Thursday, November 3, 2011

Vault-Co Got It Right. Everybody Else, Wrong.

We told you.

The timelines are always fuzzy for us. I can't actually tell you when to look out your window to see inbound contrails.

All I can tell you for sure is that



Anonymous said...

Police hunt man over alleged Melbourne Cup Day sex attack

If this guy was in his own country, that girl would not have been sexually assaulted.

There is no arguing with that.

I don't blame the Black. I blame the anti-racists.

They Demanded he be brought into a White country, so they enabled this rape.

This rape is part of the GeNOcidal war, anti-racists are waging on White people.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

Anonymous said...

China: Orient express of the NWO

Anonymous said...

Get back on your meds Tex

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 1:01 PM

For shame. They're coming here for a better life. That better life apparently involves pounding flat the asses of melanin-challenged girls, whether they concede to it or not.

Does this mean if I move to 'Freeka and start raping girls over there, I can get a housing allowance? It just makes sense! It's an outrage! I'm going to start my own political action group to lobby for my rights in this regard.

Anonymous said...

ITZ is coming every year, but somehow never arrives.

Anonymous said...

Anti-White says:
"ITZ is coming every year, but somehow never arrives."

Raped Girl says:
ITZ came for me, thanks to "anti-racist", Demands for massive immigration and forced integration, to all White countries and only White countries - White GeNOcide.

I think I have genital herpes now and my life is ruined. So thanks for showing concern for me, anti-White.

Anonymous said...

Is ITZ referring to just generic bad things happening to you now? I thought it was supposed to be the apocalypse trifecta.

Anonymous said...

Itz not coming. There will be no WW3 (or at least not the nuke free for all you envision). People wont go back to a 50's like society and become good neanderthal christians.

You've been wrong about everything Tex. Time to acknowledge that.


Texas Arcane said...

Please write these thoughts down on a scrap of paper and clutch them very tightly in one hand. Later on I will emerge topside and pry them from your bony skeletal hand after it has been picked clean by buzzards and record them for posterity.

Anonymous said...


"Itz not coming. There will be no WW3"

In Egypt's sandy silence, all alone,
Stands a gigantic Leg, which far off throws
The only shadow that the Desert knows:
"I am great OZYMANDIAS," saith the stone,
"The King of Kings; this mighty City shows
"The wonders of my hand." The City's gone,
Nought but the Leg remaining to disclose
The site of this forgotten Babylon.
We wonder, and some Hunter may express
Wonder like ours, when thro' the wilderness
Where London stood, holding the Wolf in chace,
He meets some fragments huge, and stops to guess
What powerful but unrecorded race
Once dwelt in that annihilated place.
—Horace Smith.

"People wont go back to a 50's like society and become good neanderthal christians."

Normal people don't care or comment about things, that can't possibly happen. They worry about things that have a high likelihood of occurring.

Shouldn't you be watching sports or torture porn, on your big screen televitz, chugging on beer and snarfing down Monsanto fast food, like a good little sheeple?

Or is that a fat bead of sweat I see rolling down your brow?

Anonymous said...

Tex is not a prophet. A prophet knows when things will happen.

Tex is a prognosticator and hes a damn fine one too.

Tex cant tell you when. He can tell you what.

Now you can just keep drinking your brewski and go back to sleep. Which is what most people want to do.

OR you can take advantage of the warning you have gotten off this blog from this very enlightened madman and start to prepare.

It is coming. Those of you who laugh and say it isnt are scared and this is the way you cope. You pretend this is silly. Tex is not the silly one. He is the accurate one. Ive been visiting this site since 2004 and to say Tex has been a little correct about more than a few things is the understatement of the century.

Koanic said...

Actually, even real prophets rarely know when, and are frequently off by far more than Tex as far as expected timeline.

The prophet/prognosticator distinction is about divine inspiration.

Tex is merely applying possibly superhuman intelligence to available data.

Solsys said...

Besides, whoever complains about Tex's style is lacking in poetry and drama.

One cannot talk about certain topics (like : itz coming)without at least a bit of emphasis.

Anonymous said...

Tex has lost his mind. And I'm not just talking about the whole delusion about being a mythological neandhertal ├╝bermensch as it has been pointed by others several times. You can see quite clearly that the guy takes great pleasure in envisioning his apocalyptic scenarios. This masochism and ill desire for others is plain unchristian and purely demented. Even if you concede that the world is rotten to the core, his "imprecatory prayers" target the innocents that would also die.

Alas, Tex has been consistently wrong. 2012 is coming Tex, we are still alive. Would you have conceded to this 10 years ago, when you were sure that doomsday would happen "2004 tops"? Maybe it is time to tap that mythological neandhertal honesty you claim to have and admit you are up to your nose in bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Theres people on this blog who heard it here first then heard it later from the sheeple media then forgot they heard it here first and got it mixed up in their minds who said what first not realizing it was Tex who said it first when other people were saying it was lunacy.

