Friday, November 11, 2011

Why The Neanderthal Gained In Value As He Got Older During Ice Ages

At sixty degrees below zero, when your brain is a 2000cc supercomputer, your worth to the tribe and to others goes up and up as you age. How do we know this for certain? As Neanderthals got older they did not suffer from pattern baldness and cultivated a head full of curly locks in an attempt to look younger, which indicates they remained in sexual competition inside an exogamous matriarchy.

This indicates they were a vital part of tribal social life and were doubtless frequently consulted on the contents of that colossal associative database inside their heads which had been soaking up information like a sponge for many decades. A young neanderthal would go to his father or older men for answers to his questions and value their knowledge greatly because his own mind was capable of absorbing it through communication. This made people more and more valuable as they got older, with both boys and girls fighting for their attention in order to steal data from them. I imagine the elderly mentored students who were the most promising, which explains readily the "little professor" lectures that people with "Aspergers Syndrome" display at any prompting. They are trying to demonstrate their retention and grasp in order to attract mentoring which is a limited resource and therefore subject to competitive bidding in terms of biological game theory. That young Esau gave quite a lecture the other day on freshwater fishing, clearly he merits a little of my time so I can tell him about every good location I have discovered over the past 100 years in fishing. He has earned it by demonstrating his capacity to grasp this subject.

Homo Sapiens loses his hair at a very young age because he is as brainless as all the rest of his species and is already being sized up for cannibalism as soon as it is apparent he is growing too weak to defend himself. His worth after the age of 25 is zero to those around him. Currently the focus on youth in our society is vintage Sapiens, a culture that is engineered to always fail. A creature incapable of learning will not respect those older than he is or place any intrinsic worth on their counsel.

Our impulse to respect and revere the elderly is purely a result of our Neanderthal genetics and heritage. Those without Neanderthal genes can never evince what they never had to begin with. Projecting qualities onto them they don't have is guaranteed to end in tears for those who err in this regard.


Anonymous said...

Neanderthal's low forehead is indicative of little higher intellectual ability. The huge capacity was mostly in the back or the huge "bun". He might have had other capacities such as incredible memory. The author of "Clan of the Cave Bear" affirms that this was so. So you see, you are not the only practicioner of "intuitive science" - or even the best!

Anonymous said...

Citation, please, or else you made it all up.

Seriously, Tex, you're spinning fantasy. Now male pattern baldness is a sign of sapiens inferiority to neanderthals?

Texas Arcane said...

Yes, Neanderthal had a lower forehead ... 300,000+ years ago. Unfortunately, over a quarter of a million years later he looked nothing like that and evolved into a creature so different it was virtually unreocognizable.

Funny that, how you posted to try to demonstrate your superior knowledge here and got so completed pwned you just realized that compared to me ... you don't know much of anything about anything.

The race of "Neanderthals" we killed and then stole their females were the Amud, not that fossil from 300,000 years later.

I know exactly what the Amud looked like and acted like, because I own a mirror at home. Amuds were taller than modern humans, had brain cases roughly 2000cc on average and frontal lobes nearly double the size of modern peoples, in addition to being much stronger, harder, tougher and far more robust.

Homo Sapiens compared to the Amud is essentially a negro except with a smaller penis and no rhythm.

A for effort, dude. You keep studying and you should catch up me in less than 200 or 300 years if you apply yourself.

Texas Arcane said...

... and I apologize if I always seem brief with you on these subjects but you should understand that whether I am delusional or not, I truly believe you are incapable of learning. Looked at in this light, my volunteering the information about the Amud could be viewed as pure graciousness on my part. I know enough about you to know you lack the intellectual curiosity to pursue the subject any further or with any vigor. I would never devote the time to you I would give to my own son because I believe he can learn and therefore would merit the effort to go over it with him.

I hope you can appreciate that after fifty years of jogging slowly so as not to hurt the feelings of your kind, once in a while I like to break stride and run at the pace I can actually handle. You and I both know that with the glacial minds your species is famous for, the widespread recognition of the Amud is many decades away if it ever happens. It's only this year your race has conceded the abiotic origins of oil and the validity of the panspermia hypothesis. You guys are not going to be splitting the atom or going back to the moon anytime soon.

Texas Arcane said...

