Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stop Coming Here

We're not selling anything, this isn't a sheeple forum and it isn't for anybody other than the hardest of the hardcore survivalists. If you don't like anything here the best way to solve that problem is to stop coming.

Vault-Co is not an advocacy site. We're not proselytizing, trying to convince others to accept our ideology or promoting membership in some group or club. We preach to the converted here and nobody else. We are not fishing for followers or trying to build a religion.

Vault-Co has never promoted itself, booked itself elsewhere or tried to get other sites to link to us. We're that rare one-in-a-million blog that is not running any kind of social engineering scheme.

Despite deliberately cultivating anonymity, somehow the site has been getting an average of 2000-4000 hits a day for years without ever trying to accommodate anyone anywhere. The hardcore know how to find this site. Everybody else should stay away.

If you don't like me, my ideas or much care for my writing style, this is the internet you are on. It's pull, not push technology. All you have to do is stop typing in this URL and you will never suffer again. To be frank, there's no need to tell me what you think. I own a television at home. I already know what you think. Why would you go to the trouble of commenting up here to simply repeat back televitz and mass media memes to me? I can get your ideas straight from the source with no relay required.

Blah blah blah my group thinks XYZ and people like you are just motivated by blah blah blah. I've heard it all before. You've never heard anyone like me before because people like me don't grow on trees. If I have done anything to offend you, why not shove off? I'm missing you already.

This is especially relevant for visitors from you-know-where. I didn't need you to follow me to my blog. You've got your own forum where you can talk to your own kind. I don't blame you for being bored over there. It's a boring place and the people there are extremely boring. Don't try to emigrate. It's the best place for you and you can be with others of your own sad, demented calibre. The immigration policy is very tight here at Vault-Co and you fail to meet the minimum criteria we have in place to issue you a temporary visa. I'm afraid I have to ask you to return to your port of origin and apply for admission from outside of Vault-Co and wait patiently for your application to be reviewed and approved. I wouldn't hold my breath, we've got a case backlog and we'll get to you ... someday.

It's not the disagreeing with me that bugs me. It's simply typing in some other ideology you have adopted in lieu of being able to think for yourself. It's a drag. It was old the first hundred couple of times and contrary to what you might think I am well acquainted with your ideas and could probably argue your position better than you can.

Please, stop coming here. You know who you are. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Mr T

"To be frank, there's no need to tell me what you think. I own a television at home. I already know what you think"

LOL and continued chuckles as I type and have morning java

One thing folks could do for clarity is to turn off the TV broadcast/cable feeds

it is called "programming" yes ?


Anonymous said...

T, I also weary of the sheeple visitors. Not the blog for you fellas. Go to :

Anonymous said...

Funny (and true) as hell.

The saying, 'the truth hurts' is what applies most to this place. The truth DOES hurt, or it's probably not the truth.

I find it a bit off-putting verging on frightening all the idiots that have appeared here lately.

The fact that the page counter has appeared and started to spin wildly means the very far, leading edge of the great unwashed is mooing in their pens.

I dont like it. And I do not appreciate them polluting the waters of original thought.

If I wanted to hear shallow thoughts, all I have to do is listen to my co-workers every day - but I have noise cancelling headphones to take care of that problem.

Go away.


You will never get it, and you are hurting yourself by coming here.


Anonymous said...

The Political Correctness Officers from Zion, compelled to tell others, what they are "allowed" to think and say.

Thought Crimes!
Thought Crimes!
Thought Crimes!

Don't approve or respond to their comments and they will find other places to troll.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter how many times you prove their stupidity and ignorance, they will return next day to argue again.

They have no interest in learning or thinking. They argue only for the sake of arguing. They are nothing but mindless automatons.

Anonymous said...

resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.

Anonymous said...

Probably should be a header on the front page.. It would save each and all some time. You either get it or you don't. There's not really an in between.

Anonymous said...

I love these posts, Tex. Mainly for the comments that will ensue. The smeg-lips have already started to turn out and nod away like those professional nodders who stand behind politicians and nod.

Anonymous said...

Where else are people going to call me moshe and a shill and tell me anti-racist is anti-white?

Anonymous said...

You can tell Tex why hes wrong on this site and your comment will get posted. I dont know why he approves the personal attacks. If you dont have arguments you are not interesting on this site as far as the regulars are concerned. Fer example I am hoping the Chinese will go bankrupt before the US and avert a nuclear war, I think tex is too optimistic about Asia. If all you can do is say tex youre mentally ill for what you think Id like it if all such comments were deleted. Hes right its such a bore.

Anonymous said...

Tex, I disagree with you in this case. -uc

Certainly many of your followers, myself included, agree with some but not all. Your posts + links often give new knowledge, or change views. Plus, it's enjoyable. If it's a drag, few will come.

Part of the attraction may be a robust community that is free to disagree, or bat notions about. My feeling is that you are, when all is said and done, welcoming to these varied expressions. (Though there may be some idiot posters, so sympathies extended...)

I may be of the "unwashed sheeple" -- but, certainly, the reason people of all stripes find this site & return here is because they are strongly interested, and like it.

Why not go ahead and promote the site. Many can benefit -- esp. concerning your insights into the insidious political correctness gone haywire in this world.

Anonymous said...

November 13, 2011 9:37 PM

"many of your followers"

Followers? lol Tex has readers, not followers. We didn't join a cult, when we chose to read Vault Co.

Anonymous said...

'promote this site'.

thats real funny. i think Tex would have a nervous breakdown if more wasters arrived here.

the idea is nearly as mad as promoting interviews with main stream journalists on the subject of survivalism solely for the puposes of entertainment.

can you imagine those beady little sheeple eyes poking their pointy frightened faces around here in their tens of thousands? imagine their grunts and snorts on reading its content. they'd only redicule as many do because they so fear the truth.

they are all already damned, they dont need to come here for salvation.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is still my #1 pick everyday. DTOM is #2 but a long way behind IMHO.
Maybe if you get too much traffic your blog provider will force you to run ads and force you to take the associated kickbacks.


Anonymous said...

"Where else are people going to call me moshe and a shill and tell me anti-racist is anti-white?"

You have admitted to being anti-White, when questioned on this blog.

Your kind can only make arguments in support of White GeNOcide and stupidly, you celebrate White GeNOcide in public.

Every one of your leaders is on public record, making these incriminating statements.

Tim Wise had one too many last year and told the truth. lol

Tim Wise - An Open Letter to White People

If you made the same Demands and Excuses, for massive foreign immigration and forced integration for ONLY Black, or ONLY Asian countries, everyone would understand you were anti-Black/anti-Asian and you wanted Black/Asian Genocide.

You so called "anti-racists", can only make arguments that lead to White GeNOcide.

If not, then prove me wrong. :)

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

Where else will you be told this?

Soon it will be everywhere.

There will be no escape from the accusations and lawsuits, until you leave all White countries for the third world Brown ones, you wish to replace all White countries with.

And even in those third world Brown countries, our lawyers will pursue you and your descendants, if there is profit to be made from them.

Just because genocide is historical norm, does not mean this one will be forgiven or forgotten when the tide of history turns.

Our people will be paid to remember.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

Anonymous said...

Does 9:15 think all the Anonymous are the same person?

Anonymous said...

BB said: "they are all already damned, they dont need to come here for salvation."

We are all damned, then. Scratch "then." Instead, of course.


Anonymous said...

"Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White."

So if I believe all-white restaurants are a bad thing and want those restaurants to serve non-whites, I'm anti-white?

Anonymous said...

What about finnish people? Can we come here?

JerseyCynic said...

Well said.

I'm glad I found you. The truth has certainly set me free.