Tex may be crazy, a loon, a retarded autistic or a madman. This may all be true. Also true is that he is very often the first man on the scene years before everybody else gets it. Maybe its that his mind is so clear that it sees what is right in front of it. You can tell sometimes he may be so simple he doesnt have any static interference in his head like most do.

Anonymous said...

@November 5, 2011 7:02 PM

In your Opinion, Tex has lost his mind.

You are the one keeps returning to read "the rantings of a madman".

Your behavior tells us far more about the state of your mental health, than your Opinion of others ever could. lol

Texas Arcane said...

"Even if you concede that the world is rotten to the core, his 'imprecatory prayers' target the innocents that would also die."

Except that real Christians know that there are no "innocents." You can bet that the day before Sodom was destroyed, people were cursing Lot for going around telling them they were doomed and to repent. "Repent for what?" they probably asked. "I'm a decent guy. I donate money to the pedophile orphanage league and regularly help out at the man-goo smoothie soup kitchens. I'm just a guy trying to get by. What, are innocent people like me also a target of God's wrath?"

It's easy to tell if you're a child of God. Has God been giving you warnings and premonitions? If he hasn't,maybe it is because you are not on his CC list. Right? Think about it. Maybe, he doesn't give a damn about you. If this possibility bothers you, there may be hope for you yet.

On the other hand, if you're a Sodomite who is completely puzzled about why God's wrath might fall on you, is it possible that God doesn't bother to speak to you at all?

All Kwanstainians are good in their own imaginations. You know, like any other guy. "Normal." For these, there is apportioned the fires of hell. The children of God should consider the wrath of the Lord and how long-suffering he is and tremble at the day to think they may be counted amongst the objects of his wrath.

You don't know anything about Christianity, Anon 7:02. Nothing. You are wise in your own estimates. You probably don't need me, or anyone else, telling you anything. You already got it all figured out, I can see that.

Texas Arcane said...

Rzero -

I'm well aware the civilization is in a horrific downward spiral and nothing will ever take us back to even the most modest social fabric like we had in the 1950's.

The difference between you and I is that you think Western civilization is a magic trick that you can yank the tablecloth out from under and leave all the institutions standing. I think you're living in a delusional fantasy world. Western civilization is no better or worse than the collective quality of the people who live in it. Citizens who are morons, moral reprobates and fools don't get to live in a peaceful, prosperous, stable utopia. The citizens of the 1950's got that, but your generation won't.

Funny how you don't believe in God and yet you indulge the most fantastical and wildly delusional faiths in the mystical power of the State to keep the malls open and the food cheap and plentiful.

Those days are past.

Anonymous said...

Tex at 11:17 - Calvinist baloney. Yes there are innocents. The millions of children who would die in your death porn fantasies would be innocent. No man is free of sin, but not every man deserves to become a pile of ash for not having a vault. Many people who have vaults will dies as well. Your fantasies reek of evil insanity. Good, hard-working and God fearing men will die should your desires come to pass.

Maybe you should take a good long look at the mirror and bow before the american government you so criticize for its predator drones and carpet bombings. Even in their wildest dreams of evil stupor, most of them would not actively desire for so much death as you do.

Texas Arcane said...

7:07 AM

That's the gospel of you. You trust in your own counsel, not that of scripture. The things you claim are doctrines of men, not of the Bible. When in doubt, you would rather side with your own misunderstandings than what the Bible actually says.

The Bible says none is good and those who are good in there own estimation are damned if they do not repent.

You stick to the gospel of you and you should be fine, as long as you are presiding over the judgement throne when you die and you decide in your own favor. Otherwise you're in big trouble.

I have already looked at the gospel of you and scripture and have decided to stay with scripture. Good luck with all that.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what kind of reply is that or even what you mean. I have read the bible several times over and I have seem no part of it that condones being a misanthrope that yearns for the pain of others. You don't understand the bible and you don't follow the teachings of Christ if you really pray and wish that billions of people become nuclear ash mounds and then burn in hell. A real christian prays for the salvation of the immortal soul of his brothers, not for their earthly pain and punishment.

I am a prepper and a christian. I must stop reading this blog because it is now obvious that your main focus is not about predicting the evil and preparing for it: You desire evil to happen and you take morbid pleasure in your expectations. Have fun jerking off to tales of God's wrath contained in the old testament, just don't go around saying that is the gist of christianity.

Anonymous said...