Oh ... and in reading the first sentence of your initial post, my mind whispered another one of those guys who read that crap Clan of the Cave Bear and thinks he knows something about this subject. Sure enough, second sentence ... "Clan of the Cave Bear."

I know so much about you, having never met you. It is almost as if my mind can contain your mind in it's entirety, the way you can run a Commodore 64 emulator inside a PC.

Anonymous said...

Neanderthal 'face' found in Loire

Anonymous said...

Are these people morons or what?

So sciemajific types are now saying that just because they found an older fossil this means that they could not exist beyond that point anywhere?

Texas Arcane said...

The mindshattering M. Night Shymalayan truth is staring these guys in the face but the fact is, they can't handle a twist ending of this magnitude so I guarantee they will be "debating" it for centuries. If they could absorb new ideas and draw conclusions, they wouldn't be Homo Sapiens - they'd be Neanderthals.

Texas Arcane said...


Clive Gamble, an expert from Southampton University on the early occupation of Europe by human species, says science has been reluctant to see Neanderthals as great conceptual thinkers. (notice it is not the evidence that is the problem, it's the reluctance)

"The great problem with all the Neanderthal art is that they are one-offs. (Creations by individual geniuses) What is different about the art of modern humans when it appears 35,000 years ago is that there is repetition - animal sculptures and paintings done over and over again in a recognisable style.(CHIMP MIMICRY, DEVOID OF CONSCIOUSNESS)

"With Neanderthals, there may have been the odd da Vinci-like genius, but their talents died with them."

(Asshole, I could not have said it better myself. Congratulations on reaching my conclusions several years ago.)

Anonymous said...

You respect elders, but don't respect bald people? Honestly?

Anonymous said...

It's funny that you followed a post titled 'Just make up crazy sh*t off the top of your head' with this.

Texas Arcane said...

The best way to summarize the idea in my original post is to describe the Neanderthals as a meritocracy at the fundamental genetic level. The absolute opposite of Homo Sapiens in every way imaginable. The two species could not be more diametrically opposed in form and function.

A prince of the Neanderthals amongst Sapiens makes about as much sense as a porcupine in a balloon factory. Amongst my own kind I'd be the hottest rookie of the season and draft choice pick from the time I was old enough to walk, for all the reasons I described in my original post. "This kid has leadership written all over him from the instant he went off his mother's milk," they'd say and for this reason I would be allocated mentoring from nearly every elder in the tribe. I would be worth the investment. The same person amongst Homo Saps is just an eccentric and will never mean anything to them. They ultimately are nothing more than kill-zombies on autopilot unable to organize a bowel movement.

Remember, if Homo Saps was a genetic meritocracy, brain size would have been going up the past twenty thousand years instead of in a death spiral downwards towards brains not much bigger than goannas.

Anonymous said...

The "Amud" are obviously the Cro-Magnon. Congratulations, you rediscovered the light bulb.

Btw, no more whining please. We beat "you" guys fair and square. While you hairy muscle men were pounding your chests and brandishing your clubs, we got busy with our atlatls. Yes, I saw "Quest for the Fire".

Texas Arcane said...

You don't even know what you don't know. You don't even know that. If you conceded you knew nothing then at least that would be one thing you knew but you don't even know that which is much worse than knowing nothing at all about anything.

Anything Homo Sapiens says is going to be a sh*tstorm of gibberish but if you pick the crap out of your teeth and squint through the flying feces you can occasionally make out a few kernels of truth in the blizzard of bullsh*t he calls his edjamafacashun.

Anonymous said...

Neanderthal's were humans:

Who had rickets due to the post flood ice age:

Which made food so scarce they ate each other:

They were not the genetic supermen you wish in your pride that you were.

Texas Arcane said...

Of all the religions I have studied in my life, none is more ridiculous than Neodarwinism and none is less scientific or amenable to reason.

The modern story of evolution defended by the orthodoxy is no different from creationist doctrines put forward by the Catholic Church in the 1200s.

Long after the hardest of the hardcore anthropologists like Leakey found anatomically modern people thriving over 900,000 years ago, the current crop of vegetables continues to insist on their childlike narrative of the gorilla-like Neo giving way to the gracile Sapiens. They know it's a lie even as they are saying it. Evolution is an irrational mystery religion as foolish and as absurd as any Hindu thuggee cult. It is about satisfying the emotional needs and vanity of a creature with a 1400cc brain.

