Sunday, December 18, 2011

All Homo Sapiens, Male or Female, Are The Unholy Children of Cain

Notice how no matter who they are or where they come from, the solution to every problem that Homo Sapiens encounters in life involves murder at some point. If all you have in your brain is a hammer, then the problem must be a nail.

Don't get along with so-and-so? Kill him.

People in some far-off country part of another ethnic group that doesn't like you? Kill them all on their own soil.

Somebody disagrees with you? Kill them and their children.

Kill-kill-kill. That's all these idiots seem to be able to come up with.

Why, if you didn't know better, you'd think it was their customized purpose in life. Funny how they appear to lack almost all the natural instincts needed to survive independently and as a group their strongest instinct is to kill other groups. Weird. You could start to see a pattern here after a while if you had lived as long as I have.

Homo Sapiens "Jeopardy" is a game where the correct answer to every question is "Kill'em!" Everybody is a winner with Homo Sapiens! They can't lose! These women at the link claim males are crazed, dangerous killers! So they are plotting how to exterminate them all! Even the Sapiens females are nuts.

Cain was a carb-eater. He killed his brother Abel the herder. God liked the sacrifice of Abel but he rejected Cain. Hey, thought Cain, this would be a good time to kill my brother. I envy him. So I'll ambush him and hit him on the head with a club. Isn't that the sensible thing to do? What else would you do? Like ... just get over it the way Esau did with his brother Jacob? Then you wouldn't have to live with the horror, shame and remorse of having murdered your own brother. Too far-out, say the children of Cain. Don't be ridiculous. You're talking crazy now. The shortest distance between two points is to kill everything. Anybody knows that. It's common sense to us carb-eaters.


Koanic said...

All hunter gatherers (pretty much) eat carbs. In fact, most of them eat starches. Even Siberians do. Most likely neanderthals did too.

Cain was a GRAIN eater. An agriculturalist. That's where his evil comes from.

Sounds to me like Neanderthals were herders. Herders vs. farmers makes total sense - story as old as time.

Texas Arcane said...

Neanderthals had meat and vegetables.

The first 300,000 years they were hunters, the next 200,000 they were herders.

Farmers don't do well during drastic climate change. Herders tend to do well in even the worst weather if they have cold-adapted animals in their herds. Herders have thrived on the plains of Siberia in the worst cold.

Anonymous said...

Tex, I found this interesting video which I think you're going to like:

The Human brain size is shrinking over time

Notice the melonhead skull that belongs to a medieval king at the beginning of the video.

Anonymous said...

Tex, your writer's genius might appreciate a perusal of,

The Evening Whirl

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