Saturday, December 31, 2011

America Without A Middle Class Is Not America, It Is The Kwanstainian People's Collective

UPDATE : It's good to see old Los Angeles get back to basics doing what they do best ... looting, pillage, burning, killing and rapine. Whenever somebody says "diversity" to me, I always detect the phantom smell of charcoal in my nostrils. I'm like Pavlov's dog salivatin' whenever they play "It's a Small World, After All" except I panic thinking there must be a fire raging out of control somewhere and feel a powerful impulse to drop on my stomach to avoid being hit by stray rounds. That's my kneejerk response. Globalism is paid for with rivers of human blood.

The whole point of the United States was that the stable, prosperous middle class was the foundation of the entire nation's ethos and ideological framework.

Without a middle class, you got just another stinking banana republic. All the 'Stain needs now is for Obama to put on some kind of military regalia and begin to wear sunglasses and a beret during his public appearances. UPDATE : Notice that the rule of law has given way to "noblesse oblige" - your security vouchsafed for by the emperor, until he has a bad day.

The middle class was the whole of the United States - a society intended to be classless in the sense of upward mobility for everybody.

People who claim this is a failure of human freedom are proof that Constitutional government ended a long, long time ago in the United States. Sometimes I like listening to people try to explain what principles they think the U.S. was founded upon. It is always prima facie evidence they are simply not worthy to live there. A nation of morons could have the most elegant and successful system of government ever created (it did) and it would decline into a third world hellhole within a single decade. (It did.)


Anonymous said...

NDAA 2012 now signed by ol' Barry :

Obama signs defense bill, pledges to maintain legal rights of terror suspects

- deadman

Anonymous said...

I've been urging everyone I know to make a strategic decision to vote for Obama. Not because I think he's the best candidate, but that you want the face of Afro Marxism to be in charge when the real manure hits the fan. Worse is better. Even if Ron Paul were to somehow win the nomination, even he could not save the country if he were to become President.

Bush as President served the purpose of rallying white conservatives on the side of neocon foreign policy. By having him somehow win both elections (2000 and 2004) by the skin of his teeth, it gave the appearance that the white conservative electorate still had a stake in the system and that their votes mattered.

I want to see the look of Fox News analysts' faces when double plus enriched Tejas votes Democrat by sheer demographic shift. At some point, the Republican party will have to look for more white flight space votes and consolidate areas such as New England, the Pacific Northwest and Minnesota as the South becomes more and more like Mexico.

Anonymous said...

January 1, 2012 7:08 AM
"At some point, the Republican party will have to look for more white flight space votes and consolidate areas such as New England, the Pacific Northwest and Minnesota as the South becomes more and more like Mexico."

California is majority non-White and is broke.

The Republicans have been asking after every election, how to get non-Whites to vote for them, since the 1960s and non-Whites keep voting Democrat (Communist).

Yes, Respectable Conservatives are incapable of recognizing basic patterns. They are so damned stupid, they may as well be working for the Communists.

And the only thing stupider than a Respectable Conservative, are people that think Respectable Conservatives will ever wise up.

Voting is for lazy people, that think they can put a mark on a piece of paper and suddenly everything will be alright.

It won't.

Only Activism is effective, because it determines what our politicians FEAR saying and doing.

Right now, due to Political Correctness (which was created and is enforced by 24 hr a day activism), politicians FEAR saying anything other than, All White countries and only White countries, must have massive immigration, until White people are blended out of existence.

So Pro Whites must start doing effective Activism right now, just as our enemies have been doing it for the last 50 years and winning.

We must make our leaders FEAR saying and doing anti-White things and only then will we take our countries back.

Real activism is 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It is hard work and is not for lazy people.

And telling Pro Whites to vote for non-Whites??? WTF is with that???

The idea that people will suddenly wake up, when everything collapses, is nothing but Cargo Cult Mentality. What if in "waking up", when their bellies are empty, they all decide to turn hard core Communist??? Then its off to the Gulag with you, White boy!

Only this place does real Pro White activism, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year:

Do you want our people to exist in the future or not? Taking our countries back, requires the use of your brain and hard work. There is no other way.

Anonymous said...

The headline for your post really says it all. The one thing that made America great was the promotion of a middle class and the mobility for as many as possible to be included.

Before then you had lords and serfs. Soon the vanishing middle class will lead back to this state of being, a small number of elite/upper class/lords and only the poor below for them to rule over. Just what the American dream and experiment in freedom was meant to escape.

Anonymous said...

Another young mind, breaks free of the anti-White brainwashing.

It wasn't spewing hate for other races, or talking about conspiracies that did it. It was raising the subject of White GeNOcide.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

Anonymous said...

"It is clear then both the best partnership in a state is the one which operates through the middle people, and also that those states in which the middle element is large, and stronger if possible than the other two together, or at any rate stronger than either of them alone, have every chance of having a well-run constitution." - Aristotle

The war on the middle class:

Anonymous said...

"Sometimes I like listening to people try to explain what principles they think the U.S. was founded upon."

I was talking to a 60 year old, Tea Party supporter last year, about the constitution and she described it as "sacred".

When I asked her about the race issue, she said, "Oh us Americans have all got to come together. Divisions are evil."

Of course she hates those evul Mooslim goat herders, that want to take our freedumbs away. But definitely not because they are brown...

So I told her "to Ourselves and our Posterity", is in the preamble to the Constitution and it means the founding fathers intended America for whites.

Well of course she cut me off immediately. lol

I also encountered this behavior from people in the Oath Keepers movement.

So what gives??? I know Americans are ignorant about the outside world, but they appear to be ignorant about everything inside their own country as well.

Anonymous said...

The architects of the collapse and the war on the middle class are George Saurus & CO: