Thursday, December 8, 2011

Corzine Caught With Raccoon Mask In Bank Vault With Welding Torch, Doesn't Know How He Got There

This IDIOCRACY crap gets worse by the week in the 'Stain.

It used to be called embezzlement. You went away for life.

Nowadays, you just shrug.

"I don't know what happened to the two trillion." (Dov Zackheim)

"We don't know who was paid 14 trillion in the bailout. It just isn't there anymore."

"I don't know what happened to the 1.2 Billion dollars in my investment firm."

In what crazed world did this become a defense? It's insane. It is called embezzlement.

I bet I know where that money is. It is where it always ends up.

This is open season mob looting of the Kwanstain before it dies. People can't even be bothered to make an effort to conceal their crimes any longer. "I don't know why I took receipt of one billion dollars and now it has vanished. It's a mystery to me as well." So then, we'll see you in tent city with a shopping cart soon, right? Or not. I imagine you'll mysteriously continue to fly first class and have three summer homes. It's a mystery. We don't know why all these things happen. It's a real brain teaser.

One of the big problems now is that it is being used in nearly every single case as a defense and it is working. Just shrug. To return to the rule of law we'd need to have a 24 hour firing squad working in continuous shifts for years on end.

As Chris Rock says, " You didn't see sh*t cuz you was doing sh*t, that's why!"


Anonymous said...

What's more weird is that they call for more laws and regulations when they do not enforce the existing ones. Among the top cheerleaders of the "more regulation" chorus is, of course, George Sorry-Ass. People seem to miss the obvious contradiction here, in the same manner that they are unaware of the fact that the same people who wave the anti-Islam shtick for wars abroad, are the same ones who open the doors to immigration and pass laws to protect the "rights" of religious minorities by de-Christianizing Christmas. Which means that besides the obvious short-term profit some people could get from such activities, this is all part of a greater scheme that isn't connected with immediate profit.

Anonymous said...

In all the main areas of businesses (from financial to farming) where large companies exist these same large companies always lobby for more and more regulation. The biggest farming concerns lobby for more inspections and rules, the biggest oil demands more licences and regulations. They do this because they know only they can afford to jump through the increasingly meaningless and expensive hoops, freezing out any chance of competition from start ups or crushing smaller companies. They also do it because as Anon @1:25 astutely put, the larger companies can simply ignore and obey the rules selectively, knowing that they can bribe and lobby themselves into immunity.

Just as financial fraudsters are able to do all manner of crimes without inspections or prosecutions, large agricultural companies can avoid inspections and direct the government harassment at rivals.

Unfortunately most people don't seem to be like Anon @1:25 or Tex and look at WHO and WHERE a message is coming from and the motivations. They simply listen to the demands and (if there are any) believe the reasons given for them. This is what causes the disconnect from reality and the world of magical thinking the average sapien sheep lives in.