Saturday, December 3, 2011

Carlin on Rats and Squealers

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Anonymous said...

Rats and squealers are a symptom of a lazy, stupid population who possess absolutely no morals or code of conduct at all.

You know why the Kwa is swirling down the toilet of history? It's because the general population and their "leaders" are cut from the same cloth. Nothing but a surly pack of whiny, self gratifying cretins who collectively have no sense of honor or shame.

Not everyone, mind you, but enough to fk things up for the decent people.

Carlin nailed it. I agree that the cops wouldn't be able to do sh*t if it wasn't for rats and turncoats.

All those asinine cop shows on TV that show actors playing cops solving crimes make me laugh. And many brain-dead kwazians actually believe that crap.

The criminal justice system consists of nothing but "confidential informants" (ie: rat-fk's), plea bargaining, minimum-mandatory Federal sentencing rules and the witness protection program (for the rats).