Friday, November 18, 2011

Spinning Slowly Around To A Little Bit Of Truth

Notice here in their genteel scenario the Neanderthals simply fade away through interbreeding. It's a nice theory. I considered it several years back before I had collected more information. Pity the science and facts don't support this conclusion at all. It's hard when you have to pretend to be a scienmajist but in fact must answer to politically correct ideologies when you go to publish.

1. If you found one set of male Neanderthal bones in the ashes of a fire in a Homo Sapiens camp, it would be an anomaly signifying nothing. A pathological Homo Sapiens like Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer could be responsible. That would say nothing about a larger pattern in history in terms of the relationship between the two species. If you found more than 40+ campfires in Europe with Neanderthal bones, you're talking about a readily available conclusion. When Sapiens was hungry, they all acted like Jeffrey Dahmer. Scienmajistic types have a lot of trouble understanding M. Night Shymalayan style twist endings if they are the protagonists, it appears. Remember Gary Sinise in the movie IMPOSTER? "Well, if that's the real human, then that means ..." (explodes in nuclear blast)

2. Almost all the DNA is female mitochondrial which means it was introduced by female Neanderthals. The density of the samples around the era they died off (38,000 yrs prior) means that for a short period of several thousand years, Homo Sapiens males were virtually neglecting their own females altogether to do nothing but father children by their female Neanderthals, who we might assume are war captives since their males have vanished from the gene pool at this time and seem to only appear as bones in their barbeque pits. If the women looked like those lemurs in the article, why on Earth would they do this? Did Neo girls have some kind of voodoo that cast a spell over the Sapiens male that made them look like Raquel Welch through their eyes? Or is there a simpler explanation - they looked like Raquel Welch and Sapiens girls looked like toads with hair?

3. Almost all of the hard yards in animal domestication, plant domestication and the foundations of civilization were laid at least a hundred thousand years before any Homo Sapiens appears in the historical record as a distinct type. Since then, Homo Sapiens has done close to nothing other than use these existing strains to fuel his progress. Homo Sapiens did not supplant Neanderthal. He killed him, took everything he had created over the past quarter million years and then even stole his incredible brainpower by gangraping his women en masse. Sapiens is a bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad dude. Bad. See why I would hardly accept I could share much in common with him? I own a televitz. I know what Homo Sapiens is. Last night there was a movie on cable that just looked like blood spurting everywhere for 90 minutes. This is what Homo Sapiens calls his "entertainment."

Jacob in Hebrew means "Swindler." It means "someone who survives on the coat tails of another." Jacob is a person who "took the blessing meant for another." Jacob is someone who "represents himself as something he isn't."

Esau means "man of action." "Problem solver." "Solid man." "Doer of deeds." "Down to earth." It also means "Red haired and strong." Any of this sounding familiar to you? The Bible knew there were a lot of redheads amongst the Neanderthal thousands of years before scientists were able to figure it out by looking at DNA and analyzing gene pairs.

Think this is irrelevant?

My friend, this is key to understanding everything. Until you start to absorb these ideas, you don't actually know what is going on around you.

I always think of those murder-rape suspects they bring in and what happens when they start to break down under questioning. "Hey man, she came onto me first."

The real irony here is that Homo Sapiens in the West is about to meet with a very similar fate to Neanderthal. So similar, in fact, you have to wonder about the poetic justice. He will shortly know what it is to be completely surrounded and fighting a battle he cannot win against mindless killers who are inured to appeals for mercy. What goes around, appears to come around.


Anonymous said...


I may be one of the few females reading your blog, Tex, but I've been following you since 2003 and every day I feel more and more overwhelmed by truth. Thank you for that.

Anonymous said...

There is no single mythology in the world that doesn't include the narrative about how the "giants" were exterminated. The difference of Jewish mythology with the rest is that the Jews took this common tradition and turned it into national history while all the others, like the Greeks for instance, attributed the genocide to "heroes" like Hercules. Perhaps the most famous mythology to describe the Neanderthal genocide is that of the Norsemen, with the famous Ragnarok epic, where in a battle that involved "Gods", men, and giants, only the giants are exterminated down to the last one.

The captive Neanderthal women were being carried around as prisoners so that the moving sapiens horde could rape them whenever they felt like it. Gilgamesh wanted to enter to the place were the women were being kept captive in order to rape them but Enkidu stopped him. Have you seen the ancient small statues of the "mother goddess"? She is fat because she was being carried around captive, unable to move and tied because sapiens knew that if she was allowed to move freely she would cut the rapist to a thousand pieces.