Texas Arcane said...

Sorry I don't have time to debunk the cannibal myths for the 10,000th time, needless to say I see that you know how to use Google. Good for you, I guess you're my intellectual peer now. That's why they say a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. The people who have handled the bones in the field on the spot have different opinions and they are not considered acceptable. They cite "secondary burial practices," not cannibalism.

Texas Arcane said...

It's amusing that twenty years after the cutting edge minds knew that those skeletons were shaped by rickets (life without sunlight) that the sheeple are now declaring it with limpid-eyed earnestness. They fought this notion for 150 years and now concede it is simple common sense.

Anonymous said...

Evolution is a lie, but neanderthals were still human. Nothing existed 900,000 years ago, all that demonstrates is the problem with dating methods.

Anonymous said...

sorry if I may sound dumb but what do mean by "exogamous matriarchy"

I dont understand.

Anonymous said...

I dont think my last post worked,

What do you mean by "exogamous matriarchy"

Texas Arcane said...

An Exogamous Matriarchy is a nearly perfect evolutionary selection mechanism for making humans better, both female and male. It is the diametric opposite of the way that Homo Sapiens works and the results speak for themselves. In this kind of society, females may sometimes take other lovers than their husbands but the husbands are bound for life to the same female. Neanderthals were monogamous on the male side, slightly polygamous on the female side. Why is this a perfect organization of family units, the direct opposite of Homo Sapiens where the reverse is true? The females confused parentage subtly in this fashion meaning males could harbor slight doubts about whether any particular child was theirs. This ended up making them universally responsible for the welfare, safety and security of all children in their tribes and the female selected them for the very qualities that would make them perfect for this role. The same qualities we consider ideals in knights and mythical heroes, the Neanderthal female actively triaged their males for these traits through sexual selection, pushing growth in their frontal lobes and brain mass. You know how the Homo Sapiens female admits she is attracted to the "bad boys?" Well, the Neanderthal females looked relentlessly for the "good boys." The sort of mate a Homo Sapiens female will realize she should have been looking for when she was younger long after she has passed her sexual prime, the Neanderthal female was looking for when she was younger. Do you know the Bonnie Tyler song, "I need a hero?" Well, Neo females were singing that song for a half a million years. The results speak for themselves.

It basically means that men defer to women, despite having superior strength and intelligence to them. The core of the Neanderthal tribe viewed all males before sexual maturity as "candidates" to be watched very closely as they approached their prime. There was no higher court of appeal. If you got the thumbs down by all the girls of the tribe, all women with IQs much higher than Sapiens females, you were out. You went walkabout, which means you walked around 200 kms until you dropped dead of starvation and fell into a mud pool where you fossilized and were found by Sapiens paleontologists 200,000 years later who wondered what in the hell a Neanderthal male was doing in the middle of nowhere dead of starvation, seemingly as far away from the nearest village as was possible. They got voted off Neanderthal island. Come get your torch.

Rinse and repeat this process for thousands upon thousands of years under supervision of *highly* intelligent females and you will get a very spectacular male at the end of it. Every single quality that is a sexual attractor in the Homo Sapiens male should be recognized as the exact qualities that Neo females considered congenitally inferior, damaged goods.

I suspect in their animal wrestling rodeos, one of the things females looked for in the males regardless of how they performed was sportsmanship. If they saw a male get thrown off the back of a bison, then nonchalantly walk over chuckling and pretending to have felt virtually nothing, or clapping and celebrating the success of other males, the Neo female shrewdly identified this sort of character as excellent breeding material. You know how Homo Sapiens always says "There is no such thing as a good loser?" Well, Neanderthal females automatically identified sore losers as weak stock and damaged goods.

Everything that Homo Sapiens has bred for, Neos bred against.

However superior individually, including sexual restraint, a race of supermen did not stand a chance against a vicious zombie army of spearchuckers outnumbering them a thousand to one. Not a chance.

Texas Arcane said...

