Saturday, November 26, 2011

Vault-OS : Progress Report

Just a teaser to let you know it is working. This screenshot is running two daemons in the background - one to read the built-in I2C temperature in the laptop and the other feeding outgoing text to the "Annunciator" (Speech synthesizer) which you see is treated like any other device.

This is a submenu in the SSL password protected admin section, the menu at left is just the context-sensitive selections relevant to this screen.

This entire program is a self-contained executable of 328K running on Windows 7 32 bit, no additional files necessary, no configuration necessary. It runs the HTTP service on port 8080 like any web server. The browser shot came from Internet Explorer but I've surfed it with the Arachne Browser for DOS, Mosaic for DOS under Desqview, K-Meleon Browser and it looks the same on all three of them. I have at least ten thin clients with built in versions of IE5-6 at bootup that I would like to test for compatibility as well. If the database does not exist at startup, it is created from scratch and populated intelligently for you in the background.

The idea is you run one server in your shelter, you can add as many terminals as you want, as cheap as you want, from any other place in the shelter and obtain all the same functionality as the browser I am using right on the desktop. I am still adhering to the philosophy of the "thin client" with the exception I am no longer planning any dependency on Citrix or even RDP. Just a socket and a browser is all it takes. Every client can also run as a server if it has the capacity, every server can run a client.

There is primitive Inventory, Personnel, Medical and Rostering done right now with Create/Edit/Update/Delete functionality and some limited filters for views. Total honesty, I need to keep working but I have solved nearly all the primary hardware problems across the architecture really well.

I ran this copy on Windows NT workstation on a PC/104 board with only 32 MBs RAM and 320MB flash drive and it ran at the exact same speed with no problems of any kind.

This version has stopped compiling successfully to DOS and Linux but I have no doubt I will be able to get both working again within a few hours after I complete version 1.0 of this application for Windows-32 OS.

P.S. I used to have a lot of hacked crap on the info bar and status bar, I am currently overhauling these two so they show nothing. This was a result of trying to provide both AJAX real-time updating of this information as well as HTML 3.2 using page refresh value. I'm getting that sorted out, however. Once I learn how to do this correctly (degrade to browser capabilities) I think getting SVG custom interface working will be fairly easy.


Solsys said...

It looks amazing, and furthmore it looks intuitive to use.

I would suggest to make a brief documentation for your family to use, maintain and repair the whole lot (hardware and software).

Should something happen to you, imagine the rage of your family to have the tools to operate the shelter / microeconomy just in front of their eyes, but not knowing what to do to make it run again. Not implying they're stupid or something, but some specific information.

This brief summary could also be expurged from personal specifics, and offered as a first set of documentation online.

Anonymous said...

I am a php coder and I understand a lot of the server architecture youve been talking about. If it works the way you say it is going to be the sangreal.

Anonymous said...

Tex I do a bit of embedded controller work myself and if this runs on Linux I know a lot of people who would be interested in it and you could start a business just customizing for various situations.

Anonymous said...

If real this is the new shite

Can't wait for it!

Anonymous said...


Could you put up a teaser-Beta version for us to try?

It doesn't have to be the final version for a testing roll out . . .

Anonymous said...

Can you control robots using this?