Texas Arcane said...

Funny about that "Mother Goddess was a captive" meme because about three weeks ago somebody I talked to via email told me this exact same thing. Is there a source for this or is it original? I would like to read your source if you have one on that. If it's true, there's another ancient artifact that starts to make sense.

Anonymous said...

"The real irony here is that Homo Sapiens in the West is about to meet with a very similar fate to Neanderthal. So similar, in fact, you have to wonder about the poetic justice. He will shortly know what it is to be completely surrounded and fighting a battle he cannot win against mindless killers who are inured to appeals for mercy. What goes around, appears to come around."

Further black comedy, he is doing it to himself.

It could be stopped at any time, but most don't have the brains to see what is right in front of their nose. Those few that can see, don't have the balls to do anything but talk, or the brains to use effective means.

Too stupid, too cowardly. They have lost the right to pass on their genes.

Anonymous said...

She wasn't being worshiped as a "fertility" mother-goddess as the sciemajestic types have been telling us. She was being worshiped as mother only.

I hope this article is helpful. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything with a similar assessment of the exhibits in English but I can provide a (badly) google translated article about the statues in the Cycladic museum of art:

The headline reads "When the women were taller and stronger than men" (not Then)

the key part is this: "With toned breasts, incised pubic triangle and overweight buttocks, depicted taller and stronger than men"

You can read the translated article here:

In the epic of Giglamesh, Tablet II we read:

"Your mother bore you ever unique(!),
the Wild Cow of the Enclosure, Ninsun,"

It couldn't be more obvious that the "wild" cow of the "enclosure" is the Neanderthal woman being kept prisoner. Almost all the figurines of the mother goddess present her with her hands tied behind the back, and the head is veiled with something that resembles a burka:

The fact that there was a long surviving tradition, surviving up to the time of ancient Egypt, where women were being kept prisoners, is evident from certain archaeological excavations like the one in Merimda, Egypt.

There, 180 graves were found, where all the bodies belonged to either women or infants, while adult males are extremely rare. Read more from "The prehistory of Egypt from the first Egyptians to the first pharaohs" by Beatrix Midant-Reynes, page 116, which you can find on google books.

The infant bodies probably are the result of infanticide and were being killed for being born in less that 9 months after the woman had sexual intercourse with the "god", meaning the child was not his and therefore undesirable, something that has survived as the "sacrifice of the first-born" ritual.

In short, these "enclosures" where used as harems for the purpose of providing offspring for the tribe. Modern harems are derived from this ancient tradition. The result was that the offspring didn't know who his mother, or relatives, were, that's why you get all the weird stuff about Enki having sex with almost every woman in his family or Oedipus with his mother. I believe somehow this is connected to the story of Moses as well.

Digger Banks said...

Whilst it is true that subconsciously we are predisposed to widen or strengthen the gene pool, we are also inclined to stick together and reject that which is different. Especially so if it falls outside of our (sub)-species.

My first thought as to the cause of why we have neanderthal genes was rape. I can't see harmony between two different sub-species. I think man-battles followed by rape of the women until blood was mixed and one side dead.

Texas Arcane said...

What is important is that whoever is left they will be the winnarz. Being the last one surviving is proof you are the bestest and the winnarz. Tapeworms and viruses are the ultimate winnarz.

Anonymous said...

This might answer why red headed women are considered so attractive yet red headed men are considered unattractive. Boys are bullied and teased in school, but the girls are hot stuff. An odd clash.

A throwback to the neanderthal cross mixing and attitudes?

Anonymous said...

How did sodium lye turn you into a neanderthal again?

Song Sung Blue said...

How did sodium lye turn you into a neanderthal again?
Anon 2:54 AM

Look, it's bloody simple. He chugged some Draino and his body accidentally repaired his burned stomach lining using the 4% neanderthal DNA instead of t'other stuff. The GP even went, "Ouch! That's some grip you got there tiger", the brother's packin' some girth round the midsection, and his hair won't sit straight for love nor money.

Join the dots, asshole. The rest of us have accepted that episode and moved on - we're up to hooded overweight neanderthal women in cages rebelliously being used by the sapien terminator-crop as breeding vassals during the twilight of the Melonheads - a necessary precursor to the Kennedy space program.

Your ignorance shits me.

Anonymous said...

It interfered with his gene expression in such a way as to make the Neo genes come out as dominant and take over his weak, frail Homo genetics.