Incidentally, psychologists have often identified the lack of grievances in children with Asperger's Syndrome as a big factor in the low respect that Homo Sapiens always instinctively feel for them. The Asperger's Syndrome child is often cheerful and indifferent to insults and does not wound emotionally easily. This causes Sapiens to hold such children in contempt, perceiving them as too weak to retaliate or defend their interests in the arena of their wolf-pack dynamics. The poor simply brutes do not realize this is a sign of overwhelming genetic superiority including impulse control, management of self-esteem independent of surroundings and greater global perspective on social relationships.

Such children are considered to talk like fags and act all retarded by Sapiens. They are not even capable of comprehending such creatures. These children are like porcupines in balloon factories, a fact which many psy studies have verified.

Texas Arcane said...

Incidentally, these very factors in youth lead to the legendary bitterness of the Asperger's Syndrome child when they reach adulthood. Having been shot down cruelly and mistreated their entire life for reasons that were never very clear, by the time they become adults they become absolutely intolerant of any and all criticism. This could be viewed as a pathology but seen in context of what it really is (A Neanderthal raised by a tribe of cruel, stupid and vicious aliens) it is to be expected.

It's universal and nearly every person with Asperger's Syndrome will end up similar when they get older. Having never been certain what is responsible for the loathing, contempt and hatred, in later life the defense mechanism they develop is to immediately attack back as soon as anyone attacks them. If you were locked into a gorilla enclosure at the age of six and left there, forever, I can assure you any person would develop in this manner.

Research shows the reaction in surrounding children begins as soon as the Asperger's child enters the schoolyard. It's ten times worse than the bullying of retarded children and accompanied by a clear physiological response in Sapiens that can be seen as elevated levels of cortisol. Why, if you didn't know better you'd think they had been genetically engineered to exterminate these creatures and were enraged to see that one of them had survived.

Anonymous said...

I guess that explains why bitches always get the good guys.

Texas Arcane said...

Sapiens should give it up. The wretched demon Humbaba cursed us with genetic immortality and made us into living ghosts for daring to defy the "gods" and kill one of their servants. Enkidu bled from his nose when the curse was levied on him as a sign it had taken effect, before he fought the Bull of Isis, already beginning to change into an invulnerable ghost. How can you slay something you can't even be sure exists?

If you can't kill off a race after slaying all the males and taking the females as war captives, I'd say it is time for the melonheads to throw in the towel. Apparently Neanderthal genes are so enchanted they can actually hitch rides in the gene pools of other species.

Anonymous said...

So your saying adultery was legal among females but not males. Would this mean that the population was mostly male?

do you think the nephilim in the bible were neadrathals and the jews were originaly sapien but cross breeded with them?

According to jewish law adultery was not tolerated by males or females.

This is a tough one, I couldn't tolerate my wife having other lovers.

Anonymous said...

what is the future for the human race? both sapiens and neo-sapiens.

I like one thing you said a while back "genes dont get you to heaven".

Texas Arcane said...

3:13 PM

I think the Neanderthals were the Cane Toads of the prehistoric world and one of the assets that narrowly protected them was that every time somebody suggested it was time to exterminate all those weirdos ("Enki's Mistake"), somebody would say "They are a genetic accident that resulted in some very rare traits. Where else will we get strength and intelligence of that quality if we need it as an ingredient in future recipes for our slaves?" Somebody finally said, let's see if we can get their strength and other qualities and introduce it into a royal guard - a race of palace watchers that will act as a buffer between us and our slave classes. What better escorts for us at all times than a race of blue-eyed bone breakers who strike terror into the slaves and keep them in their place?

If you read between the lines in four different accounts in the Bible, Sumerian tablets and elsewhere it almost explicitly states the Nephilim were created from rare and unusual men of strength bred with other qualities to give them the correct character. Of course, the problem in giving them greater intelligence and strength is in the capacity you give them for rebellion or failure to submit correctly. The Book of Enoch describes them as "watchers" and "sentries" whose job sounds like standing at the right hand of the throne and barking orders at slaves. "Obey the pharoah or we'll snap some bones!"

They rebelled of course, began to mix with females and in doing so now introduced the possibility of offspring with greater strength and intelligence. I sort of think of nightclub bouncers assigned to the gate who end up forcing women to service them in a back room as part of an "entitlement" psychology. They were corrupt and untrustworthy and began to present a genuine threat to their masters.

Texas Arcane said...

