Thursday, November 24, 2011



You ain't seen nothing yet. Nothing.

When the gulf between what humans tell one another the world is and what it really is grows great enough, men set themselves up for a hammering that will beat them to their knees. They set themselves up to be humbled.

Oprah Winfrey reality is gone. Now real reality is coming. It won't be pretty.

The world isn't the place you think it is. What is happening is not what you believe is happening. Despite their vanity, television has so fundamentally warped the common man's ability to understand the real world around him that he has essentially been cut from the tether. He has lost the ability to understand or solve any of his problems as a human being because he can no longer grasp the real world.

Here's an M. Night Shymalayan twist for you. Our ancestors knew what they were doing. Our ancestors were the people we should have respected. It's you who doesn't know what the hell is going on. Our ancestors were the ones with their heads screwed on straight. You are the hipster doofus. You are the guys hoisted by their own petard, who take the massive pratfall into a pile of cowpies and future generations come gather around to laugh at you and despise you for it. The guy who doesn't have any idea of what in the hell is going on is you. Not those "other people" that Oprah was always telling you that "our" generation had so improved upon. Oprah loved making you laugh at your ancestors and ridicule those who had come before you, getting you to reject their wisdom and replace it instead with her foolish, mindless prattle.

Commandment #5 in Scripture for this reason reads :

Honor thy father and mother. (Respect your ancestors.)


Rowan said...

I lived in Germany for 14 months, did you know that? Baden-Wuerttemberg to be specific.

The only part of the EU that is sane and profitable is Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg, the two southern Germany regions.

I really miss living there. Life was so simple back then. None of this apocalypse nonsense. Just waking up early, taking a clean, perfectly quiet, all White train to work every morning. Work hard, get things done, efficient. Then head on home or to a cafe with friends and associates. Plus, the women weren't bat shit insane.

Living in a beautiful clean apartment, where everything works. The village was surrounded by forest and farmland. In the Autumn I went nut/berry/mushroom harvesting with an old Swabian man.

I went on trips with my German friends to traditional brewerys and beautiful natural areas.

I'm drunk right now. I miss living in Germany. It's the closest I've come to heaven. A product of a dying German character. It reminded me of growing up in a small British village, before 'they' decided to enrich the fuck out of it.

Anyway, I had a point. My point is, that these two German states provide the economic backbone of the EU and they are VASTLY outnumbered.

If only you could have lived there for a while Tex, I think even you would find it a bearable place to live. At every train station you could find Java/C/C++ developer, electronics, linux, engineering magazines in a selection of only 50 magazines. Seriously, it was heaven for me. Imagine a society where every other man was an Engineer who enjoyed hiking.

The most beautiful forests and countryside in the world, a natural thinkers paradise.

Fortunately the German government and socialists continue to crack down on theses evil racist capitalists. The semiconductor foundries have been shutdown, heavy machinery is next for the chop. The south has been targeted for enrichment.

My strongest memory of anything, is sitting in the forest in a small patch of wildflowers, surrounded by 1000s of bees and wild raspberries. Just thousands of them collecting nectar, flying around me. God is a genius.

One day it will be quiet again and people will live free in that forest. That's what keeps me going.

Texas Arcane said...

I was stationed in Baumholder for two years in the USAR.

Most beautiful place on earth. I used to run a 22 mile loop each weekend that took me through seven german boros and around a mountainous highway back to base.

I felt an enormous bond with Germans intellectually that I have never felt with my own kind or anyone from the U.S. in my whole life. Talking to them was so easy because they were bright enough to understand exactly what you were saying, no visual aids required. The average German is much, much smarter than anybody else in the Western world. I didn't know that clinical testing verified my gut instinct until twenty years later.

I took all my leave my last couple of months and explored the entire country on foot and train. Beautiful landside, idyllic. I could almost hear the music when I was alone there.

Anonymous said...


a great chunk of prose

thank you

we helped a friend retire with a "roadtrip" to Europe; highlight was Germany and Switzerland. We were exiting a bed n breakfast one morning in Bitburg and there's a beautiful little park with fountain and swans across the street. We're heading off to sightsee but our [then] young daughter wishes to see the swans. A German hasfrau is approaching, and overhears the conversation and immediately says - in fluent English - " I will take her to see the birds, where will you be ?" Not one of us hesitated a second, it was as plain as daylight she was an exemplar of the Maternal.

I'm a big fan of Celtic-Teutonic, Greco-Roman, Balto-Slavic tribes. Unfortunately, Western Civ is now out of fashion. WAF


Solsys said...

I'm half German and have spent one to two months per year there in my first 25 years, then worked there for 4 years. Now I'm living 50 km from its border.

I have very well known the kind of atmosphere Rowan is describing.

Nowadays, when you take the train, there is a lot of ethnic diversity. Whites not seldomly speak with a heavy eastern accent, or only russian / slavic languages.

The middle class has gone down the sewer. There are a lot of Oprah clones on TV (RTL II for instance), children have become spoilt brats with no connection to reality whatsoever, and there is a huge skankification of women and girls (including little girls) that is beyond appalling, it's like witnessing another culture entirely.

I remember I used to have fun back there in Germany, but now everybody makes a sour impression.

The ones you knew have become old and are slowly fading away, beaten by demographics. Even pure-breed rural Germans speak in the kind of broken German you would hear from recent immigrants.

German language has degenerated into a local variety of "Valley Girl". Three years ago I had german pupils in my classroom (I teach special courses in German to french students, who make class exchanges with Germany), and the day they left for Germany, the Germans pupils imitated me with pre-ww2 german phrasings. The normal German language I have been brought up into has become a thing of the past, associated with the VW Beetle and the Wirtschaftswunder.

This is the direct result of the progam of cultural alienation that took place in all of Europe after 1945. In France, the "Blum-Byrnes" agreement (still valid today) states that 75% of all movies shown in France have to be American. In Germany it was much, much worse.

We are now, in Europe, seeing the disappearance of the last generation that has witnessed the world before 1945 and that specific influence.

Anonymous said...

I can only echo the sentiments expressed in those first three posts. Many people now do not realise what was lost. They laugh at the idea of thing ever being better in the past because they cannot imagine being such a person or living in such a community. It really was a different world and still is in a few pockets that hold out (although sadly being battered down like the gates in a siege).

Anonymous said...

I can add that I lived in Zweibruken for a year and a half back in 1967-68.

I was too young to really appreciate it as well as I would now, but even then...

It was...wonderful. Everything so clean and neat. The locals were so friendly and helpful that the memory of it warms me to this day.