Thursday, November 24, 2011

What Happened To Boxing?

A lot of people have wondered why the sport of boxing seemed to peak in coverage in the 1990's after the reign of Tyson and then literally, fell off the radar for over twenty years.

That's easy.

Europeans have dominated the sport for over 20 years. Around the time the Russians began their rise the sport became taboo and forbidden to broadcast or report on all over the world. The media blackout was so complete it was as if the Ministry of Truth had declared it a crime against the state to even mention it ever again. After numerous Russian athletes were revealed to be nearly unbeatable in the ring, the entire sport was flushed down the memory hole. Officially, boxing no longer exists as a sport and never did.


Anonymous said...

Feodor Emilianenko

Anonymous said...

tex = a walking talking oxymoron.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but you are wrong on this one. Boxing left the spotlight because of mixed martial arts, a sport in which blacks usually don't hold much ground(Silva and Jones are current exceptions).

I don't think mma would be so big right now if what you say is true. Whiteboy St.Pierre is unbeatable and soon they will give him a chance to get another class belt(from blackie Silva).

-Higher Game

Anonymous said...

What happened to boxing? Rigged fights and over-promotion.

MMA is where its at now.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Tex, for pointing that out. I never was a active fan of boxing, but now that you mention it....I haven't heard much about it in the past several years.

I'd like to see Putin and Bam-Bam in the ring. I don't think that the homey-in-chief would last 30 seconds.

Anonymous said...

MMA happened, and it's dominated by the melanin gifted crowd.

Anonymous said...

Tex I love you man but that is terrible boxing. Fat, poor conditIoning, no footwork, mediocre body mechanics...yikes. Compare contrast with thrilla in manilla. The good mma guys are better than these commies and mma guys suck at boxing since they are jacks of all trades.

Texas Arcane said...

Also, notice how boring whites are in the ring.

Two accurate and simple punches, fights over. No crotch grabbing, ear biting, leaping around frothing at the mouth talking like they're on amphetamines.

Two punches. Fight over. Please gather up your possessions and make your way to the exits.

Texas Arcane said...

... and yes, the MMA eclipsed boxing completely, for many reasons, not the least of which it is dominated by the evil melanin-challenged oppressors and nazitypeswhokilledsixmillion.

Anonymous said...

After Tyson, Lennox Lewis (black) dominated the heavyweight scene. His fighting stance was identical to the 'unexciting' European heavyweights. But the American sports media still covered it and hyped Lewis as often as they could.

As for MMA, I think it's been heavily targeted for enrichment.

Anonymous said...

Tex, it's only boring because both of these guys suck. If the black dude had any footwork, defense, timing, strategy, or tactics, those boring punches from the white guy would have hit air. But both of them suck, so the guy who sucked more got his ass knocked out. Poor example of the sport of boxing, or the art of fighting. Vunak et al would have killed both of them in about 10 seconds even with boxing only and he's not even a boxer.

Anonymous said...

MMA is superior to Boxing, and safer. Padding the fists with gloves and letting men endure sustained head trauma over 12 rounds is far more dangerous than the short and efficient KO's in MMA. Boxing is unnatural as fights tend to end up on the ground in real life. MMA allows for this natural progression. 2 men standing up and throwing punches for 20 minutes is fantasy.

Glenn said...

What happened to boxing??
They started wrecking it by putting gloves on.LOL.
Same with this MMA crap..take the gloves off I say.You want to see two blokes cuddling on the ground..go to some gay mud wrestling hole.

Make it real,two blokes enter,one man leaves.Ought to keep the homo-sapiens happy.

Anonymous said...

Boxing? Excellent way to end up drooling and mindless when you are old. Cumulative damage is just that.....cumulative.
Look at all the poor lads in Iraq and the 'Ghan suffering concussion brain injuries.
Boxing is just a low tech way of inflicting the same damage.
The brain is not meant to be treated that way for long and stay functioning.
My neighbour trains young boxers- in 30 years, I will probably be wiping their asses, feeding them gruel and reminding them what day it is........

Hot August Night said...

MMA is superior to Boxing, and safer.
Anonymous 7:26 PM

I reckon the potentially fatal internal injuries from an opponent's knee make MMA the more dangerous sport. It's the knees that do the damage. Sustained head trauma with 16oz gloves is usually only a problem for the heavyweights.

Chael Sonnen said...

His fighting stance was identical to the 'unexciting' European heavyweights. But the American sports media still covered it and hyped Lewis as often as they could.

Yep. When Klitch won the title the American media abandoned heavyweight and focused on lower weight classes. Now you would think that heavyweight doesn't exist and Mayweather is the baddest man on the planet.

MMA only started getting really popular since 2009. It still hasn't eclipsed boxing in PPV figures though. But definitely tougher guys. One of the vegan MMA welter weights would literally break the arm of prime Tyson in less than a minute.

Rich said...

But the Russians have almost no impact at all in the lower weight classes that carried boxing through it's golden age (1980s)like middleweight, welterweight, and lightweight. It was men like Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler, Tommy Hearns & Roberto Duran who made boxing so popular, none of whom were heavyweights. And it's the gradual loss over the years of fighers of that caliber that has cost boxing it's place in the American sports heirarchy.

Heavyweight champions of a foreign nationality are nothing new, and if you think there is something special about Russians, well I'd like to remind you that boxing somehow managed to stay popular with Max Schmelling and Primo Carnera as champions going all the way back to the 1930's.

No offense to MMA, but I miss the sport of boxing greatly. There are still good fights to watch. But you rarely if ever see a great one anymore.