Friday, December 23, 2011

The Canary Died. The Fat Lady Is Singing.

Louisiana has been run like a prison camp since Katrina and now as a test it looks like the Federal Government is getting ready to declare martial law and put the entire region under military control. This will be a good gauge of the sheeple to see if they react or not. Once it is established in one "rough" area, you just change the definition of "rough" and move your tanks into another area.

Gradualism is the key when you are dealing with morons. These frogs can never tell when the water is too hot.

All blatantly illegal of course under the Constitution and Posse Comitatus. That doesn't seem to be a limitation anymore. Now you know why Al Gore and the rest of the elites started to refer to it as a "living document" a while back. If it's alive you can just kill it and step over it.


Anonymous said...

Blacks made up about 32.5% of the population in 2000 (the 2nd-highest percentage among the 50 states), and were estimated to number 1,451,944. They include descendants of "free people of color," some of whom were craftsmen and rural property owners before the Civil War (a few were slaveholding plantation owners). Many of these, of mixed blood, are referred to locally as "colored Creoles" and have constituted a black elite in both urban and rural Louisiana. The black population of New Orleans constituted 67.3% of the city's residents in 2000; New Orleans elected its first black mayor, Ernest N. "Dutch" Morial, in 1977.

Hmmmm... Societal instability and race. I wonder if there might be a correlation?

Anonymous said...

New Orleans and the suburbs around it contain hell-holes unsafe for humans. This was true before Katrina and is true today. What they are trying to do is make these areas safe. It may well take the military.

Anonymous said...

This is all you need to know about the article linked to:

"...Ron Paul told Alex Jones."

You have the cuckoo bird and the loon singing to one another.

Yeah, we'll see martial law in Louisiana in the next few weeks, just as the DOW will never hit 10,000 again and Japan has been rendered uninhabitable by the reactor damage and we're in the middle of a new ice age.

When Tex tells you to sell, it's time to buy.

Anonymous said...

somebody has kicked the tard bucket, never used to be so many here.

here tards -

some of you will again be needed for slaves, and organs, and consumers and such after the event.

Anonymous said...

An Intelligence Agency for a Failing Super-Power: The CIA’s Global Demise