Sunday, December 11, 2011

Carl Levin Reveals On Senate Floor On Live Television Who Authored The "Special Provisions" of the American Gestapo Bill

It was Barack Obama himself!

If Levin lied about this, don't you think the President's office would immediately create a press release denying it emphatically?

The public has been told it was Levin and Cain who added these provisions. It turns out they were added at the express request of the "President" of the United States, who threatened to veto the bill without the provisions being added.

Barack Obama is a foreign-born, internal subversive Manchurian Candidate working for the NWO as their hegemon, preparing the 'Stain for the second Bolshevist Revolution. This one will be ten times as monstrous as the last one.

I am sure we can all breathe a sign of relief if he is replaced by this nut.

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