Friday, December 16, 2011

Daily Mail : Britons Prepping For ITZ

Brilliant article, notice how at the very end they lapse back into schizophrenia and have to insert some crazy dig at "capitalism," which of course they blame for everything in the world because they have tenure at a university and have never had to get a day job. With any luck, these sorts will be the first ones onto the barbecue at the hands of hungry enrichmentators like those who recently gave their host nation the traditional burn'n'loot.

"An absurd fantasy? Perhaps so, but in an increasingly uncertain world, such a scenario can no longer be dismissed out of hand. And strange as it may seem, it’s one that many believe is worth preparing for."
The mandatory appeal to the consensus at the end of the quote. If lots of people are doing it, this may mean it is no longer insane. Maybe. They'll have to wait and see how many more people join up. No mention of the real world, like it is a far off place they have only seen in photographs in National Geographic. If people vote it down, the real world won't give us any trouble. We'll get a consensus against it. The referendum has determined there will be no economic retraction. That's settled.

There's a member of the Hitchens family who can actually write - but he wasn't singing the correct tune so he got no supper. Peter Hitchens has been demonstrated to be quite clairvoyant whereas his sibling was never vindicated by anything outside of the media itself. Remember - if you support the existing order and resist revolutionary and destructive politics driven by foreign interests, you are evil and you have no talent. If you can scribble some drivel promoting this madness, you are going straight to the head of the queue for a book advance. Actual acumen has no bearing in these matters. I would like to see H.L. Mencken, Samuel Clemens or Ambrose Bierce get a book published in America today. It would never happen and if it did accidentally occur all the books would be recalled, mulched and dumped in a landfill as quickly as possible.


Anonymous said...

That's good that those people are stocking up.

Pity that they are unarmed and therefore are merely victims waiting for their turn to be raped and killed by the enrichers after tshtf.

But at least they're doing something, which is more then what most people are doing.

Anonymous said...

Well that's poor opsec.

Anonymous said...

Anons 1:33 and 7:11 are apparently encumbered with a brain

the Fools in the article have merely marked themselves as prey

future meat


Anonymous said...

The vast majority of these enrichment cheerleaders and lamestream media writers live in ENRICHMENT CENTRAL - AKA LONDON. The multicult capital of Europe. No coincidence it's also the fraud and banking/bankster capital too. Packed with multicultural nonsense, lying propaganda media, nwo and every undesirable element you can imagine. The city is a giant conga line of satanists and their minions buggering each other on an express railroad to hell. That place will crater fast as soon as things start crumbling and these idiots will be sobbing in confusion and disbelief (WHY? HOW? HOW COULD WE HAVE KNOWN? WHY US? B-B-B-B-BUT!)as baby meat comes back on the menu and those wonderful enrichment gangs start "enriching" and "sharing their beautiful culture" with the women and children first before torturing and slaughtering the men. A look at where these people come from tells you all you need to know about what to expect when the heat is on.

If the media whores and repeater stations think being the king and queen bongo drummers in this satanic death dance will give them immunity then they're only showing their ignorance. The enrichment class will show no gratitude, will not hesitate to bite the hand that feeds it, kill the goose that laid the golden eggs and slaughter their plow horse or ox.

Unarmed. Uninformed. Unready.

Dead men walking. Thanks for making yourself a target. Takes the heat off the rest of the good people.

Once the culturally enriched areas have burned to the ground and a few hard winters kill off the majority the few survivors will be back in the briar patch. We might see real British people appear once again. It's a rare breed that almost went extinct like real Americans, etc.

Anonymous said...

Yup. Now everyone knows which unprotected house to pillage.

Anonymous said...

Russia building 100-ton ICBM to penetrate US missile defenses

Anonymous said...

There was a BBC series with a family storing food in preparation of hard economic times that aired in the 80's. I can't recall the name of it, though, but it seems eerily familiar in light of this.

Anonymous said...

i laugh when i read brit and prepper/survivalist in the same sentence. watch them on youtube, its good for a laugh.

sitting in the corner of some farmers field whittling spoons out of birch while complaining about the cold is not going to sustain them for too long when it finally does happen.

a land mass slightly smaller than the state of victoria but with over 10 times the population? God help them.