@November 6, 2011 7:07 AM

"Maybe you should take a good long look at the mirror and bow before the Zionist government you so criticize for its predator drones and carpet bombings. Even in their wildest dreams of evil stupor, most of them would not actively desire for so much death as you do."

The Zionists don't need to desire, they just press a button and it is done.

Murder of Qaddafi violates White flag.

"If NATO and the rebels violated the white flag in Sirte, it would represent one of the first major violations of a practice that began with the Eastern Han dynasty in China in the year 25, and was recognized by the Roman Empire, armies during the Middle Ages, and every major and minor nation since. A violation by NATO of the flag of truce would represent a flagrant return to barbarism by the “collective defensive” organization.

Hillary Clinton reacted to news of Qaddafi’s death by chortling like a school girl"

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 5:43

Amity with the world is enmity with God. You have chosen up sides and I can see you are down with the sodomites, butchers and bloodthirsty mankillers. I hope they can protect you when the time comes.

All those "good" people you keep referring to are quite indifferent to the deaths of one million people in the Middle East in the invasion of Iraq alone. Those "good" people you talk about are manbots who have chewed up children beneath the treads of their tanks all over the world in the past ten years in the name of "patriotism" and "defending our freedoms."

They're insane and you are using them as your standard of what is right and what is wrong? You better start working on your arguments for God, not for me. If I were you I would stop worshipping these institutions because both they and the people inside them are going to burn. You have my word on it.

What is scary about people like yourself is you are always pleading your case on the basis of the arbitrary, shifting values for right and wrong on the televitz. You are not anchored in scripture and for this reason your boat will break on the rocks of God's wrath.

Rather than arguing with me you should try to explain why you think the entire Earth is in upheaval right now, as if it were trying to shake the wicked off. I'll bet you would contend with God's judgement, thinking your own is better.

I don't care what you and your friends rate yourselves in the church. It is what scripture has to say about you that counts and scripture says wisdom begins with the fear of God. You don't seem to have any.

Anonymous said...

"I am a prepper and a christian."


"I must stop reading this blog"

I don't believe you have ever read this blog, beyond the headlines, in order to compose a predictable, contrarian reply.

And you are too much the compulsive troll, to ever stop commenting.

"Have fun jerking off to tales of God's wrath contained in the old testament, just don't go around saying that is the gist of christianity."

I have observed that political Joos, always stoop to vulgarity when destroyed in debate.

And I see you spelled Christianity without a capital letter.


For a "Christian", you seem very hostile to Christianity.

You are a liar, that thinks himself clever and cunning. You fool no one.

Anonymous said...

You talk about scripture as it if you were its author. I don't remember Lot doing high-fives with his daughters and opening champagne bottles after Sodom burned. I don't remember him praying for it either. It is you who follow the doctrines of men, a bitter little man called Calvin, in the matter of fact. A man who had no sanctity and who devoted his life into creating a phony version of christianity that appeased those who wanted nothing to do with Christ. Like yourself. You don't know a thing about sacrifice, charity and devotion to peace. You worship death and hate, much like the people you ironically crticize.

The 1 million Iraquis you just emotionally mentioned would be nothing close to the billions that would die worldwide should your apocalypse wet dreams come to pass. You are far out of touch with reality if you think all people of the world cheer up for zionist wars(quite the opposite) and you are a huge hypchrit if you condemn and judge while you openly wish for mass war and death.

Texas Arcane said...

You didn't make much sense in that post. Please retire and practice basic composition for about fifty years, then come back to the blog. See you then.

Anonymous said...

Resorting to ad hominem and dismissing arguments with sleight of hand is the mark of those that are left without reply and without consideration.

Anyway, nothing else to add and no more pearls to waste on swine. I wish the best fun for you, please enjoy being a bitter little man that hopes for death, pain and hell.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading similar "comebacks" when you were a regular at quarter to three. Back then you were not a super neanderthal and you were not so "diversified" in apocalypse scenarios(now you got your bases covered in about 20 different ways). You claimed cookiepants was going to be eaten by mexicans and most of us would starve to death or die from radiation poisoning by 2005.

You can't admit that you are wrong now, you won't admit that you are wrong in a couple of years after your prophecies fail to materialize again. So much for neandhertal truth...


Texas Arcane said...

11:42 AM

See ya. Someday I may even notice you are gone.

Texas Arcane said...

RZero -

Why would you spend one second here if you believe this is all gibberish? I wouldn't.

Can you help Mossad blog spammer at 11:42? He can't seem to locate the exit either.

Anonymous said...

It's all gibberish but it's such delightful thought-out gibberish, the product of 15 years of intense fabrication! It's marvelous. If your vault is as elaborate and diverse as your cosmos, Tex, I hope ITZ comes soon so you get a chance to really enjoy it.