Monday, December 12, 2011

First Use of Military Drone Against Citizens

Read the article carefully. Family arrested. Say what now? Why would you arrest an entire family? Wait, let me guess ... did they try to take shelter in their compound?!? (Two story farmhouse with picket fence)

The sheriff entered private land without a warrant or first requesting the owner's permission to "look for missing cows." This excuse has been used by cattle rustlers and horse thieves for centuries, now the police apparently think it is good enough to use on Kwanstainians. This sheriff was asked to leave and come back when he had a warrant, since under the rule of law nobody has the right to trespass on private land and look/inspect/search wherever they feel like it.

The article claims the sheriff had a search warrant, strangely enough just as in the case of Bill Cooper nobody has been able to produce this document. This is a detail added after the arrests were made, which no evidence exists for.

They then used a military drone over this private airspace within the continental U.S. to look for the man who had been defending private land against unwarranted intrusion without a warrant. You couldn't make this stuff up.

The bell tolls for thee, 'Stainians.

How long before law enforcement asserts the "right" to quarter under your roof at night where they determine they require a dwelling and ask for your daughter or wife to attend their bed in the evening, as did the redcoats of the British armies?


Anonymous said...

Tex, I'd bet you that if you said years ago to someone that drones (as well as all the other monitoring technologies and opressive laws) were going to be used against US citizens then the average 'stain would deny it hotly, calling you paranoid and a nut. They'd say that it was *clearly* only going to be used against "da terrists" or the government sanctioned boogyman of the week. The 'stain would know in his heart that his government was not evil and that surely *someone* would speak out or stop any misuse of such technologies....

Fast forward. It's several years later and Tex and other news outlets are talking about police doing warrantless searches, tresspass and using drones against it's own people, ending with families being rounded up wholesale. If Tex, other readers or myself mentioned or asked for an opinion from the 'stains then all they'd get back is a shrug, a look of confusion, a claim that everything is normal and okay and that you're paranoid if you don't like it.

In the span of a few short years the edjumacated consensus opinion goes from "you're paranoid if you think it will be used that way" to "you're paranoid if you think it is wrong or dangerous to be used that way" (post wrongful usage being revealed).

I don't understand how sapiens can have such short memories and be so easily adaptable to tyranny. It's almost like they are a special domesticated breed of human. They cannot hold memories, learn or devlop over time. They can live in the moment and instantly accept whatever consensus opinion they are told to hold.

Anonymous said...

I can't find an article that does not mention the Sheriff did NOT have a warrant?

Anonymous said...

Wait till the hero's of public safety begin using Bradley's and Abram's to quell the totally evil domestic terrorists.

If we are in luck we might even witness them using flame-throwers on those pesky malcontents.

That'll show 'em who's boss, I'll wager!

Waco was just a taste of things to come. What these guardians of Truth, Justice, and the American Way love to do....I mean really to burn people alive. Especially women and children...oh yes!!

The sad part is that very soon they will not need public opinion to justify their actions, so we will not be able to enjoy headline news stories of the domestic evil-doer's being slaughtered and burned alive.

What a shame. That would get great ratings.

KWJ said...

Memory hole at work:
"No one wanted another Ruby Ridge, the 1992 shootout between the FBI and a family in rural Idaho that killed a 14-year-old boy, a woman and a deputy U.S. marshal."
--from the linked article.

Shootout killed the boy and the deputy. A sniper shot the woman, the boy's mother, in the head whilst holding her baby many hours after the initial violence (instigated by the trespassers). Re-writing history in your face!

Anonymous said...

You're right, KWJ. They get away with these history rewrites all the time. Small subtle changes or blatant overturning of reality and as long as it isn't questioned it is absorbed as the new truth.