Monday, December 19, 2011

Crude Scienmajist Barely Covers Conclusions That I Reached Independently, Without A Degree, Over Twenty Years Ago

He's essentially solving many of his own "mysteries," as he talks. He is oblivious to what he is actually saying.

The invasion of the longheads was neither a myth nor fallacy. It is a fact that became politically unacceptable. The Normans brought most intelligence to the British Isles. Their brains were bigger.

Go here to see his ambiguous drivel about "increased efficiency" shot down. Do these creatures seem more efficient to you? Here? Here? Vegetables. Flat-lined. Comatose. Less than zero. Not really human any more, something less.

If you can't answer this question correctly, just how big is your own brain?


Anonymous said...


Outstanding. Normanist theory posits that the Normans became both England, and Russia's upper class at about the same time (Kievan Rus). If you look at the Barbarian migrations starting right around the time Varus lost his ass and his legions in the Teutoberger Wald, you will find that just about every modern day European country of note received its teutonic 'upgrade' at some point or another between then and the Normans. The Visigoths trekked straight across Europe from south Sweden and became the Spanish nobility. The Longobardi stumbled their way south from right around Hamburg and became the Lombards of Italy. The Franks lorded it over the Gauls once the Romans pulled out. As good as the Saxon, Jutes and Anglii were, they weren't quite the masters the Normans were. One must remember they got tag teamed at Hastings, they beat the Danes at Stamford Bridge and lost in overtime against William the Conqueror days later. What is truly amazing is that all these tribes/peoples came from an area that could easily fit in a state the size of Texas.

Anonymous said...

+10 Win

Solsys said...

I recently read Albert Speer's Memoirs. I have it in French, so first I'm going to quote the relevant phrase in french :

(About Himmler's staff, Chapter 25 « Unfortunate decisions, miracle weapons and the SS »)

Deux autres de ses collaborateurs (...) exhalaient cette froideur qui émanait de leur chef : Heydrich était blond tout comme Kammler, ils avaient les yeux bleus, le crâne allongé, ils étaient bien élevés et toujours habillés correctement (…)

Two other of his staff (…) exhaled this coldness that came from their leader : Heydrich was blond, just as Kammler, they had blue eyes and [b]elongated cranium[/b], they were well mannered and always correctly dressed (…)

Now that Kammler guy is at the core of the inhumane concentration camp system, and involved with the space program (which has always been Von Braun's objective, Speer relates how they ordered artists to draw plans of space stations and other space projects).

In « Reich of the Black Sun » (which is an entertaining read for those interested in fringe topics), Kammler is a central figure, and is related to very strange stuff like Die Glocke and other Marvel Comics supervillain stuff.

Anonymous said...

No other high ranking Nazi completely dropped off the face of the earth like Kammler did May 1945. Completely vanished.

Anonymous said...

Wow. It seems that hardly a day comes to pass without a sciemajistic lie being debunked.

If horses didn't exist in the Americas prior to European colonization, then what is this?