Wednesday, November 16, 2011

While Kwanstainia Was Sleeping, It Died

If all their bridges and infrastructure were destroyed, they could be rebuilt and recovered within ten years. If all their buildings were reduced to rubble, it would take only a matter of months to reconstruct them all just as they had been. There is no physical damage that could be done to the United States that could reduce it from a first world to a third world country. Third world countries are not like that because they lack money, resources or opportunity. They are like that because they lack brains and strong character. You could give a trillion dollars a second to Africa and if all of it was lost to graft and corruption, not a single penny would ever be set aside to actually improve the conditions there an iota. The profits from the natural resources alone in Africa would have paid for a highway system a thousand times superior to anything on the planet many times over. Yet, it is difficult to even find a road that is drivable and passable during the best weather in most parts of that country.

If a nation loses the good stock of it's citizens, the best and the brightest, there is no force in the universe that can restore it to it's past glory. If they lost their quality people, no government legislation or program could delay the inevitable for so much as a day. A nation is the sum total of the quality of the people who live in it and if it looks and smells like sh*t, it is because the people who live there are content with things that way. This applies to most of North America right now. It could be said of large parts of the Western world that until recently most people did not see anything wrong. They didn't notice any decline in the quality of their surroundings because the quality of their internals had declined so sharply they weren't registering subtle changes anymore. It wasn't until they started to have trouble breathing and began to fear for their lives after nightfall that they began to realize something had gone terribly awry.

There is no cheating Mother Nature, sir. If you drive her out with a pitchfork you will find she will return again and again.

I believe this decline is always a result of the shift of expression from the Neanderthal side of our gene pool to the Sapiens side. Whenever you see increasing disorder, chaos, conflict, decay and degeneracy in European countries, you are seeing the Neanderthal (the good side) slip away and retreat before the expression of the ugliest and basest side, which is the Sapiens. Neanderthal is the origin of conservative instincts. Sapiens is the origin of unraveling, disintegration and decay.

You know when you see'em start to make fun of Wally and the Cleaver, they lack the imagination to conceive of the alternative possibilities. They don't know just what kind of horror is waiting on the other side of the domestication, self-control and restraint that is the Mousterian legacy. Once you start to go Sapiens, you can't go back. If your people forget the virtues of restraint and management of the passions for the greater good, they will be dead before they can recover these graces.

Nietzsche's great genius was in describing the interplay of these Apollonian and Dionysian instincts in men over two hundred years before we came to understand their actual basis in our genome. There's an instinct towards order, serenity and introversion we get from the Neanderthal. On the other side there is a mad, orgiastic, lunatic celebration of all change and conflict, even the kind that leads us to destruction, from the crazed killer that is Sapiens. Guess which aspect of man's nature is being expressed in the Western world right now.


Solsys said...

Nietzsche started to write books in the 1870's, not in the 1810's...

Anonymous said...

"For many generations, so long as the divine element in their nature survived, they observed the laws and loved the divine to which they were akin. They retained a certain greatness of mind, and treated the vagaries of fortune and one another with wisdom and forbearance, as they reckoned that QUALITIES OF CHARACTER were far more important than their present prosperity. So they bore the burden of their wealth and possessions lightly, and did not let their high standard of living intoxicate them or make them lose their self-control, but saw soberly and clearly that all these things flourish only on a soil of common goodwill and INDIVIDUAL CHARACTER, and if pursued too eagerly and overvalued destroy themselves and morality with them. So long as these principles and their divine nature remained unimpaired the prosperity which we have described continued to grow. But when the divine element in them became weakened by frequent admixture with mortal stock, and their human traits became predominant, they ceased to be able to carry their prosperity with moderation. To the perceptive eye the depth of their degeneration was clear enough, but to those whose judgment of true happiness is defective they seemed, in their pursuit of unbridled ambition and power, to be at the height of their fame and fortune." - Plato, Critias.

Texas Arcane said...

I doubt if I will ever write anything on this blog as superb as that passage from Plato - which I read more than thirty years ago while waiting for a bus from a tattered copy of an old college book that belonged to my father.

Note the presence of the divine seems to coincide with the belief that one possesses divine characteristics or is capable of aspiring to them, implying to me that ultimately, the existence or non-existence of God is a moot point. Of course God exists but even if he didn't you'll only be able to create hell on earth when you stop believing in him. You see, when you believe in God, you also believe that somewhere inside you there is the possibility that you yourself are a child of that God. After that, mysteriously enough, everything starts to look easy. Until you forget.

Anonymous said...

Plato prophecized the suffering and crucifixion of Christ:

"They will tell you that the Just Man who is thought unjust will be scourged, racked, bound – will have his eyes burned out; and finally, after every extremity of suffering, he will be crucified: Then he will understand that he ought to seem only, and not to be, just."

This is clear not due to the similarity of Plato's description with what Christ actually endured, but because of what Plato says in the last sentence. That Christ died because he fully embodied justice and didn't simply appear to be just (which is what the Pharisaic religion represented). Today this Pharisaic religion of external self-righteousness, that lacks any true idea of virtue and justice, is called Political Correctness.

Anonymous said...

Everyone seems on the verge of doing what Tex did decades ago. Renounce US citizenship and get the hell out quickly before time runs out:

Anonymous said...

Tex write a book. It will be a smash sensation on Lulu if you self publish. Count on me to buy at least one copy.

Anonymous said...

