Sunday, December 11, 2011

European Union : Empire of Fail

We like ... lost all the money. Can the government give us some more?

Yes, of course, that's how economies work, right? Privately owned enterprises fail and so then the government pays them some more money to fail with. What's wrong with this model?

Succeeding is teh hard.

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Anonymous said...

The blogpost revolves around an article orginally found in the Telegraph, an Anglo rag bent on deflecting the true source of the problem, namely that the UK is so broke it makes the continentals look like sober and prudent adults.

My guess is the Germans figure they got the balls and discipline to do a hardcore deflationary spiral most of the pusscakes in the western hemisphere have no hope in hell getting through without wholesale revolutions and/or Balkan style ethnic blow ups. Coming out the other side it would definetly put them in the catbird seat as far as leadership of the western hemisphere is concerned.

They never did buy into Anglo-style financialism... does the UK actually build anything worthwhile for export any more???