Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sapiens Brain Size - Shrinking For 20,000+ Years

This isn't what you'd call a real conundrum, a dire puzzler or unsolvable enigma.

If you understand exponential math, you will know how this foundational base of descendants from one individual can express itself in the millions within a few hundred years given correct conditions. Nigh perfect conditions exist under socialism as practiced in Britain and Australia.

By contrast, far better genes may fade away or be lost within a mere generation. People like my wife and I who go the socially approved and encouraged route of two children for replacement rate are essentially the suckers funding this whole dysgenic ponzi scheme. We're on the receiving end of a horrible dystopian punchline.

The next time you see those blank, staring, inarticulate faces on television trying to express even a simple idea without squeezing their crotches, you should be able to figure out where they came from. Do the math.


Ghostwriter said...

England is history.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet they had to look long and hard, to find a White guy that behaves like so many non-Whites do.

As for the kids from that article, I think they are beautiful. And it is criminal to publish that innocent little girl's face.

They did an article a few months back, on an Arab doing similar with his wifey. Both on unemployment from the moment they entered Australia and never got off it. They had more than 12 kids and took millions from the govt to raise them up.

On top of that as I remember, he was planning a terrorist attack and raising his kids up as little Jihadis.

Demographics is destiny. If you are smart and White, start doing your bit now. Our anti-White govts are trying to wipe us out and we are still playing by the rules?

What rules?

They threw the rules out, the minute they opened our borders.

Have lots of White kids and teach them to fight just like Jihad boy is.

The White guy from the article may be a moron, but his IQ would be near the top of the non-Whites, they are bringing into all White countries in their 10s of millions. Consider that.

Anonymous said...

White or non-white matters less than Neanderthal ancestry moron.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tex,

check out the latest baby meat recipes:

Just as you said.

Anonymous said...

Banksters tighten the screws on Germany.

"Obviously, the German government got the message from the orchestrated failed bond auction. As I wrote at the time, there is no reason for Germany, with its relatively low debt to GDP ratio compared to the troubled countries, not to be able to sell its bonds.

If Germany’s creditworthiness is in doubt, how can Germany be expected to bail out other countries? Evidence that Germany’s failed bond auction was orchestrated is provided by troubled Italy’s successful bond auction two days later."

Texas Arcane said...

The difference between baby meat as a market economy and being human is how much Neanderthal ancestry a man has. Origins don't matter and neither does "culture."

If a person has no Neanderthal in him, he will have no discernible humanity. It's the Neanderthal that trembles at the thought of people eating dogs or eating each other. At sixty degrees below zero you can't eat your relatives or your dogs. It's the Neanderthal that shrinks at the idea of women being taken advantage of or put into situations they are not deferred to. It's the Neanderthal that feels rage when we cannot choose the company we wish to keep. It's the Neanderthal that is angry and feels the injustice when law is not applied equally without any preference to anyone for any reason, not just his own grouping. It's the Neanderthal that has the little voice and feels the compulsion to "solve the problem."

These feelings and abilities simply do not exist in other strains of people and although they may be man-shaped they lack human qualities for this reason.

Anonymous said...

Vitamin D deficiency linked with heart disease:

Anonymous said...

Kwans aren't even able to do their shopping anymore without getting killed or injured. Imagine what happens in the case of an emergency like a war. Half of them will die in the stampede before the war even starts. The rest will be injured and die slowly because there will be no one to care about them. And this concludes the easiest military victory in the history of mankind:

Anonymous said...

Neanderthals were wiped out by volcanoes:

Anonymous said...

November 28, 2011 2:22 AM

I am a moron am I?

"Among blacks nationally, 69 percent of births were to unwed mothers.

Here is another source that says that in Indiana, 80 percent of black children are born out of wedlock."

"White or non-white matters less than Neanderthal ancestry moron."

November 28, 2011 2:22 AM

Tex has already said, the only good thing in Whites is their Neanderthal ancestry and most Neanderthal ancestry is found in Europeans, but I guess I am different to you, in that I remember things I read on this blog.

So I guess this means 2:22 AM, you are happy for White Genocide to occur.

This GeNOcide is only being done to White nations.