Its a new order of forteana. Tex has invented a new school of thought in his own little cosmos. Analyzing history through this lens of Neosapiens is fckin fascinating true or not. Put your ideas in one place and publish a book. It will outsell charles Berlitz and Icke for sure.

Anonymous said...

For the time being and until the Presidential elections of 2012 the growing discontent and protests will be channeled to the political campaign, and people will give the political system a last chance to settle the debate in a peaceful manner. Because of the further polarization that the campaign will bring (it's already the dirtiest campaign in history) when it will become obvious that the existing system falls short you can expect the worst riots and unrest in the history of the US. It probably engage in a large scale war as soon as this happens.

America, currently, has the basest culture that existed in ages, it is inhabited by high-tech space age serfs with no respect for human life, ruled by an elite that through perpetual war wants to establish its corrupt world system globally. Certain countries like China, Russia and others are not willing to submitt to this world system, and because western elites will not tolerate this and will not stop until they control the entire planet this will be the cause of WW III.

The whole thing is staged of course. If you haven't figured out this already you're a moron. The Arab Spring and the economic toubles and unrest in Europe/America are just different aspects of the same end game scenario. Notice how all the recent trouble, whether it be political, social, economic, military, occurs in places where this elite has access and the means of influencing things, be it Europe, Middle East or America. Nothing of this sort is happening in Russia or China because these countries are off limits for them.

Anonymous said...

interesting, the internal conflict in man may be between his two biological sides.
God really does have everything under his command.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 10:37

Excellent quote. It shows that it doesn't matter what system you have (capitalism, collectivism, socialism, communism, monarchy, democracy, republic, etc.) it will all fail in the end and head to the same hell hole if the quality of the people are not up to it. When they become foul beings, you get a foul mess of a nation.

The neanderthal/hybrids or past generations in these communities understood that. They did not need the lies of "ism"s or artificial rules that only apply to the majority but not the leaders and elite. They understood what it took to make things work in the long term and what mattered.

Bad bricks make a bad wall. No amount of cheerleading or promises will change that. For some reason people think you can ignore this as long as you rewrite the definition of "brick".

Anonymous said...

As another sign of how the US is eating its own, the upscale towns of the East Coast are now facing a foreclosure wave by unemployed ex-Wall Street traders.

Anonymous said...

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 7:38

Right? Do you find this as interesting as I do?

Secular people are always talking about the metaphysical nature of the Bible and how it is proof that these ideas are a product of man projecting qualities onto God he doesn't have.

Turns out, God is the one with the audit trail for reality and man is the one just makin' stuff up. Our internal conflicts and endless unresolved gap between what we know we should do and what we actually do has a firm, concrete basis in our biological history. It appears that Genesis is the single best book of anthropology ever written and the story of Esau and Jacob is a broad narrative of an essential truth that is truer than anything your fellow man has ever told you.

While men argued ferociously over the skeleton of a man with obvious rickets for 150 years, God was telling us we are all composed of two brothers from the beginning.

When one reads of Esau, you see immediately this in him : he is too self-sufficient. He is too confident in his own abilities and for all his great strength and mind he does not think of his creator. His brother Jacob, a liar and a cheat, thinks of the divine and contemplates his creator. For this reason it is very easy to see why God hated Esau and loved Jacob.

When people think that God loved Jacob over Esau, their vanity posits that Jacob was the better son. Maybe he wasn't. Maybe he was flawed, weak and wicked like his brother Esau and was not chosen for the blessing for his virtue at all, rather that he was the one who dwelled on God. One sees Esau in the field hunting, a world onto himself, you can start to see why Neanderthal despite all external appearances, could not inherit this blessing. He had no charity in his heart for his fellow man.

Since both brothers may have been born as slaves, neither of them can claim they were born to rule. This was a blessing bestowed by God for his own reasons although we can start to see what they were.

I am of the opinion that the only races involved in this story that were incapable of redemption were the melonheads and their servants the Nephilim. God saw fit to drown those two races in the flood but he still preserved the lines of the two brothers. There would be a reason for this.

To this day we see how many races of Esau are still wicked and wayward but it's not like they have a monopoly on this market by any means. All men are fallen short of the glory of God and there is no blood or relations that can ever earn your way into heaven.

Texas Arcane said...

It's also interesting to note that Neanderthals never progressed much in their isolated, xenophobic enclaves. Their brilliance is on display everywhere and it is difficult for the average person to understand how they could be so bright and yet advance so slowly over the millennia.

It took the mad abandon, aggression, warlike nature and desire for social gregariousness of Homo Sapiens to make any use of the genes that were grafted into the human gene pool via the Neanderthal female.

Anonymous said...

Tex, does this mean that both "brothers", bloodlines or species are needed to get the best mix? Could this be why these two were saved and survived while so many perished? There are merits in each? To give rise to the hybrid that could do what the neanderthals (brilliant and orderly but content and slow moving in every way)or sapiens (simple and agressive, lacking patience and constructive desires needed to build) alone could not do?

Just as you need more than one primary colour to get the full image you need? Yellow on its own will always be yellow. You need a touch of blue at the least to get green, no matter what your feelings on blue are or how nasty it is on its own. I could imagine to something as great as God, creating new species and blending what is there would be a simple as a child mixing paints and spreading them on the canvas or paper.

Equally, mixing the paints up hapazardly against wisdom and sound plans leads to a nasty brown mess and a waste.

Anonymous said...

Considering it's taken a couple of decades (so far) for Tex to write a computer game, and a decade (so far) to write a "Vault-OS", how long do you think it will take him to write a novel, a century?