Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Founding Fathers Would Lynch This Foreign-Born Marxist Traitor

It's not freedom that doesn't work, Obamanation. It's you that has never worked, ever. You've never held a day job. You dismiss two thousand years of experience and thought of which you are not even capable like you come from a country that knows what success feels like.

Kenya is a failed nation of failed people. Obama's mother was a failure. His father was a failure. Everyone he has ever known is a failure and he has failed to even so much as learn to mop floors.

It makes my blood boil to think of this functionally illiterate halfwit lecturing us on our errors in the past two centuries. You are not actually bright enough to participate in this conversation, Barack. You would do well to simply sit still and listen. It is like Oprah Winfrey lecturing the American people on children, families and relationships for two decades - a woman who has never had children, married or been in a relationship. If these people were not born on American soil, right now they would be sitting in a mud hut coating their hair with dung and trying to make soup with beetle husks. They don't even have the brains necessary to reproduce a medieval standard of living without help from the outside.

How did we end up with our genetic runts of the litter lecturing to us?


Anonymous said...

Small Government, means no jobs for worthless leftards.

That is what they are really worried about.

Small Govt = Unemployed leftards.

Anonymous said...

ron paul gaining popularity. he may just have that 'accident' after all