more direct approaches, such as the recent cold blooded murder of around 27 Pakistani soldiers. Not only that, but they are attempting to pin the blame on us, as if it was our fault our soldiers died.

The Pakistani military high command has just a few days ago given the army full authorization to fire back in case it comes under fire, without needing permission from high command as it was previously. I am not sure, but I think this applies also to fighter jets being scrambled without needing permission from high command.

The next time the zionists try a stunt like this again, they will find themselves blown out of the sky. Let me promise you, if America and NATO decide to invade Pakistan enmasse, either by airpower or ground troops, it WILL trigger WW3. China is with us 100%, and will not hesitate to support us in any and all capacity. If NATO assists America, Russia will join in on our side.

Lastly, we are a nuclear power. Should it come down to it, we WILL use our nukes. We may be annhilated, but we will take the zionist pigs down with us, I promise you.

Anonymous said...

Read this article concerning the true reasons they want to attack Iran and compare it with what I wrote on on an earlier post about the future role of Israel as the region's sole energy and military superpower.

"It is about preserving the regional balance of power, which means ensuring that Israel remains the region's military powerhouse, with Saudi Arabia playing a supporting role. That requires overthrowing the Iranian regime and replacing it with one that will do our bidding (like the Shah) and will not, in any way, prevent Israel from operating with a free reign throughout the region."

Diplomacy is a no longer a possibility for the Kwans, on any subject, be it Russia, China, Iran, or Syria:

"The only alternative to war is diplomacy, and diplomacy, unlike war, seems to be no longer on the table."

Not that diplomacy would solve much, you can't reason with Kwans anyway. They only language they'll understand is that of tens of thousands of ICBMs launched simultaneously from every corner of the planet against them. After that the entire world will unite for what is going to be be the biggest party in the galaxy, with the celebrations overshadowing in magnitude even those after the destruction of the Death Star at the end of RETURN OF THE JEDI.

Anonymous said...

Yes suh! It'll be jus like the Fourth of Jew Lie!

Anonymous said...

America is officially a totalitarian dictatorship now.

Anonymous said...

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