Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Vault-Co Was Right Ten Years Ago About China

It was so obvious, anybody who could read and assimilate stories from the popular press could have deduced it independently. If you did not underestimate Chinese intelligence you would not even need a military background to have figured it out.

I want to bet high, Monty. Vault-Co says that counting both long range and tactical nuclear weapons, China has over 12,000+ nuclear weapons mostly in the form of cruise missiles with supersonic plasma nosecones, many of them sea-to-air. This is not a country that anybody in their right mind would mess with but looks like Kwanstainia is not in their right mind.

I guess the best way to find out for sure is at zero hour.

UPDATE : Thermonuclear Train Wreck Coming

UPDATE : Only an absolute lunatic would pick a fight with these guys. Provoking a war with China is a guaranteed fast-track to getting your ass kicked. Challenging them over anything in the Pacific or the Middle East is tantamount to national suicide for the Kwanstain.

A country that could not organize a credible disaster response to a little ole hurricane like Katrina would not stand a ghost of a chance of surviving a nuclear war with China. Even a limited strike that lasted one hour would cream them right from the pages of history.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Lenin said it best:

"The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them."

The globalists sold the world a bill of goods about the benefits of uprooting industry and all of it's spinoff jobs to China.

They called it the "post-industrial" society.

China will be able to lay the smack down against Amerikwa when it has a hissy fit.

Anonymous said...

Mr T

They stole neutron-weapon tech, and apparently developed the ability to "focus' blast into controllable arcs/vectors, making the weapon directional. Nice !

They said FU to a US carrier battlegroup last century with missiles that were vectoring in terminal descent, during an "exercise" in their littoral waters Pretty sure Taiwan knows which side their bread is buttered.

They don't need no steenkeeng carriers, since they now [ and for some time previously] can kill ours. They and their Paki and Russian and Persian friends will do just fine controlling the worlds' easy-oil reserves.

They play Go, we play TV. Place yer bets.

I vote Rosetta Stone Mandarin


Anonymous said...

No time to inform the public that they will get killed because of our insane and stupid actions around the world, and build shelters to protect them from a nuclear attack. It would cost us votes and money, and we're kind of short on both lately, especially the latter. Sorry folks, I guess that's it, enjoy your "freedom" while it lasts:

Anonymous said...

Tex you NAILED this one.

And I'm pretty sure you have the nukes number correct as well - you dont build 3000 miles of tunnels to store dead fish.

My favorite part :

"Gregory Kulacki, a China nuclear analyst at the Union of Concerned Scientists, publicly condemned Karber’s report at a recent lecture in Washington. In an interview afterward, he called the 3,000 figure “ridiculous” and said the study’s methodology — especially its inclusion of posts from Chinese bloggers — was “incompetent and lazy.”

“The fact that they’re building tunnels could actually reinforce the exact opposite point,” he argued. “With more tunnels and a better chance of survivability, they may think they don’t need as many warheads to strike back.”

It's like everyone who is not totally corrupt and stripping the nation of any remaining asset has been reduced to having the IQ of a potato.

Nice combo for 'leaders' as we go headfirst right into WWIII.


Anonymous said...

Nailed it!!!!!! Sad the only place you can get decent intel on the real world is from this blog and a few others.

I for one cannot understand how world leaders can be so stupid. Was not the previous figure from the 1960 era or so? Pull your head out people itz coming as Mr T has warned many times. Your leaders are chunderheads and the only bunkers they build are for them.

Anonymous said...

I love it when Tex gets proven right again much later. It's just a shame that the manboons hooting at him and telling him he was wrong or stupid aren't around to see it or if they are they aren't willing to admit they were wrong. So it goes with most the trolls and 'stains posting their anger towards the blog posts or linked information.

I can remember Tex talking about all these things YEARS AGO. Miles of tunnels, large numbers of nukes, etc. 99% of people called Tex and the others putting out warnings about it nuts and paranoid....but here we are. Ten years later it's so obvious a child knows it. Now the real question is how many of those who were willing to deny these things and claim it was garbage will wake up and smell the coffee and how many will simply absorb this new "consensus" and end up making the same mistake again and again in the future? For every one with that spark of intelligence and humility that comes from the neanderthal and will kickstart that half of them, I suspect the majority will carry on the railroad to mass burials.

Anonymous said...

Tex has been wrong about a few things. This isnt one of them.

I think he got it right when he said the chinese have had factories making cruise missiles continuously for ten years.

Is it possible that the high ups have known perfectly well china has way more nukes than the doctrinaire claim but they just didnt want us sheeple to know? They probably think we dont need to know it because they werent planning on us surviving anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Journalists still don't get it:

Neither are the US's military Chiefs of Staff running around in panic to prevent the inevitable, while questioning the mental stability of the President:

Anonymous said...

Every war and conflict currently going on and every war in the near future are centered around Israel. The wars from Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Georgia to Iran and Pakistan all have to do with their resources like oil and gas and securing the transfer routes to Israel through a network of pipelines,turning Israel into a globalized energy empire and preparing it for its new role as world leader after WW III.

The reason the Kwastain started the 2008 US crisis and the Eurozone crisis with the help of Zionist bankers, and is now pushing the world towards WW III, acting in what seems as nonsensical to those who don't get theme, and is provoking for no reason China and Russia over trivial and otherwise solvable matters, is because it is acting to fulfill this Zionist plan.

Nations must be ruined financially and they must be exhausted in vain quarrels and destroy themselves for the world to reorganize under the Pax Judaica.

Anonymous said...

If China was some new upstart that people were unfamiliar with, you could almost understand their misunderstanding of the situation.

In reality, China has a long history of being a very proud people (& it's usually pride based on a misguided sense of superiority), a history of establishing dynasties through conflict and a very strong sense of nationalism despite their recent history of communism.

So even someone initially unaware of China's potential, only needs a cursory glance at history to see that 'good fortune' is not something the Chinese would want for the West in the long run.

The parallels between the rise of the pre-WW2 Japanese empire and that of China today alone, should be enough for the West to realize China's intentions. Especially due to those parallels being quite evident.

Not to mention that there's over one billion of the gits. That is as good a cause for concern as any, when one considers the resources required to maintain such a populace.

Of course when those resources are of dwindling supply or of an unsustainable quantity, it would in fact benefit the men of the Zhongzheng District to cull their herd by a large margin.

If the Chinese people don't care for each other, why would they care for anyone else or why would their leaders care?

Link to the well known incident of a two year old being run over twice and being ignored in Foshan city :

- deadman.