We were never asked, nor were we ever allowed to discuss it. If anyone raised the subject, when it was done without a vote allowed anywhere, those that raised an objection, were shouted down and told they were stupid.

They are still being shouted down and told they are stupid right now. You just told me I am stupid to talk about race, didn't you?

And GeNOcide is an injustice isn't it? Is my anger at that injustice, my Neanderthal ancestry asserting itself?

I am angry about that little girl's photo being published, because it is an innocent child.

Again is that my Neanderthal ancestry asserting itself? I see no such objections from you or anyone else here. So perhaps I have more Neanderthal ancestry than all of you?

And unlike all the other stupid White anti-White (supremacists) on this planet, I do not go off into fairy land and forget that my skin and that of my children is white and that of my grandchildren will be white.

When White anti-Whites and faux Whites (Jews) say, White people did all these evil things in the past and non-Whites never did anything bad, nor would they, if they had the power, I am acutely aware that non-Whites are watching, they have been encouraged to say the same things for decades and ARE saying the same things, RIGHT NOW.

I am also aware these low IQ non-Whites, are not going to stop saying these things about White people, when we Whites are a minority in all of OUR countries and they are the ruling majority.

I know in the lah lah land, of the White anti-White and Respectable Conservative Creep, they think they can tear down the White race and flood all of our nations and only our nations with millions of non-Whites and there will be no consequences.

I know this is all going somewhere. Even a moron could work it out.

Predicting the outcome of real world behavior, because it is so fucking obvious, is also a Neanderthal trait is it not?

As I have said, you can take your skin off in your imaginings, by calling yourself a different name (even if it is true about Neanderthals and I think it is) but you can't do it in the real world.

Calling ourselves Neanderthal, "anti-racist", Communist, Capitalist, Catholic, Australian, American, British, German, etc, and condemning other Whites, has been done by White people for as long as we could speak.

But all these names don't mean a thing to a rampaging low IQ Black in South Africa. To them Whites with different names, are all just "pigskins".

Anonymous said...

Worrying about this moron breeding, doesn't make any sense.

Sure, he had a lot of children for himself, but the young girls he took advantage of, have had very few for themselves relative to him.

So in effect, people that behave that way are reducing the numbers of Whites in general.

Now if he was a "good Muslim", having 15 kids with his wife and lots of other "good Muslims" are doing the same with their wives, you get exponential population growth, a form of demographic warfare, that swamps other races in a few decades - It is Genocide.

Any yes, Islam is a Brown man's religion.

When Respectable Conservative Creeps (Whites) pick on Muslims, they are doing so because they know Muslims are non-White. They call these non-Whites Muslim, because they are too cowardly to risk being called a racist.

Respectable Conservative Creeps are all Cowards.

Anonymous said...

Here's a White woman on a train in the UK, complaining that her country is being taken away.

My Tram Experience

I'm sure you guys all look down on her, because she is "lowah class".

Well she may not be clever or speak properly, but she has brains enough to see that what is happening is evil and she has more courage than most "high IQ" Whites, that do not speak out.

I posted this video, so you can see how vicious the anti-White comments are on this video. These people are celebrating White GeNOcide.

And see at the end of the video, how the Respectable White woman that talks properly, joins the non-Whites to work against the existence of her fellow Whites.

She is a collaborator in White Genocide. People that are against the existence of their own race, are a problem only White people have.

Anonymous said...

Ramzpaul responds

My Tram Experience - British Woman Arrested

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 1:30 AM

Despite their degrees, testimonials and references, I am light-years ahead of the people that you are reading. Everything is relative. Compared to me, these guys have barely learned to walk erect.

I am well aware of the Toba eruption and reached conclusions about it many, many years ago that most of these people you are reading will never come to.

In Humbaba's curse, after telling Enkidu what would become of his kind, the demon said that mankind would be punished collectively with the black ash and the burning sky that Gilgamesh had dreamed of every night of their quest up to that point. He said all men would be punished because Gilgamesh had allowed Enkidu to seduce him into attacking Humbaba in the Cedar Forest. Humbaba then said the entire forest would be changed into a desert (as it is today) so that no man would ever know of the place where Enkidu had transgressed against the "gods."