If it seems like I know more about this subject than I ought to, I have to tell you it's the story of my life. Every person who has ever met me has been torn between the desire to eliminate me as some kind of weirdo but has been restrained by the possibility of "rehabilitating" me somehow, forced to admit in the end I seem to have many traits that could be useful to ruling classes. In the Army, they were always divided between court martialing me and desperately trying to force me to become an officer. It made for a very weird situation at all times. One day they were calling for me to be burned at the stake, the next day an officer was telling his companions I was born leadership material and I should be domesticated so I could be brought indoors. Maybe I am projecting qualities onto Neanderthals they didn't have from my own experience. Or maybe the analogy is spot-on and a direct result of very similar circumstances. Maybe 100,000 years later, nothing has really changed at all.

I see one pharoah saying "That's it, the time has come to carpet bomb these weirdos, I am sick of hearing about them. They were made as slaves like all the others and if they can't do that job we'll destroy them," and another guy saying "Wait a second, let's not be too hasty. There could be an opportunity here. They have superhuman strength and intelligence approaching our own. We should not waste that lightly in a moment of passion. Let's let them continue to live their peculiar isolated little existence until we figure out what to do with them."

Texas Arcane said...

At the start of the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Enkidu is described as a nuisance animal and rare varmint who causes trouble for people, breaking their traps and scaring off hunters, rescuing animals from pits. At the same time, Gilgamesh is told there is no better sidekick in the world if he is looking for a companion. The Enkidu are framed as a people with absurd, divine wisdom, the ability to see the future before it happens, an encyclopedia knowledge and uncanny strength and courage. Gilgamesh is told the Enkidu cannot be tamed except by the love of a woman. (Exogamous matriarchy) and so he recruits a courtesan to enter the forest where Enkidu hides and domesticate him.

It is the same themes, over and over again, told in one narrative after another, same elements. It is very similar to dragons. The legends of dragons have made it obvious that man has encountered dinosaurs and has ancestral memories of them. Scientists told us that the two species never overlapped. Then recent evidence pushed back our existence by 8 million years and made it obvious we did have ancestral encounters with dinosaurs and all these stories of dragons are attempts to frame an oral history of their nature and fearsomeness.

Oral history is not reliable. It is also never, ever worthless. It can confirm things we suspect and point us in the right direction of inquiry time and time again.

For example, was the Bull of Heaven fought by Enkidu actually an armored vehicle? It is described as being built of armored metal and seemingly impenetrable. Anyone who defies the "gods" is punished by being "trampled beneath it's hooves." Whatever the Bull of Heaven really was, I can assure you it is a reflection of truth somewhere about something that really happened.

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff. Your theories are like the magic key that unlocks everything:

- "If he could be turned, he would become a powerful ally."

- "He would be a great asset. Can it be done?"

- "He will join us or die, master."

Could it be more clear that Emperor Palpatine = melonheads and Vader/Luke represent Nephilim/Neadertal hybrids (Anakim is the name of the Nephililim in the Bible)? Isn't this what Vader was? The right-hand man? The enforcer? The genetic alteration (mirrored in Vader's half-machine status) made him superior and gave him the belief that he could rebel, replace the ruler, and then rule with his equally gifted offspring ("It is your destiny!")

Anonymous said...

Have you never heard of metaphor?

The Pilgrim said...

The Neanderthal society you are describing is fundamentally communist. Say it ain't so, Joe.

Did neanderthals even understand the concept of 'personal property' or would something like that have been totally alien to them? It would seem that everything belonged to the tribe...or 'state' as it were.

Anonymous said...

There's a big difference between a tribe and a state.

APK said...

Interesting stuff. So how do you think Neanderthals and Sapiens mated though? Did Sapiens somehow infiltrate Neanderthal societies and mimic the Neanderthal males or did Sapiens with greater populations simply turn to raping Neanderthal women?

Also the slower maturity of Neanderthal males would perhaps have counted against them when Sapiens with earlier maturity turned up. Maybe this led to the Sapien-Neanderthal hybrids as Neanderthal women mated with Sapiens earlier and the offspring were brought up by the whole tribe?
Perhaps this is why Europeans and East Asians came to carry some Neanderthal genetics in with the sapien genetics whereas Africans are purely sapien.